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Mastering Email Deliverability

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Chris Arrendale has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and software industry with particular expertise in privacy, email deliverability and ISP relations.

Chris is CEO & Principal Deliverability Consultant of Inbox Pros.

Chris Arrendale Inbox Pros

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500We respect your timeQuestions are welcomeWe will get to as many as possibleSubmit questions in the lower right corner of your screenA recording of this presentation will be sent to youBefore we get started

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500A special thanks to Chris in Dallas, who asked us to dig into more detail to the types of outbound campaigns:3

Are your campaign emails primarily Text or HTML?TextHTMLPolling Question

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500ANSWERS: 1-Not enough resources to handle2-Not sure how to set up (email/Landing pages/registration)3-Securing speakers4-Securing list of people to invite5-Lack of budget


Where do you get your email addresses from? How do you acquire your email addresses for your email list?Opt-in from Blog- Opt-in from web site- Trade show - List purchasesOtherPolling Question

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500What is Deliverability?Email FilteringBouncesBlacklistsComplaintsList ManagementSpam TrapsAuthentication: Your Passport to the NetworkDMARCB2B Filtering ExampleMimecastCASL5 Overall Deliverability Take-Aways


2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Delivered is the way to measure that the email was accepted by the recipients mail server.Deliverability is getting to the inbox and measuring the open/click statistics.Getting your email into your subscribers inbox is the only way to get opens, clicks, and conversions!Deliverability is constantly changing and evolving.What is Deliverability?

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Deliverability by Industry

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Email Filtering

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Hard bouncesThis occurs when the email server rejects the email due to permanent conditions.Examples include a bad mailbox, bad domain.Soft bouncesThis occurs when the email server rejects the email due to a temporary condition.Examples include a mailbox full, temporary ISP block.Bounce rates affect your reputation.If your bounce rates are too high, the ISP may think you are trying to spam them and may block your domain or IP address.There is no magic number that can get you blocked/bulked.Bounces

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500IP basedThis occurs when the email server rejects the email due to permanent conditions.Examples include Spamhaus, SORBS, and SpamCop.Domain basedThese blacklists will list any and all URLs/domains in the email itself, including the sending domain.Examples include Spamhaus DBL, SURBL, and URIBL.Blacklist listings will hurt your reputation, as well as limit your access to recipient's networks.Listings occur due to user complaints or spam trap hits.Blacklists

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Complaints

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500List Management

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Spam Traps are real email addresses that dont bounce.TypoGreyPristineSet up and monitored by blacklists.How do you minimize the risk of hitting a spam trap on your list? First, use explicit opt-in methods (unchecked boxes) when you capture names. To be doubly sure use double opt-in, where the subscriber has to confirm their address before they are actually added to your list. Second, scrub your list regularly.Spam Traps

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500IP and Domain authentication are very important when sending B2B emails. SPFIP AuthenticationDNS TXT record update supplied by your MAP or ESP.DKIMDomain AuthenticationDNS TXT record update supplied by your MAP or ESP.Required for Yahoo FBLAuthentication Your Passport to the Network

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance


2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Successful Email Content

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Subject Line Length

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Subject Line Keyword Performance

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.85004 Steps to the InboxFirst - Configure:Setup Authentication SPF, DKIM & DMARC.Second - Make Friends:Get signed up on all feedback loops and white lists possible not all ISPs and Inbox Providers have one but research those that do and sign up!Research reputation.Third - Design Campaigns:Make sure your Image to Text Ratio is ~30/70.Include an Add to Address Book statement.Brand MessagesInclude text or html unsubscribe link (not an image) one click opt out is best.Include Postal Address in Footer.Lastly - Maintain:Keep User Engagement High Target recipients with relevant content and stop sending to any that are not interested.Keep your abuse complaint rate below 0.3% - remove complaints immediately.Keep your bounce rates below 7% - remove hard bounces immediately.Entice and remind recipients to add your from address to their address book.

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500B2B Filtering Example - Cloudmark

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Mimecast is gaining traction as a popular B2B filter for small, medium, and large domains. Below are some details that we have gained through discussions with Mimecast:

Filtering in order of sequence for Mimecast:RBL (most common blacklists)Auto-Allow entriesManual blocks by network usersGreylistingExternal to external policies (added entry by network users)

Content Policy:Phrase matching (scan subject line, headers, body, and attachments)Action = bounce/delete the emailEach word/phrase has a different point value assigned by the network administratorBy default the Mimecast filter is set to moderate scoring. There is a "newsletter on hold" solution implemented, for those transferring to Mimecast from Postini. This essentially means that new email senders may see their emails get held initially by the Mimecast filter and later released upon resending or the network administrator releasing any holds.


2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500CASL

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.850047% of subscribers use the "spam" button to unsubscribe77% of marketers experience emails being diverted to the spam folder I believe 100% have!Many URL shorteners are on blacklists, including and Dont use them!Rate limitsMany ISPs domains have connection and rate limits to their network to slow down the amount of emails they receive.Monitor Mailboxesabuse@, privacy@ and postmaster@ email addresses and respond to serious inquiries.5 Overall Takeaways

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500

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Contact Chris at: 214-3739

Chris Arrendale Inbox Pros

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500Are you performing A/B tests on your email campaigns?-YesNoPolling Question

2016 eTrigue Corporation800.858.8500ANSWERS: 1-Not enough resources to handle2-Not sure how to set up (email/Landing pages/registration)3-Securing speakers4-Securing list of people to invite5-Lack of budget