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Creating and editing sound and video. Aim: To explore free tools for creation and editing of audio and video


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2. AimAims and Objectives This workshop will introduce participants to a range of tools & technologies which enable the creation and editing of videos and sound filesObjectives During this session you will: Create audio and video Edit audio and video Locate and explore audio video tools and resources Identify ways of using audio and video for 3. How do you use Audio and video now? Q: What do you want to use sound and video for? 4. Ideas/Plan for sessionSound Creation and editing Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) iPadio (http://www.ipadio.com/) Video Hosting/Location www.moletv.org.uk www.videojug.com Video Creation and Editing Cam Studio Photo Story 3 Windows Movie Makerwww.youtube.com www.teachertube.com 5. Sound Audacity - How to www.ipadio.com - How toCreating/editing video clips