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Demystifying email deliverability


  • 1. Demystifying Email Deliverability Rishikesh Someshetti NetGains Technologies Pvt Ltd. Makint iT Simple1

2. Demystifying Email DeliverabilityJunk2 3. Agenda What is a Sender Score or Reputation? What are the factors in that Score? How to improve them? Deliverability 101 Complaints, Bounces, Spam Trap, Volumes, List Management, and Content What does it cost me? 3 4. What is a Sender Score? Sender Score is a credit score. Reputation Just like when the dealership your getting a car loan from checks your financial score Reputation comes down to what other people think of your email methods. What is email based on?Complaints Bounce Rate Hard Block Backlistings Volumes Spamtraps 4 5. Sender Score IP Domain 5 6. Why is it Important? In 2009, an estimated 95% of all email was classified as SPAM Because of increasingly aggressive filtering technologies Forgeries, Content Hijackings, growing botnets, etcOn average, 27.6% of commercial emails sent to business addresses don't reach the inbox. - Return Path (2009)In North America, only 80% of legitimate email is delivered to the Inbox - Return Paths Biannual report on message deliverability90% of delivery issues are related to senders behaviors and NOT content - George Bilbrey, Return Path6 7. Email Deliverability 101Complaints Bounces Spam Trap Volumes List Management Content 7 8. Complaints #1 most important factor in reputationHuman response to unwanted mail Receivers notices back to senders Feedback LoopsVery low threshold 0.01% of all email sent in 24 hour period 9. Email Clients 10. What You Can Do - Monitor Complaint Rates SPAM Unsubscribe Report Remember keep under 0.01% Trend over time Review ALL changes when things go wrong 11. Email Deliverability 101 Complaints Bounces Spam Trap Volumes List Management Content11 12. All About Bounces High bounces signal bad lists or list management practices Indicative of spammers Send to as many addresses as possible No regard for valid of addresses Dont stay around for reportingVery hard for receiver to differentiate between bad list management and actual spamming 13. Dealing with Bounces Hard Bounce Bad email addresses Soft Bounces Mailbox fullBlocks/Spam Content URLTechnical Failures Server downOut of Offices13 14. What You Can Do - Spam Traps Remove them? How? Dont buy *random* lists Ask for data history if you buy list Get SLAsWatch e-pending services Remove inactive accounts Quality over QuantityRun re-Confirmation processes Use confirmed opt-in in at capture 14 15. Email Deliverability 101 Complaints Bounces Spam Trap Volumes List Management Content15 16. Volumes Volume is not in itself good or bad, but is an important part of the overall reputation algorithm. A higher score equates to larger volume monitored by the Sender Score Reputation Network. = More to measure you on16 17. What You Can Do - Volumes Do not send too frequently or randomly Send a steady, consistent volume Send from clean shared range if low volumes Create multiple interests Newsletter Marketing17 18. Email Deliverability 101 Complaints Bounces Spam Trap Volumes List Management Content18 19. List Management Send to those who asked to receive your email People will complain if they dont know who you are and did NOT request the contentFrequency and Relevancy Recipients should see what they signed up for and at what frequency they signed up for it Meet their expectations of what they signed up forKnow your subscriber Use personalization. Read their digital body language Segment & target 20. What You Can Do - List Management Ensure you dont look like a spammer when delivering to non-existent accounts Spammers batch and blast to the same list every time Old accounts are sometimes re-used as spamtraps 18-24 months later Remove bad email addressesReduce the amount of complaints against your IP Watch your spam unsubscribe reports regularly for trends Remove contacts that dont click-throughEnsures spam trap hits are low Dont buy lists or buy from trusted sources Perform opt-in Send email confirmationsActivity filters Remove inactive contacts from your database 21. Email Deliverability 101 Complaints Bounces Spam Trap Volumes List Management Content21 22. Content Content is still important, but not as much as in the past when it comes to sounding like a spammer Content preview testing Relevancy Call to action Image to text ratio 23. What You Can Do - Content Personalization >Inserting a person's name into an email increases open rates by as much as 10%. - Jupiter Research (2006)Dont include video, flash scripts or forms in email >Most are blocked by email clients for security >Spam filtering is more likely to occur because of HTML coding than the words in your email. - George Bilbrey, iMediaConnection (2006)Make sure your content is readable >On mobile devices>In preview panes>With images OFF 23 24. Content Preview Example24 25. Why Do You Care? 26. W 27. Digital Body Language Drives cleaner leads to website Who opened? Who clicked? Where? Whos active? Whos not? Whats most important to them? Segmentation and relevancy Nurture Integration Deliverability PLUS+27 28. What else does NetGains do to help? Provide dedicated or shared IPs/Branding Dedicated Delivery and Privacy Team 24x7 MonitoringAutomatically suppress / report hard bouncebacks Bounceback History ReportAutomatically suppress / report ISP based complaints SPAM Unsubscribe List reportSuppress known bad spelling, known SPAM traps, high level complainers, FCC Wireless Suppression list Deliverability Testing through Return Path Email and Privacy Certification 29. What you can do Monitor IP reputation Create a FREE account Have you IP or Domain readyMonitor complaint rates and adjust Trend in your email applications Remove themMonitor hard bounce rates and adjust Are you being seen as spam or spammer?Keep lists clean and relevant Remove inactive Quality over Quantity 30. Getting to the Inbox 31. Contact InfoNetGains Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 708 / 709, Corporate Avenue, Sonawala Road, Near Udyog Bhavan, Email: Goregaon (E). Mumbai-400 063. India.Website: 32. Q&A