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<ul><li> 1. Max HoldenSales</li></ul> <p> 2. About Collabco Founded in 2005 Based in Liverpool / Aylesbury Microsoft Silver Partner Portals and Collaboration CRM Search Midmarket Solutions Provider Hosting SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Lync and UAG developmentand professional services Working with 20 academic institutions to implement HubMetro our SharePoint 2010 student portal, CRM projects andvarious other Microsoft platform solutions Significant hosted solutions to telecoms sector Presented at GEPS 2012 in Seattle Exhibitor at AoC conference, BETT 2012 3. Institutional Challenges Islands of information, content and applications Education systems are not like business systems makesdevelopment and maintenance expensive Poor sharing inside and outside the institution Difficult to find the right content, data, and people 4. Food For Thought Staff Perspective:- How many systems do I need to login to in order to do my job? Where do I find the information I require? Student Perspective:- How do I remember all the usernames and passwords? What can I access easily via a browser and smartphone? 5. Microsoft SharePoint 2010The Collaboration Platform for the Academia and the Web 6. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Ribbon UI SharePoint WorkspaceBusiness Connectivity Services SharePoint MobileInfoPath Form Services Office Client and Office Web App IntegrationExternal Lists Standards SupportWorkflowSharePoint DesignerVisual StudioTagging, Tag Cloud, RatingsAPI EnhancementsSocial BookmarkingREST/ATOM/RSSBlogs and WikisMy SitesActivity FeedsProfiles and ExpertisePerformancePoint Services Org BrowserExcel ServicesChart Web PartVisio ServicesWeb AnalyticsSQL Server IntegrationEnterprise Content TypesPowerPivotMetadata and NavigationDocument SetsMulti-stage Disposition Social Relevance Audio and Video Content Types Phonetic SearchRemote Blob Storage Navigation List Enhancements FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline 7. SharePoint Sites Rich UserExperienceAnywhere Access SinglePlatform 8. SharePoint Sites 9. SharePoint Sites 10. SharePoint Sites 11. SharePoint Communities InformalKnowledge SocialConnectionsParticipation Anywhere 12. SharePoint Communities 13. SharePoint Communities 14. SharePoint Communities 15. SharePoint Content User-centricFlexibility and ComplianceManagement Efficiency 16. SharePoint Content 17. SharePoint ContentLocal copy saved foroffline access. Idealfor staff with laptopsSynchronizing only Editing conflict updated sectionsresolved by merge (deltas)engine 18. SharePoint Search BetterAnswers, Faster KnowledgeAmplification EnterpriseDeployment 19. SharePoint Search 20. SharePoint Search 21. SharePoint InsightsData interactionDecisionMakingOrganisational Effectiveness 22. SharePoint Insights 23. SharePoint Insights 24. SharePoint Insights 25. SharePoint CompositesUser-Driven Solutions DataConnectivity SolutionDeployment 26. SharePoint Composites 27. SharePoint Composites 28. SharePoint 2010 Projects Staff Portal and Intranet replacement Document Management. Policies and procedures applied to sensitive documents Business Intelligence and reporting with Excel Services and PerformancePoint. SMT dashboards. Lync Integration for presence, IM, video call, app sharing, whiteboarding etc Workflow to automate current paper based processes e.g. expenses, absence requests, field trip approval etc 29. SharePoint 2010 Projects Student Portal and Intranet replacement Hub Metro. Give students access to the systems they interact with on a daily basis Timetable VLE Email Library Print solutions New feeds Hub Metro demo 30. Thank You Collabco LtdBox Studios, 17 Boundary Street, Liverpool, L5 | </p>