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  • How To Build A Profitable Online Business Using Email

    Email deliverability

    Matt Prime,

  • Introif you are like the most marketers you are probably hoping that anyone who sees you offer for the first time will just magically fall in love with it and buy it.

    Im sorry to break this for youthis is not gonna happen.

    You actually want to follow upand kind of convince them to buy.

    Using email to influencewith sending automatic emails using autoresponder after people sign in to your landing page and email list.

  • What is an landing page? Web site where you send people to see offer that you are promoting.

  • What is email list?

    List of peoples emails, which signed into your landing page.

  • What is an autoresponder? System that sends emailsautomatically after people sign in to your landing page.

  • Specific instructions

    How to avoid spam inbox when sending emails to people on your list (deliveriability)

    How to get emails read much better Make your emails look professional

  • How to avoid getting into spam

    WhenYour autoresponder send emails automatically in your name.

    WhatSent emails shouldnt land into spam folder of people receiving them.

  • How to test if email went to spam?

    Set up a list of email addresses that you will send your email to before ...

    you send email out to everyone on

    your real email list.

    Gmail 95%, Hotmail, Yahoo

  • Spam triggering wordsThere are special words which trigger spam filters and you need to avoid writing them into your emails. Some examples:

    Free Free Access For Free Make Money Home Based Business Avoid $$ or any other money symbols


    Goto Google and type in: spam triggering words

    Dont go to crazy on this, you will end up with nothing to write into your email.

  • Meet Marcos Balter

    Your Sender Name must always combined from your first name and last name (credibility, spam filters).


    For Sender Email you need to use CUSTOM domain not gmail, yahoo or some other free email service domain:

    Matt Prime

  • Use your domain for link!Never use more than 2 URLsto bypass spam filters.


    Using tracking software like ClickMagick will help you tracking your clicks!

  • Make sure that your email domain has SPF record installed!!

    Contact with your domain provider (Godaddy, Namecheap, ) to help you set-up your SPF record.


    Go to

    enter your domain there. You will get a detailed report also including if your domain has

    SPF record installed!


  • Meet Aweber

    Aweber has one of the best delivery

    rates in the whole industry.

    Your email open rates will skyrocket.

    Industrys #1 Email Marketeer Igor Kheifets was using it for 4 years!

    Beware of the DARK SIDE!

  • Still ending in SPAM?

    1. Get a new domain2. Create a new email3. Open a new GetResponse /

    Aweber account4. Repeat complete process

    You have ended on low reputable autoresponder IP address.

  • How to get emails read much better

    Whenis the best time to send emails?

    Howshould I write my emails?

  • What is the best time to send an email?

    The optimum times are between 8:00pm and 2:00 am during week.

    Just about any time of day on Saturday and Sunday.

    Send emails in same time when people signed in to your landing page!

  • Dont overuse swipes this means I have no unique takeon this topic.


    Add your opinions on topic of the email,

    to add your personality to email.

  • Nothing works :(

    I buy traffic but I dont get sales. People are not opening my emails, nobody is interested into my offer.

    What to write, how to write to people on your email list?

    Industrys #1 Email Marketer can write your Emails for you:


    Tell the audience about their problems through a story, ideally a person.

    Use infotainment approach to get connected and wanted in their inbox.

  • Make them look professional

    WhyPerson is reading your email, what kind of feel does she get?

    Howshould I write my emails to be readable on any device including mobiles?



    Dont write words with big caps.

    This means you are yelling at people.

    And it also is very hard to read.

  • Dont end lines that brings nasty breaking of lineson mobile devices


    Leave long sentences in one line and use enter only when you are starting with next paragraph.

  • Good luck!

    We hope youll use these tips to create successful and profitable

    Automated Online Business With Email

    For more info or help mail

    or connect with me on Facebook

  • Over shoulder instructions

    Will demonstrate how to create your emails and set them to be sent automatically

    You will see how will I set up autoresponder

    Will demonstrate how to create your email list

    Do you want to have webinar with you watching over my shoulder how do I do that?