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Bronto Professional Services & Deliverability Consultant, Brad Gurley presents helpful tips to improve your email marketing deliverability.


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2. Hot TopicsDeclining deliverability or not?Engagement and GmailMobile email adoptionIts so Hard to Say Goodbye 3. Are Inbox Delivery RatesDeclining? 4. Are Inbox Delivery Rates Declining?According to ReturnPath, North American inbox deliveryrates dropped to just 79% in the 2nd half of 2011.Brontos numbers, using the same seed test method,show over 99% inbox delivery. 5. Are Inbox Delivery Rates Declining?Whats the difference?Complaint rates The average complaint rate for a participant in thisstudy was 4% Bronto clients have an average complaint rate ofabout 0.2% Lower complaint rates indicate better senderreputation Translates to higher inbox delivery rates 6. Email Engagement: The NewFrontier 7. Engage!Most major email providers/ISPs aremaking changes that spotlight userengagement as a major factor indeliverability.To keep inbox delivery rates high, senders need to shiftfocus: Relevant, content-driven mailings Clear expectations at time of opt-in Prominent unsubscribe option Domain Authentication 8. Be Relevant and Add ValueProvide emails yoursubscribers want toreceive Relevance Target specific seasons, holidays, or product lines Content Include useful information with your promotions Added Value Give readers a reason to save your email instead of deleting it 9. Set the Right ExpectationsClearly inform newsubscribers what toexpect Type of content Promotional or Informational? Frequency Monthly or Daily? Area of interest Provide options for optimal targeting 10. Make Unsubscribing EasyPlace the Unsubscribe linkin a prominent location If the Unsubscribe link is hardto find, readers are morelikely to use the Spam buttonto unsubscribe Placing the link at the top ofthe message often reducesspam complaints 11. Authenticate!Use Authentication tools to sign your messages DKIM/DomainKeys Yahoo protocol SPF/SenderID Created by MicrosoftControl your reputation Private domain Creates consistent headers Dedicated IP address For high-volume senders 12. GMail Leads the ChargeThe push toward engagement-based metrics has beenpioneered by Gmail.In April 2011, major changes were rolled out to the Gmail filtering system Engagement became a large part of the filtering algorithm These metrics were tied to domain as well as IP addressIn March 2012, Gmail again made changes Filter behavior was changed Messages routed to Spam now include a reason Effects of this change were mixed Many senders saw increased spam folder placement Bronto clients saw higher Gmail open rates on average 13. Dedicated vs. Shared IP 14. Dedicated vs. Shared IP 15. Dedicated vs. Shared IP Shared IP Carpool Ideal for small senders Benefit from other senders Little to no warm up time Other senders can hurt deliverablity 16. Dedicated vs. Shared IP Dedicated IP Solo Driver Ideal for large volume senders Control IP, no other senders Warm up time needed 17. Mobile Email and NewChallenges 18. Mobile Adoption SoarsReturnPath reports that email opens on mobile devicesgrew 82.4% between March 2011 and March 2012Mobile is projected to overtake desktop and webmail asthe most-used method of reading email by 2013How does this impact deliverability? Filters for mobile clients are typically no different Design best practices are crucial Broken formatting is more likely to lead to a spam complaint Unsubscribe link should be easily visible on mobile screen 19. Its So Hard to Say Goodbye 20. Its So Hard to Say GoodbyeRemoving Non-Engaged Contacts is essential tomaintaining inbox deliverabilityBut how do you avoid removing contacts who WANTyour email?Make Up or Break Up? Last Chance to Engage Strong Call to Action is Crucial Attention Grabbing Subject Line Are We Breaking Up? Its Time to Say Goodbye Non-responsive contacts Remove from List Send Less Frequently 21. Thank you! 22. Questions?