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Ridgian Business Intelligence in Education


  • 1. Ridgian Generic Presentation Cover Sheet V1.3 29/10/2012 Ridgian Business Intelligence in Education JISC Eastern 19th March 2014 Nigel Hamblin Steve Lynn
  • 2. The Agenda for today Agenda Introduction Typical Issues Overview of Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform Demonstration Business Intelligence Insights Workshop Questions and Answers Ridgian Generic Presentation Page 2
  • 3. Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 3 Midlands based Microsoft Partner with two Gold and three Silver Competencies Specialise in SQL Server, SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Custom App Development Information Management Experts We have been in business for over 14 years and are Privately Owned and Profitable Background Ridgian Overview
  • 4. Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 4 Disparate Systems, silos of data and reports Uncontrolled use of Excel Manually prepared Reports, time consuming Fixed data Sources and Queries / Reports Not making best use of Microsoft licensing and platform Typical Issues Ridgian Overview
  • 5. Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 5 Reporting to Analytics Security, Scalability, Governance, Reuse of Data Data Discovery User accessible data Natural Language Query and Search Mobile Cloud Subscription, on Premise Overview Ridgian Overview
  • 6. BI Architecture Data Marts Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Middleware Server(s) Data Warehouse Storage Design and Visualization Data Cubes and Tabular Models E T L Reporting Server(s) BI and Designer Clients Source data
  • 7. EE Microsoft enterprise (classic) BI SQL Server DB SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) SharePoint (with) Excel Services PowerPivot for SharePoint SSRS SharePoint Mode PerformancePoint SQL Server DB Storage Design and Visualization SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular modes L SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Excel SQL Data Tools Report Builder 3rd party tools ETL E T Source data
  • 8. Ridgian Generic Presentation Page 8 What is Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Dashboards are for Action, not Information Traditional Reporting, is like looking in the rear view mirror
  • 9. Ridgian Generic Presentation Page 9 Dashboard Business Intelligence
  • 10. Ridgian Generic Presentation Page 10 Geospatial Business Intelligence
  • 11. Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 11 Social Conclusion Social Unlock valuable data from Social Media activity to drive Campaigns and Retention strategy
  • 12. Mobile Arm your employees with Mobile/Tablet apps which provide them with instant access to critical business information Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 12 Mobile Conclusion
  • 13. Ridgian SQL 2012 Briefing Page 13 Q & A Close Questions and Close Presentation