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  1. 1. NAME - SUMIT SINGH BRANCH- CIVIL SEMESTER - 2ND ENROLL. NO.-140210106064 GUIDED BY- Dr CHETAN TRIVEDI Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  4. 4. Who is Contributor? Contributors are likely to be far more successful in their work lives, than their peers with similar skills or qualifications. A contributor is one who does his/her work effectively beyond his/her duty. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  5. 5. 1.He is proactive in finding solutions. 2.Engages deeply with his work. 3.thinks " win - win" for all concerned in every situation. 4.Has active concern for others. 5.Demonstrates trust behaviour. 6.Focuses on creating genuine value. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  6. 6. Introduction- Mr. Nagendra Dhanu is a contributor according to me which i will prove later. Mr. Nagendra Dhanu's profession is teaching. His experience in his field about 3 years.He is diploma holder in civil engineering. He take his work as a goal. He enjoy with his work. According to him a contributor should have the team spirit, take challenges in his life, do his work effectively. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  7. 7. He has a dynamic vision because he always focus on his future achievements rather than his past achievements. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  8. 8. According to him internal satisfaction matters more than external satisfaction. He feels internal satisfaction when the students understand the things which he teach. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  9. 9. vision of career- He believe in opportunity so he has a purpose vision . In his career he take every challenge as an opportunity. As a teacher , rather than teaching he also take part in management, co-curricular activities of the school. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  10. 10. Scope of contribution- He always concerned about bringing out the best in each student . He cares about the future of every student and built confidence for the subject in every student. He handle his juniors and seniors very politely and always help them when they need help. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  11. 11. His short term vision is to clear the concepts of the students and his long term vision is to encourage people towards online educational system. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  12. 12. He has a trust behaviour every one in the society trust on him because he always do what he say. In his successful career whenever he feels the 'fear of failure' he always overcome that failure by hard working. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  13. 13. Message - He advice to every student that be practical in your field , go deep into your field and boost your concept. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  14. 14. Conclusion- Out of six qualities for being a contributor he has all the six qualities so that he is a contributor. Sumit Singh Mob:8905487901
  15. 15. THANK YOU