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These are the slides I used to accompany the hands-on workshop using the demo.mahara.org website.


  • 1. Mahara in a nutshell!Samantha MossSouthampton Solent University

2. Create an account: http://demo.mahara.org 3. Why Mahara?1. Multi purpose tool2. Open Source3. Fab plug-ins4. LEAP2A5. Customisable Thinking catis thinking Language, help, themes6. Great community Twitter (@anitsirk is very helpful!) 4. Themes http://mahara.solent.ac.uk/ http://mahara.altoncollege.ac.uk/ http://mahara.ulcc.ac.uk/ http://collaborate.crest.ac.uk/ https://mahara.lipa.ac.uk/ http://myportfolio.school.nz/ http://foliofor.me/ http://mahara.e-skills.com.au/ http://portfolio.gla.ac.uk/ http://careerportfolio.mb.ca/ http://eportfolio.yorksj.ac.uk/ http://mahara.rockyview.ab.ca/ http://mahara.bath.ac.uk/ http://mahara.nescot.ac.uk/ https://portfolio.sunderland.ac.uk/ http://moodle.clydebank.ac.uk/mahara/ http://mahara.loucoll.ac.uk/ http://mahara.highbury.ac.uk/ http://moodle.rcs.ac.uk/mahara/ http://mahara.ucs.ac.uk/ http://eport.uaa.alaska.edu/mahara/ http://www.ohloh.net/p/mahara http://mahara.integrating-technology.org/ http://mahara.ln.edu.hk/ http://moodle.sparsholt.ac.uk/mahara/ http://eportfolio.cardiff.ac.uk/ http://mahara.nottingham.ac.uk/ http://portfolio.lcm.ac.uk/ http://www.mahara.at/ http://www.cleo.net.uk/images/library/exampl http://mahara.tdm.info/ e%20view2.png https://mahara.cityofbristol.ac.uk/ http://educ.usask.ca/mahara/ http://mahara.perins.net/ https://portfolio.tiseagles.com/ 5. Mahara & Moodle themesDesigned by:Paul.Maple@solent.ac.uk 6. Hosting Internal Fixable, easily customisable Youre in control Need in-house expertise External Less hassle Less customisable https://mahara.org/partners 7. Mahara UsesPDP, Project Planning,CPD record, Logbook,Reflective Journalhttp://bit.ly/RXDJ4g Personal 8. Mahara Uses CareerShop Window,CV, Self promotionhttp://bit.ly/adam_kellyhttp://bit.ly/mjmcgrane 9. Mahara UsesAssessmentResearch, sketchbook,Display, design process,Evidencehttp://bit.ly/Y7dypphttp://bit.ly/12q5sz5 10. Mahara Uses Assignments using all three elements make the best use of Mahara PersonalAssessmentCareer Ideal Assessment 11. Mahara UsesPR & CommsBuilt EnvironmentWork experience prepCMIAT Portfolio- Skills portfolio- Skills portfolio- Interactive CV- Independent learning- Social MediaPersonal- Compulsory Evidence- Work experience Journal - PD Plan- PD Plan - CPD logbook- http://bit.ly/XTm3U6- CPD logbook- Cover Letter- http://bit.ly/oliverbailey AssessmentCareer 12. Mahara UsesPGCert in Teaching & LearningCPD & Employability- Portfolio of evidence- CVPersonal- CPD Plan- 3000 word rationaleAssessment Career 13. Mahara Uses Journalism Freelancing - Skills portfolio - CV Personal- Career statement - Blog - http://bit.ly/VOP59PAssessmentCareer 14. Lets play! We are going to build aMahara page all about ourhobby or interest! Go to your email account toget your log-in details http://demo.mahara.org 15. Contact me!http://bit.ly/sam_moss