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Lets find the answers.. Who is a contributor ? What are the qualities of a contributor ? How they are different from non-contributors ?

Who is a Contributor ?

Contributor is the person who helps, supports, contributes others in every possible way. He Is selfless and always dedicated to work. He understands the values of work rather than just completing in vain. He has a dynamic identity and believes that completing the task is a responsibility rather than a routine.

QUALITIES OF CONTRIBUTOR PERSONALITYThe contributor actively takes the work to be done.The contributor focuses on the goal being achieved, not just the routine work.The contributor is committed to the responsibilities of his role.He is not a clock-watcher.The contributor acts appropriately in each situation.The contributor focuses on WE not I.

I have gone through his works very thoroughly, and after having gone through them, the love that I had for my country became a thousand-fold.

Swami Vivekananda harmonized the East and the West, religion and science, past and present. And that is why he is great. Our countrymen have gained unprecedented self-respect, self-reliance and self-assertion from his teachings. Subhash Chandra Bose

AIM - To recognize CONTRIBUTOR QUALITIES in action, and understand why contributors are valued so much in the work place.


PROF. JASMINE JAMESShe talked about one person who shared the same church with her family. Uncle was a billionaire and was a owner of several amusement park . Everyone respected him.But there was a problem despite of that respect. The problem was that everyone talked behind his back .Because everyone thought that despite of his wealth he was not a contributor as he never donated a piece of his wealth for some noble cause.

Contd..But one incident, change the prospects of everyone

They came to know that he had donated his Kidney to a poor person.He was having the quality of a real contributor. He could have even given money to a poor person but the courage of giving his own body part is just incomparable.It could have even affect his health, but still he was there to help the needyIt reflects the will power, strength of mind, dedication to help someone.


PROF. SURESH PANCHANI He is an assistant professor in chemical engineering department and a responsible member of GCET family. He takes care that students get benefited from his teaching and he always help them to grow and explore new ideas. He also help them to lead a successful life. This is how he plays his role as a contributor in teaching.

He has also helped the institution in management work and also performs the role assigned to him during admission procedure of new students. He is always there for help in several technical and non-technical festivals.He motivate students to learn and explore new challenges in life.Talking about the staff working under him everyone works with great passion and are always there to help students . There are lab assistants, clerk who help in lab work and make learning process easy and healthy.Contd..

PRO. HETAL JOSHIShe was very bright student in her childhood and wanted to be a teacher.After completing her 12th she wanted to earn the degree of bachelors and masters in mathematics.Fighting against several problems like family restrictions, social issues etc. she didnt give up and completed her education. She did accept the job of a teacher even with less income and decided to work hard in her profession. Because she believed that teaching is the best way for contributing to the young minds.

Now she is working as a Principal in a school.She has started quality education, better cultural and sports facilities.She started free education for needy students.She also donates money to NGOs working for the women in society and even spends with them.She always tries to create enthusiasm about studies in young ignited minds.Contd..

Mr. VIJAY PATELTechnician in Mechanical Workshop In GCET.He shared experience over technical & non-technical activities done by their staff.He told us about achievement of their staff. He shared how his staff is beneficial for the students of the GCET and other colleges too.

KEY CONTRIBUTOR QUALTIES Giving money is not always the solution, but giving our own body part to a needy is a great help.Understanding the real meaning of a teacher and providing quality education rather than completing syllabus.Providing external knowledge rather than just bookish knowledge.Always giving a positive response to the students as a teacher.Building a selfless attitude towards society.Encouraging students and giving them a right direction for their better future.