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Government engineering college bhavnagar

Government engineering college Bhavnagar


Contributor Personality DevelopmentGuided by

(1)Himanshu sir(2)Chetan sir

CONTRIBUTORA contributor is someone who takes part in something or makes a contribution. Writers and people who donate money is particular are called as contributor.

About Me:Name: Vala Dhavalkumar pEn no: 140210125122Branch:Production B

Name: Hiren chauhan

Occupation: Web designer

Degree: M.E(In IT)

Experience:2 years of experience in this field.This is successful person.

Vision of SuccessHe take his work as a vision. Vision to make people aware about 0nline information and 0pportunities that internet can provide to people own growth and growth of their business

According to this person the qualities to become a successful employ.

Realize the need and having an self driven force and willingness to learn new things and making it to the goal use of society and individual.

Challenges:He always have to think it as an opportunity Its gives you like long lessons and experience that she need to be successful.

Purpose VisionThis person always believe in opportunity and purpose vision.

Job SatisfactionAccording to this person ,the job satisfaction is internal job satisfaction.

Juniors Not Working According To ExpectationHe must encourage his junior instead of being busy and take the chance to help then improve.

Contribution to organization and its relation with the society According to this person her contribution to organization is about taking the technology to the people and help them know its pros and how they can use it to the growth of their business. Internet is a sea of opportunities we just have vision to be able to see it and thats where he help.

Advise for Future Engineers:His advise for future engineers is to open and enthusiastic to learn new thinks dont stick to a domain that we know.try to expand and see the opportunities and grab them as they arise.

ConclusionDue to above properties , he is a contributor.