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    Insider Tips: Improve and Understand Your Email


  • Sally BeersBusiness Development Manager UK & Ireland

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  • Summary

    What is deliverability? The life of an email glossary

    From email creation to the inbox

    Measuring deliverability Common problems The future of deliverability

  • The likelihood that the email will be received in the inbox

    Identifying, investigating, and solving delivery issues

    What is deliverability?

  • Spawner Pool Relay Server Shared IP Dedicated IP Delivery log

    Glossary: The Life of an Email

  • Where can your email end up?

    Quarantine/DeletedInbox Spam Folder

  • Examples of delivery logs

  • How do we measure deliverability?

    Abuse Email Design & Content List Generation and Usage Recipient Engagement Sender Reputation Server Reputation

  • Abuse

    Reported via feedback loop Direct Complaints sent to our support team Indirect complaints sent to Anti-Spam Organizations

    User Complaints

  • Abuse

    Reported directly to our team via Anti-Spam Organizations Reported daily via MSNs Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) Reported indirectly via our TelCos (AT&T, Rackspace, etc)

    Spam Traps

  • Email Design & ConceptContent

    Keywords and Phrases Excessive use of punctuation Excessive use of non

    alphanumeric Characters All Caps Links Phishing

  • Email Design & ConceptDesign

    Image-only campaigns Text-only campaigns Colours and contrast Email flow

  • List Generation and UsageGeneration

    Single Opt-in Double Opt-in Harvested Purchased Acquired (via company merger

    or purchase)

    Sign Up

  • List Generation and UsageUsage

    Why did the recipient sign up? When did the recipient sign up? How long has it been since the

    recipient last emailed? Are the emails relevant to the

    recipients interests?

  • Engagement

    Are recipients opening your emails? Are they clicking on links? How long has it been since

    they last opened an email? Have they ever opened an


  • Sender Reputation

    Who is sending the emails? Have they sent emails before?

    When? How did recipients react to

    prior emails? Are they a known spammer? Is their website hosting

    malicious content? Is their website blacklisted?


  • Server Reputation

    Where are the emails coming from? Is the IP known for sending

    spam? Is the IP blacklisted? By who? Is the IP whitelisted? How have recipients reacted to

    emails sent by this IP?

  • Common Deliverability Tickets

    High bounces Emails received in

    spam folder

    Email not received Emails blocked or


    Spam Traps

    High abuse rate

  • Bounces

    Quality of list How old is the list? How was the list gathered? Is the list single opt-in? Is the list double opt-in? Are there any visible spelling

    mistakes? (Yhoo/Gmal/Htmail)

  • Are the bounces domain specific?

    Delivery logs checked.

  • Email Received in SpamContent, Design & Subject Line

    Keywords and phrases All Caps Check Links Phishing Excessive use of non

    alphanumeric characters and punctuation

  • High Abuse Rates

    Abuse Rate Tickets are Usually

    Initiated by the ESP

    Complaints are the result of either

    Negligence of list hygiene Purchased/Harvested lists Clients who have forgotten

    they opted in

  • Future of Deliverability

  • The Future of DeliverabilityThe bar is raising

    Every major ISP is constantly changing their systems and practices to stay ahead of spammers. This means that the bar is always moving. As a team, it is our responsibility to help educate our clients to understand this.

  • The Future of DeliverabilityWhat are ISPs doing?

    Analysing email and user trends

    Separating personal and promotional emails

    Improving the interaction with email

  • The Future of Deliverability

    What can you do?

    Pay close attention to your reports

    Spring cleaning - List hygiene Better segmentation Content driven emails


  • The Future of DeliverabilityWhat is Benchmark doing?

    Engagement Monitoring Advanced throttling and server

    grouping Automated features that work

    for you Constant update and education

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