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<ul><li> 1. Regional Support Centre Summer Fair 2012TechDis services old and new, just what can we do for you?</li></ul> <p> 2. An introduction to our services, old and new o Staff development o TechDis Tuesdays o Xerte Friday o Accessible IT Practice Support Programmeo TechDis Toolbox o Aimed at learners o Working smarter with technologyo TechDis Voices o Jack &amp; Jess o Text-to-speecho SBRI o o o oMyDocStore Navitext uKinect PSLT 3. TechDis Tuesdays o Fortnightly updates on Tuesdays, 13.00 o Intro dialogue (~10 minutes) o Detailed discussion with delegates (~20-30 mins) o Show notes to highlight further reading o Podcast, transcript, discussion summary and show notes all posted onlineo www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/tdtuesdays 4. TechDis Tuesdays varied topics o Mobile learning for inclusion o Free VI tools are they worth it? o Accessible docs why and how? 5. Xerte Fridays o Last Friday of most months at 13.00 hrs o (Not Jul, Aug and Dec) o 45-60 minutes o Demo of techniques and discussion of their valuewww.jisctechdis.ac.uk/xertefriday 6. Xerte Fridays You follow simultaneously on live Xerte object Use session recording to practice techniques in your own time Aimed at both beginners and those familiar but wanting to update 7. Accessible IT Practice Support programme why it matters Technophobes o Worry about using IT with learners. o Annoyed by traditional IT courses with their focus on secretarial skills. o Lack the confidence to be creative with technology.Technophiles o Like playing around with kit and software. o Use tools that are personally interesting to them. o Prefers new and shiny (even if old and dull is effective!) 8. Accessible IT Practice Support What makes it different? o o o o o o o oTeaching and learning focused. Explicit accessibility/inclusion. Practical with sample resources. 90 mins online support. Built in Moodle access for adding custom links / info. Built in Xerte access for building skills. Draws together a wide range of other resources. Can be used for pick and mix just in time training but is also mapped to ITQ standards with advice for internal assessors. 9. Accessible IT Practice Support Programme &amp; ITQ o 12 modules focus on effective and inclusive use of IT. o Mapped to the ITQ framework with City &amp; Guilds, so participants can gain qualification. 10. Accessible IT Practice Support Programme - topics o User Fundamentals, o Text-to-Speech software, o Improving Productivity using IT, o Using the Internet, o Word processing Software, o Using Audio Software,o o o o o oSpreadsheet Software, Presentation Software, Website Software, Xerte Software, Ebooks, Web tools.Find out more at www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/itq 11. BIS Partnership o Three projects for the benefit of disabled and disadvantaged learners. o TechDis Voices o TechDis Toolbox o Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) 12. TechDis Voices What is text-to-speech? 13. TechDis Voices Whats the big issue?or 14. TechDis Voices What happened?Open, competitive tender.Voice artists x12Jess / JackUser feedback 15. TechDis Voices Who will benefit? o o o oPeople who prefer to listen. People who prefer to multitask. People with better oral than literacy skills. People who like making use of dead-time eg travelling, queuing etc. o People who dont carry around files but do carry around phones. o People with print impairments. o Tutors who want to give more options to learners.Listen to them. 16. TechDis Voices How do I get started? Make sure you are eligible (post 16 learning provider in England delivering publicly funded courses). Go to www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/voices Follow the instructions and links. 17. TechDis Toolbox www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/tbx 18. TechDis Toolbox o Aimed directly at end users learners. o a collection of resources which give useful hints and tips on technologies that can help individuals work quicker, slicker and smarter. o. o 19. TechDis Toolbox o Developed by learners for learners o Bite-sized videos, short guides, and animations o small bits of just-intime information that can be easily absorbed 20. Small Business Research Initiative text projects MyDocStore iansyst quick and easy transfer of files between devices whilst converting them into the users preferred format.Navitext - System Associates improved navigation and accessibility to books and documents for people who are visually impaired, identifies key navigation points in a text and provides easy ways of moving through it and finding what is needed.Due for completion in January 2013 21. SBRI - Gesture recognition projects o uKinect GameLabUK Using Microsoft Kinect technology, to help users learn and improve their Makaton sign language skills in a fun and engaging way.o Portable Sign Language Translator (PSLT) Technabling The PSLT translates a range of sign languages into text. It is portable, flexible and works with a wide variety of handheld camera-enabled devices such as smartphones.Due for completion in June 2013 22. This has been just a small sample of what JISC TechDis has to offer. Visit our main website for more advice on technologies for inclusion. www.jisctechdis.ac.uk </p>