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B2B/B2C Email Deliverability Webinar. Today’s Topics. Email Deliverability Defined B2B/B2C Anti-Spam Technology What It Is How It Works Beating Anti-Spam Technology. Email Deliverability Defined. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • B2B/B2C Email Deliverability Webinar

  • Todays TopicsEmail Deliverability DefinedB2B/B2C Anti-Spam TechnologyWhat It IsHow It WorksBeating Anti-Spam Technology

  • Email Deliverability DefinedAn emails ability to get through email filtering and blocking technology and any other obstacles and reach an intended recipients email inbox B2B Deliverability - bypassing corporate mail server anti-spam technology to reach business email addresses B2C Deliverability bypassing anti-spam technology employed by email account providers or individual PC users to reach personal email accounts

  • Anti Spam TechnologyB2BMail Servers (Microsoft Exchange etc.)Anti-Spam SoftwareBlacklists (eg. Spamhaus)Spam Firewalls (eg. Barracuda)Domain Verification (eg. SPF, Domain Keys)Whitelists

    B2CEmail Account ProvidersSpam Filtering/Blocking with Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.User Installed ProgramsPC Based Anti-Spam programs (eg. Norton Anti-Spam)Whitelisting Software (eg. Spam Arrest)

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksB2BAnti-Spam SoftwareFunctionally similar or even identical to user installed, desktop based anti-spam programsHundreds of different software titles existEach title uses its own unique criteria for assessing emailsEach title may use any or all of the following criteria: MIME UsageMultipurpose Internet Mail ExtensionsEmail sent in both HTML and Text formatsSearches for proper MIME formatting in email header

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksName of Email SenderFrom Email AddressDomain Name (@abc.info)User Name for email account (sales@abc.com)Ability to verify domain is real and not forged/spoofed (SPF Record, Domain Keys)Subject LineWords usedEmail BodyWordsGraphics - attached, drawn from external web pageLinksAttachments

  • How Anti Spam Technology Works- BlacklistsA list of email addresses known for spamming or any unfavorable activity and therefore blockedMany blacklists existAn email server tech registers with or installs blacklists on their mail serverLimited effectivenessBlacklists rely on user input (feedback loops)A user receives a spam email and reports it to a blacklistBlacklist adds it to their list of addresses to be blockedAny emails from that newly blacklisted address are thereafter blocked for any mail server using that blacklist

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksSpam FirewallsBlacklisting 2.0More sophisticated form of a blacklistLike blacklist, uses feedback loopImprovements Over Blacklists: firewalls use email volume and hard bounces to blacklist commercial emailersBlacklists by mail server IP address and possibly email addressPopular Firewall: Barracudado NOT get on the Barracuda blacklist!Very difficult if not impossible to get off their blacklist

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksDomain Verification

    verifies the sending email address in an email is actually being sent from the domain it claims to be sent fromPrevents domain spoofing, a very common way spammers and phishers cover their tracks and avoid detectionTypes Of Domain Verification: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) recordA very simple text file placed on the domain registrars DNS server (eg. Godaddy) stating the authorized IP addresses from which emails for that domain can be sent from eg. corporate mail servers IP address, email service providers IP addressesEmails from non-authorized IP addresses are blocked

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksTypes Of Domain Verification Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)Launched May 2007May be installed on corporate email serversuses public-key cryptography (IE encryption) to allow the sender to electronically sign legitimate emails in a way that can be verified by recipientsVery similar concept to SSL method used to encrypt and secure pages used for E-Commerce transactionsThe little yellow lock seen when a page asks for credit card

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksDomain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)Complements SPF recordsDKIM used by Yahoo and Gmail AccountsDifficult and expensive to implement special knowledge required to installNot widely used to date

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksWhitelistsA list of approved email or IP addressesEmail addresses or IP addresses on the whitelist are allowed to send email to users at that domainWhitelists short-circuit IE auto bypass any anti-spam technology existing at the domainAnalogous to being on VIP list at nightclub no lineup, no admission charge, no pat down by securityNot widely used at mail server level, more used by individual usersAlmost completely useless on their own for virtually all companies Email Service Providers (ESPs) (eg. Constant Contact) strive to get on as many domain whitelists as possible

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksB2CEmail Account ProvidersSpam filtering provided byFree Email Account ProvidersHotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, ComcastPaid Web-Based Email Account ProvidersGodaddy, any other domain/email hostEach company has its own ways of filteringThese ways may be any of the previously mentioned methods

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksSome Employ Feedback LoopsFeedback loops are where a user can flag an email as spam and this information is reported to the email service providerAOL, Comcast, Microsoft (eg. Hotmail) use feedback loopsMany Dont Employ Feedback LoopsEmails flagged as spam by user simply get the senders email address added to the users list of email addresses to be blocked thereafter Yahoo doesnt use feedback loop

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksUser Installed ProgramsPC Based Anti-Spam programsInstalled by user on own PCMay be bought or freeWork in conjunction with email client softwareMicrosoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Mozilla ThunderbirdUser can often set spam sensitivity levelPeople who regularly receive time sensitive or important emails (eg. sales people, customer service) will keep this level low and check their spam folders regularly

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksUser Installed ProgramsWhitelisting SoftwareFor any email it receives it sends a reply message asking the sender to verify they are a real, live human sender and not an automated means of sendingSender is asked to type out an alpha-numeric sequence only readable by a personAny email which doesnt have this code sequence entered within a given time period gets put into a spam folderPrograms: Spam Arrest

  • How Anti Spam Technology WorksSpam ComplaintsSpam complaints made by people are the only real way an email or internet service provider can tell who is emailing commercial solicitationsAnti-Spam technology makes mistakes, people dontEmail Service Provider tolerance : 1-3 spam complaints per 1000 emails sent Internet Service Provider tolerance: ZERO TOLERANCESpam complaints can be communicated viaFeedback Loops To Email Account Provider (Flag As Spam button within email account)Complaints to Email Or Internet Service Provider (abuse@email-provider.com, abuse@internet-provider.com)

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyPersonalize Your Emails, Dont Commercialize ThemThe Golden Rule and single guiding principle for bypassing most any anti-spam technologyAnti-Spam technology is specifically designed to look for aspects of an email (especially words and phrases) commonly used in commercial solicitationsMaking your emails seem as if they were a non-commercial, personal communication between two people is the best way of flying under the radar and avoiding anti-spam technologyVarious tactics can be used for personalizing an email

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyKnow Your EnemyAsk What anti-spam technology am I facing?Do an audit of your email database by looking at the domains of your recipientsUse the Find/Replace function in Excel/WordNo single solution for reaching inbox for your whole database exists charlatans will tell you otherwiseToo many different types of anti-spam programs with different criteria for assessing spam for a single solutionYou must create your emails with the anti-spam technology you face in mind

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyB2BEmail ServersAnti-Spam SoftwareSpam filtering/blocking software uses any of the following criteria for judging an email, but the words/phrases used anywhere in the email are the most important determining factor: MIME FormatEnsure email sent in both HTML and Text formatsEnsure proper MIME syntax is used

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyName of Email Sender- Avoid any commercial sounding words such- eg. ABC Sales Department

    From Email Address- always use a .com email account - .com domains usually cost more than other types of domains (eg. .net, .info) - spammers tend to use cheaper domains since they are constantly having to use new domains to email - Use a real name in the email account (eg. john@abc.com) and not a generic address (eg. sales@abc.com or info@abc.com)

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyImplement An SPF Recordv=spf1 a mx ip4: -allfor example v=spf1 a mx ip4: a:me-ss2-iwwWQZ.mailengine1.com allThe following websites verify your mail server's SPF record has the correct syntax and functions properly:http://www.kitterman.com/spf/validate.htmlhttp://senderid.espcoalition.org/

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologySubject LineAvoid commercial sounding words whenever possible Email BodyAvoid commercial sounding words whenever possibleMany spam blocking programs consider any email graphics (whether attached or linked from an external web page) as common in commercial emailsAvoid using more than one link in an email some mail servers will block emails with multiple linksNo attachments! People will often not open them

  • Beating Anti Spam TechnologyLyris MailShield Anti-SpamUses a sophisticated rating system for assessing emailsFor each instance of the following words and phrases in the subject or body of the email, Lyris