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  • 1.Presented by:Tejas K. Mistry (125630693026)Seminar presentation onContributor AndNon Contributor

2. EMBARKING ONTHE JOURNEY TOCONTRIBUTORSHIP 3. Four fundamental building block being acontributor Shift from a victim to being a creator of onesdestiny Acceptance of the ideal of contributorship.. The willingness to take full responsibility forones own development.. The capacity to reflect on ones development andmake appropriate modifications.. 4. we should not giveup and we shouldnot allow theproblems todefeat us. 5. Every time we step out of our comfort zone".we take one step forward on the journey ofcontributors hip. 6. Think in Enlightenedself-interest 7. In every situation contributor find a wayto create a good for self and good for all atthe same time. Non-contributor is only concerned withhis/her own self interest but notconcerned about the impact on the otherperson. 8. ..And that is reasonwhy this victory isgreat , becausedifferent playershave madecontributions tothe win.-Sacin Tendulkar 9. The person should understand the workand feeling of other people not just focusonly on his own work and capabilities.. 10. Non-Contributor Material success Achievement External impactContributor Personal fulfillment Development of self-esteem Ongoing development ofpersonal capabilitiesHow do I get there?The answer to this question is essentially my vision of career. 11. Walt Disneys Success Vision:Contribute to peoples lives through entertainment and hours of joy Ive only thought about money in one way, and that isto do something with it I have never been interested in personal gain or profit.This business and this studio have been myentire life. My business is making people, especiallychildren, happy. We believed in our idea a family park where parentsand children could have fun together Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue togrow as long as there is imagination left inthe world. 12. Vision of Success based on a Plan 13. Swami Vivekananda speaks to youExpand your vision of successSwami Vivekananda wanted each one us tohave a large vision of success so that we creatematerial, intellectual and spiritual success not onlyfor ourselves, but also for our fellowmen and ourwhole country. 14. THANKYOU