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Introduction to creating objects in Second Life


  • 1.Creating in Second LIfe
    JISC Regional Support Centre SE

2. Purchased Objects
Often contained within another prim
Need to be extracted from this before they are useable
Rez onto land which you can build on
Right click
Copy to inventory
Items will now appear in your inventory
3. Unpacking
4. Why are things packed this way?
People like to package things pretty boxes etc
Also means that you can add content to the package an instruction note card, a landmark to the place you purchased it from, an image of the product etc
There may be several items packaged together chair, table, stool
5. Moving things about edit mode
6. 7. 8. 9. Permissions
Copy make as many as you like
Modify change the object (may be some restrictions)
Transfer give it to someone else
Objects usually come as either:
Copy and modify
Full permissions are less common
10. Starting from scratch
11. What on earth are prims?
12. Editing tabs - General
13. Editing tabs - Object
14. Editing tabs - Features
15. Editing tabs - Texture
16. Editing tabs - Content
17. Textures
18. Textures
19. I want two of those, do I have do that all over again?
20. Copying and positioning objects
21. A brief introduction to scripts...
22. A brief introduction to scripts...
23. A brief introduction to scripts...
24. A brief introduction to scripts...
25. Resources
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Natoma/210/164/27 (Ivory Tower Library of Primitives)
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Horsa/45/235/85 (College of Scripting, Music and Science)