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An update on Intute and the Virtual Training Suite, given at an audio webinar for JISC South West. Speaker: Angela Joyce from University of Bristol


  • 1. Update on Intute
    • Your guide to the Best of the Web
    JISC RSC South West Web conference, 26 November 2008 Angela Joyce, ILRT, University of Bristol
  • 2. What are Intute & the Virtual Training Suite? 2 FREE related services
    • Intute is a free , national Internet service aimed primarily at higher education, providing the very best web resources for teaching, learning and research - and funded by JISC
    • The Virtual Training Suite is a free service which provides online Internet tutorials, for over 65 subjects. Also funded by JISC as part of the Intute service
  • 3. Intute homepage http://www. intute .ac. uk /
  • 4. Who are we?
    • The Intute Network is:
    • A consortium of seven universities
    • 70 partner institutions providing subject expertise and advice
    • Created by the community for the community
  • 5. How we work:
    • Intute is primarily funded for H.E. but all services freely accessible for F.E.
    • Central management is at MIMAS, Manchester
    • Distributed staff around the UK give technical support and edit the Intute database; they run additional services; authors write the VTS tutorials
  • 6. Our target audiences
    • Primary audience is H.E. students
    • and
    • F.E into H.E. , F.E
    • Lecturers
    • E-learning professionals
    • Researchers
    • Librarians
  • 7. Intute catalogue
    • Search/browse Intute catalogue
    • Over 123,000 records, each one hand selected and described by a subject specialist
    • Simple or Advanced searching options with tips
    • Browsing of sections - popular
  • 8.
  • 9. Subjects offered
    • Something for nearly everyone
    • From music to management, or nursing to nuclear physics!
    • 4 subject groups will go move to more granular approach at subject level, e.g.. Intute: Law
  • 10. Supporting Internet Training
    • Virtual Training Suite - http://www. vts . intute .ac. uk /
    • Free online Internet training tutorials for over 65 subject areas
    • Currently being updated with new template & emphasis
  • 11.
  • 12. Supporting Internet Training (2)
    • Use our free support materials
    • http://www. intute .ac. uk /support.html
    • Quick Guides to Intute
    • PPT Presentations
    • Best of the Web booklets online versions
  • 13. JISC findings library/LRCs (1)
    • The JISC Attitudinal Survey 2008 pinpoints e-Resources/electronic content as key challenge in F.E. & H.E.
    • Information skills/information literacy also a priority
    • http://www. jisc .ac. uk /media/documents/publications/attitudinalsurvey2008librariansreport. pdf
  • 14. JISC findings students and ICT
    • Great Expectations report
    • http://www. jisc .ac. uk /publications/publications/ greatexpectations . aspx
    • There is also an opportunity to help students understand best practice for checking the validity of internet sources used for research, something which 69% of students believe they are doing despite evidence elsewhere suggesting they may lack the critical and analytical skills to do so rigorously .
  • 15. Intute is evolving
    • New plan 2008-2012 - to respond to changes in education and online usage, e.g.:
      • More direct marketing to students
      • Enhanced search system
      • More granular structure for resources
  • 16. Recent market research & usability testing
    • FDS consultancy market research
    • Pure Usability testing of main site and integration services
    • VTS survey
  • 17. Awareness of various websites - Students
  • 18. Usability testing 2008
    • On-site & remote testing conducted
    • Liked Intute concept
    • Wanted some improvements
    • Findings will feed into website re-design & new subject-based approach. Eg. Intute: Law,
    • Intute: Veterinary
  • 19. We also offer
    • Additional Services
    • Intute blogs keep updated
    • Intute Repository Search for papers
    • Intute Helpdesk email us comments, suggestions
  • 20. Personalise
    • My Intute
    • Create your own account
    • Save searches and records, plus non-Intute
    • Tag records with your own keywords
    • Weekly email alerts
    • Export data into your websites or VLEs
  • 21. MyIntute tag cloud
  • 22. Content for the Community
    • Integrating Intute content
    • Intute content and services are available for use in your own institution or website
    • Advice on how to use our content available from:
    • Quick Guides at:
  • 23. Example of newsfeed http://mail.ilrt. bris .ac. uk /~ cmamj /
  • 24. Intute on UsPaCe http://www. uspace .org. uk /blog/ Intute plug-in gadget
  • 25. Blackboard at City of Bristol College MyIntute used to import dentistry sites
  • 26. University of Exeter uk / intute -i/
  • 27. More Integration Examples
    • See our page at
    • http://del. icio .us/ angejoyce /integration/
    • See our Exemplars at
    • http://www. intute .ac. uk /integration/exemplars/
  • 28. Finally. We welcome feedback from the community. Please feel free to contact us: Thank you! [email_address]