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How we can support training providers in developing the use of technology across your organisation. We are free to all SFA funded providers.


  • 1. Go to View > Header & Footer to edit July 25, 2013 | slide 1RSCs Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning An Introduction to your Regional Support Centre and JISC Advance

2. July 25, 2013 | slide 2 Joint Information Systems Company (Jisc) Over the last 16 years Jisc has provided expert advice and practical support to help organisations achieve their objectives and enhance performance using technology. We help organisations to get the most from technology, enabling them to reduce costs, work efficiently, adapt to change and enhance the quality of learning, teaching and research. Through practical tools, helpdesks, workshops and consultancy services, we provide assistance with planning, managing and using technologies in the post-16 education sector and beyond. 3. JISC Services Jisc Advance is a constituent part of JISC. We provide a bridge between the exploration of new ideas (by JISC and others) and the practicalities of using innovative technologies in the field. The individual services which make up JISC Advance are: JISC Digital Media JISC infoNET JISC Legal JISC Netskills JISC Procureweb JISC TechDis JISC Regional Support Centres JISC Mail Go to View > Header & Footer to edit July 25, 2013 | slide 3 4. Meet the team The whole RSC Team Go to View > Header & Footer to edit July 25, 2013 | slide 4 5. July 25, 2013 | slide 5 The JISC RSC SE Region 6. July 25, 2013 | slide 6 The JISC RSCs Core Remit The Regional Support Centres exist to support learning providers to help them to realise their ambitions in deployment of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in order to achieve their organisational mission. RSC SE is just part of a UK-wide network of support and advice We have a team of advisers to assist in different aspects of ICT 7. What can the RSC do for you? Free Consultancy Events Networks (Free Innovation forums, Moodle Forums) Communications Training Partner relationships Resources Go to View > Header & Footer to edit July 25, 2013 | slide 7 8. A Quick tour of the RSC Website resources/moodle-courses.aspx services/summer-collection-2011.aspx studies/summaries.aspx July 25, 2013 | slide 8 9. e-Safety- How safe are you? Go to View > Header & Footer to edit July 25, 2013 | slide 9 Jisc Infonet e-Safety Infokit Jisc Legal e safety Microsoft Digital Citizenship Toolkit RSC SE e-safety and e-learning Course Thinkuknow resources 10. To contact us Please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit, or general information on any of our services. We are here to support all SFA funded educational training providers. Jisc Regional Support Centre, South East University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP Jane Mackenzie Mobile 07714140570 Skype jane.mackenzie11 Twitter JaneMackenzie2 July 25, 2013 | slide 10