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  1. 1. Contributor Personality Development GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE BHAVNAGAR
  2. 2. AIM OF THIS PRESENTATION To Recognize Contributor Qualities in action and understand why contributors are valued so much at work place?
  3. 3. I Am : My name is Kajal Agheda Pursuing degree in Production Engineering in Government Engineering College Bhavnagar I am feeling lucky to my self to have a faculty in CPD like Chetansir and himanshusir.
  4. 4. What is Contributor Personality ? Now, first of all why we need to know about the contributor personality..?? We will learn about it in this presentation that what is contributor personality qualities and its influence in life...
  5. 5. Their Quality of personality is based on Performing work activities well Achieving the goal Being ethical Demonstrating human concern
  6. 6. How to recognize contributor qualities ? Observe.. What he/she says How he/she relates to others How he/she relates to his/her work
  7. 7. Now, let see an intro to some living legends or the well known contributor personalities with their inspirative thoughts and contributive works.
  8. 8. Hetal Mehta INTRODUCTION Hetal Mehta, A Principal of Swami Sahjanand college of commerce and management. Hetal Mehta completed MA, Ph.D., MBA, P.G.D.D.E., C.N.G.O.N. She has been working as a principle in college since last 10 years.
  9. 9. It has been great experience to spent some time with Hetal Mehta. I asked her some questions. Lets discuss one by one.
  10. 10. 1. Experience : She has a 15 years of Experience. 2. About Her Work : She is a successful woman because, She takes her work as a goal and as a challenge. 3. Qualities : Boldness knowledge of subject She is committed to the responsibility of her role
  11. 11. During her long successful she faced challenges as an opportunities. According to her, Job satisfaction is external and internal both. She believes in rewards and opportunity as purpose vision. In her career she faced her junior are not working according to her expectations then she make them work by love and by rule.
  12. 12. In her career she faced her senior are not working according to her expectations then she make them work by way of explaining things in many straight forward manner. Her contribution to organization to teach one student, It will teach whole generation so by enlarge whole generation is benefits by imparting knowledge Her short term vision is to make unique institute. Her long term vision is to make it a dream university.
  13. 13. Vision of success The responsible leader inspires the team member through thousands of visions. Not only has she visions of totality but she also helps her colleagues to develop and see them. Vision inspires. Vision creates a mission. Then the team has to take actions to fulfil the mission which realises the vision. Thus in the presence of a responsible leader the atmosphere is charged with daring, innovative and creative spirit. The leader and the team combine like a vision and mission to ensure contribute results through proper action
  14. 14. Vision of carrier I will learn whatever is needed to perform well in my role, and help my team to achieve its goals. I believe that one must be willing to step out ones comfort zone and try out newer rules. This will expand not only my skill set, but also my capacity to learn and my self-esteem and confidence.
  15. 15. According to her, she feels a successful women when she is selected as a principal of college. She gives me a beautiful advise for my better future, Go confidently in the direction of the your dream, live the life you have imagine
  16. 16. Qualities of a contributor personality in action making them valuable in work place Thank you NAME : AGHEDA KAJAL ER. NO. : 140210125001


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