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Government Engineering College Bhavnagar

Government Engineering College Bhavnagar Name :- Vala Vivek B.Enrolment no.:- 150210119123Sem :- 2nd (second)Year :- 2016Subject :- contributor personality devlopment Branch :- mechanical BFaculty :- aahuti D. dhandukia

Topic :- contributor quality Name of this three contributor

Sandip maheswary

2) Ratan tata

3) Swami ramdev baba

Story :- 1

Good effort

Working professions 1)Motivational speaker 2)Good spiritual guru 3)Owner of image bazaar

Person value

Quality of this contributor Before starting lets have a light moment Short overview of what he is going to explain Getting ready dont follow my words, understand my thoughts Open minded guy Purpose He knows thing should be done step-by-stepStand on your own feet

Story:- 2

Good effort

Working professions

Person value in market

Quality of this contributor

Story:- 3 Name:- ramkrishna yadav Nickname:- baba ramdev Date of birth:- 25 dec. 1965Age :- 50 year Nationality :- Indian Religion :- Hindu Hobbies :- teaching yoga Marital status :- unmarried

Good effort

Working professions Yoga guru Spiritual leader Owner of patanjali product

Person value in market

Entrepreneurs of this contributor Stronghold and expertise on the subject Has a profit making venture thats constantly growing Hires the best Understands the market Believes in leveraging a successful person brand and connecting with the audience Low cost marketer Has made a truly 100% Indian product, for the countrySense of social good

(1) how to achieve the goal because hard work is the key of success 2) proud of my country 3) dont take shortcuts in our life I learn following things to above 3 stories