emailing b2b : 18 tips for a good deliverability

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Here are 18 tips for sending B2B emailings. Article first published here :


  • EMAILING B2B 18 tips for A good deliverability Article firstpublished on Webmarketing&com By Romain Simon
  • B2B vs B2C There are differences
  • Emailing without optin is allowed In b2bif themessage is coherent with thejobof the recipient at least in France :
  • Companies often use anti-spam softwares such as microsoftforefront, Cloudmark or spamassasin Which makes it even more difficult to deliver youremail
  • Here are 18 tips for optimal b2b emailing deliverability : Master the sending - Part 1 -
  • #1 - Check the reputation of your email server Some tools : Mxtools : senderscore : Mcafee trustedsource : Cisco senderbase :
  • #2 send emails from a Dedicated server This will allow you to control better your reputation. Shared hosting is a nightmare. Amazon ses is good & affordable :
  • #3 sign your sending Emails with spf & dkim
  • #4 create distinct records For each usage : prospecting, newsletter
  • #5 set yoursending rate As low as possible Lots of domains have low reception rates
  • Manage your lists - Part 2 -
  • #6 avoid buying or Renting Lists of emails they have already been used a lot And youwill receive lots ofcomplaints For a low response rate
  • #7 create your own lists by combining inbound Marketing and Toolsto helpyougetprospectsfrom social networks Awesome tool to get prospects from social networks:
  • #8 if you buy or rent listsanyway Ask them to send themselves But this has two problems: How do youknow if adresses are goodand not just somecontact@? You dont have a direct access tothe stats
  • #9 know the history Of The List You rent or buy Where did they get the emails from? Are they optin? When did they collect them? How many times the list has been used? How did they handle complaints?
  • #10 keep your Bounce Rate Below 5%. Get rid of any email that bounced
  • #11 watch you emails abuse@, privacy@ & postmaster@
  • #12 segment your base & target the right audience
  • Be perfect on the content - Part 3 -
  • #13 only send quality content. B2b filters also look at it
  • #14 the subjectline must Be simple & without bullshit
  • #15 avoid spammy words Such as free money Or clickhere . Otherwise your spam score will explode
  • #16 use a light design With very few images Or better Do not use any image at all Even in your signature
  • #17 customize the content. First name is a must have But dont forget to replace custom fields
  • #18 do not use shortened urls A lot of url shorteners are blacklisted
  • Happy sending ! @romainsimon +romainsimon Say hi on twitter or google+