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  1. 1. Email Deliverability Tips from the Experts
  2. 2. Speakers: Peter Mathea Aleksandra Pabian Irek Rybinski Director of Anti-Abuse Compliance Communication Supervisor Deliverability Manager
  3. 3. Aleksandra Pabian Compliance Communication Supervisor
  4. 4. Dos and Donts of email list building
  5. 5. Where do we start?
  6. 6. Build an email list
  7. 7. Ability to stay in touch with your audience Way of building a relationship and turning it into loyalty Expected high average ROI Benets of having an email list
  8. 8. Rules of email list building
  9. 9. Make a good rst impression
  10. 10. Be 100% open about the purpose of the sign-up Dont hide your true intentions or overpromise Show the type of content subscribers may expect in the future Email sign-ups
  11. 11. Be clear and build trust
  12. 12. What about ofine?
  13. 13. Paper forms may be a hassle to store and scan Consider using modern tablet and iPad apps such as Forms on the Go Oine sign-ups
  14. 14. Avoid using your own sign-up form to populate the list - This may lead to your IP address getting blacklisted Use: Contacts Add Contacts instead Or all of the other import methods Do it regularly When importing your list
  15. 15. Just dont purchase lists
  16. 16. Treat them as you would want to be treated
  17. 17. Irek Rybinski Deliverability Manager
  18. 18. List Management
  19. 19. Bounces
  20. 20. Identify the reason of the bounce (should be fairly easy analyzing the response code): If its an invalid address remove it straight away Mailbox does not exist No-answer-from-host If its a mailbox full give him some time, but dont keep him forever Bounces
  21. 21. If its reputation based reach out to ISP and ask for the reason If its a tech issue (i.e. SPF or DKIM validation fail) simply x it Bounces
  22. 22. Unsubscribes
  23. 23. All marketing messages need to have unsubscribe link, no questions asked! Make it visible and easy to use Hiding it will only anger your subscribers and they will look for a way to get back at you Unsubscribes
  24. 24. Reengagement
  25. 25. It only applies to inactive addresses and can/should be done right before the hygiene process Do something that catches their attention (break the pattern) Failed reengagement needs to end with removing that email address from your list With last message its a good touch to let them know how they can get back on Reengagement
  26. 26. Inactive Contacts
  27. 27. Do a regular list hygiene operations (3-6 months) Remove email addresses that are non-responsive, they probably got taken over/abandoned or were even made into spam-traps This increases your overall engagement rates, which then improves your reputation and deliverability Inactive Contacts
  28. 28. Reconrmation
  29. 29. Reconrmation is not reengagement! Should only apply to old lists you lost touch with (did not email for a signicant amount of time) Things that need to be present and visible: Name of the company/person that owns the list When and where (what site, etc.) did the contact originally subscribed on What is this mailing list about (what content will he receive) Reconrmation
  30. 30. Opt-out approach is not appropriate It should be only 1 message Reconrmation
  31. 31. Suppression lists
  32. 32. Applicable for single campaigns Do not use it as a blacklist (leaves too much room for mistakes) Suppression lists
  33. 33. Peter Mathea Director of Anti-Abuse
  34. 34. Managing expectations
  35. 35. What do you mean by managing expectations? Why should I even bother? Where dos and donts derive from? So why buying a list is such a bad idea, again? FREE BONUS above may extend to non-marketing emails Managing expectations
  36. 36. Who is a subscriber in permission-based email marketing Subscribers happiness factor Be honest Would I like to receive that email if I were my subscriber? You dont know? Ask! Managing expectations explained
  37. 37. Sophisticated email lters Happy subscribers = happy customer People who send your email for you (aka deliverability folks) care Why subscribers opinions matter
  38. 38. Origins
  39. 39. Best practices build on permission principle Email lters are supposed to help real people Subscriber decides what is wanted and what is not Metrics are like shadows in Platos cave Origins
  40. 40. How NOT to manage expectations
  41. 41. Buy a list Send tons and tons of emails a day Ignore unsubscribes Dont care about bounces Get yourself blacklisted How NOT to manage expectations To Do List
  42. 42. Take things further
  43. 43. Transactional emails can be a ood as well Maybe notifying subscribers about EVERY news on a website is a bad idea dunno Get your data from outside email stream Take things further
  44. 44. Q&A
  45. 45. For more information visit:
  46. 46. Thank you! Peter Mathea Aleksandra Pabian Irek Rybinski Director of Anti-Abuse Compliance Communication Supervisor Deliverability Manager