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Spam traps are silent killers in your email list and can literally destroy your email reputation and deliverability overnight. This webinar is a must if you rely on email to reach your customers.


  • 1.Improve Email Deliverability: Tactics for Avoiding Spam TrapsTwitter: @ReturnPath #AvoidSpamTraps

2. Todays SpeakersTom SatherLori VaughnKelly HoganSr. Director, ResearchClient Success ExpertClient Success Expert 3. What are spam traps? 4. The Different Types of Spam TrapsPristine / Honey Pot / True TrapRecycled Traps 5. 60% of all emails received by spam traps are sent from commercial marketers. 6. Spam Trap Addresses are TOP Secret 7. Whats the Impact of Spam Traps? 8. Who Uses Spam Traps? Blacklists Spamhaus Spamcop SURBL SORBS Project Honeypot Return Path3rd Party Filters Cloudmark Brightmail Vade Retro TrendMicroMailbox Providers Global providers Local 9. How do spam traps get on my list? 10. Harvesting Spam Traps 11. Acquisition Risk Levels Bad Practices: Purchased lists E-append Email harvestingRisky Practices: Affiliate partners POS collection Sweepstakes/Contests/Prizes Restricted website access Poor bounce processing Aged addresses Import Address Book Merger or acquisition Typos Malicious attack 12. How Do I Measure Spam Traps? 13. Publically Available Tools Microsoft Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) Bounce Logs Blacklist websites Delivery Performance 14. Return Path Tools 15. How do I prevent and isolate spam traps? 16. Prevention and Isolation IP segmentation Acquisition Permission Hygiene Inactive Strategies 17. IP SegmentationWelcome MessageReminder MessagesInactive Subscribers 18. IP Segmentation: New Spam Traps 1. Review IP addresses for spam trap activity 2. Suppress all new addresses if spam trap activity found 3. Or further divide and conquer 19. IP Segmentation: Legacy Spam Traps Slice and Dice By: Acquisition Source Engagement Level Paid vs. Trial Purchase vs. Nonpurchase 20. Implement Custom X-headers 21. Acquisition: Signup Forms 22. Acquisition: Point-of-Sale (POS) 23. Acquisition: Back-end Processes 24. Permission: Confirmed Opt-in 25. Hygiene: Bounce Codes 26. Hygiene: Global Suppression 27. Hygiene: Malformations and Role Accounts Reject malformed addresses: me@hotmai.lcom Reject abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses Reject role accounts 28. Inactive Strategies 29. Return Path Professional Services 30. Additional Resources The Marketers Field Guide to Gmail,, and Yahoo! On-Demand Webinar: What Marketers Need to Know about Email Engagement and ISP Filtering The Email Marketers Guide to Bounce Processing