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Government engineering collage bhavnagar

Government Engineering CollegeBhavnagar

Dept : Electronics & Communication(B) Sem : 2nd

Guided by : HIMANSHU SHRIVASTAVAContributor Personality Development

Name:- subahsh r malaniBranch:- Second (E.C.)Enrollment No:- 140210111072Date Of Birth:- 29/05/1997College:- Government Engineering Collage


Name:- HITESHBHAI magan BHAI RATHODDate of birth:- 23/12/1972Age:- 43 year oldMo no:-9824445774Now as a mechanical engineering

My contributor

Who Is Contributor ?

Hitesh Bhai Knows As M. D. Rathod. He Belong To A Village ,Name Botad. He Has Completed His Study In His Own Village School Botad High School And Got Admission In Sir Bhavji Polytechnic Collage As A Mechanical Engineer In 1984.He Complete His Degree In 1988 And Join As Mechanical Engineer in private company. about hd rathod

In starting he join in industrial jwell privet limited then become supervisor engineer. he give his 20 year as Mechanical engineer at privet company at bhavnagar .Now he is retired engineer, and doing some interesting & important work.

about hd rathod

Interview time

After his retirement he started to built his society house without any cost. He constructed 20 houses free of charge. now a days he has been working as volunteer as well as in form filling process for uneducated people. Why I choose this person as contributor

When I ask him about his next plane he told me about his passion . now a days he has been working in bhavnagar as a retired and experienced engineer and he would like to suggest newcomer student to provide knowledge about his past experienced journey as mechanical engineer.However he has served mechanical and civil engineers student guidance.When first time I mate him and I wondered that about this persons knowledge.

Message for youth:-

He believe in do other happy is real happiness. Even he create mini bank in his village and help A necessary people without rate.And his most important thought is that... Whenever he found any wrong habit in any people he try to leave it from their and note down their name & number in his personal dairy to verify any time Conclusion:-