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  1. 1. Government Engineering College, BhavnagarShree Swami Vivekananda Contributor Personality DevelopmentProgramByGujarat Technological UniversityAN INTERVIEW OF A CONTRIBUTORPrepared By: Kapuriya Rupal(110210116011)
  2. 2. Introduction . For the purpose of an interview for contributor personalitydevelopment program, I have taken interview of the owner andteacher of very good CADD center which become very famous inshort time period . Mr. Sandip Faldu is the owner and teacher of cad Centre namedCADD which is located in Junagadh.
  3. 3. About him.. Name: Sandip Dhirajlal Faldu Education: B.E. IT from C. U. Shah engineering &technology. Teachers: Principal & HOD K. H. Varna and otherfaculties are Bharat Sharkhedi, DivyarajParmar, Avlik Ranpura, Anil Rathod. Experience: 5 Years in his field.
  4. 4. About his work Basically CADD Centre is an engineeringdesign software institute for improvingmachine design and infrastructure. By teaching it, he want to give our countryperfect design engineers. With help of this engineers he want to seeinfrastructure & technology top of the world.
  5. 5. Continued.. Courses offered by CADD Centreare AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Ansys, creo& Revit etc. By help of this software we candevelop well designed machine &innovative infrastructure.
  6. 6. According to him.. He takes his work as a Vision According to him, innovation, creativity & smart work are qualitiesrequire to become a successful design engineer. He takes all the problems and challenges as an a Opportunity. According to him, job satisfaction is the internal satisfaction. He believes in Opportunity and Purpose vision.
  7. 7. Some other things . He motivate their students by trying to explain them that what is theirposition. He explain them the importance of the hard work. Basically He share problems and its positive & negative effect with others. Ifthere is no reply at this time he take his own decision in fever of thecompany. He has given his time, management, hard work to create theopportunity.
  8. 8. Continued. He has knowledge & experience regarding this field but dueto lack of money as far as money is consult he couldn't startbig project so, he had started with small one and today hisCADD Centre is top corporate institute in Saurashtra area.
  9. 9. His Vision Short Term:To give our country great engineers. Long Term: He want to open his CADD branches in all states.
  10. 10. His message to engineers. In engineering field design is the design of every productis very integral part so, think practical, be different, beinnovative and be engineer. With this attitude you can do anything in the field ofengineering, just because engineers are all rounder inevery field.
  11. 11. The situation.. He feels very happy and grateful when his students becomeable to get jobs in very good companies. And also feel successful.
  12. 12. Thank You.