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  • 1. Always Choose The Right! By Marleen Juarez and Brenda Banuelos
  • 2. CTR: Choose The Right
    • The characteristics of choosing the right are:
    • 1. Work Hard
    • 2. Work Smart
    • 3. Work Together
  • 3. Work Hard
    • You should work hard in school, at work, and at home.
    • Working hard shows people what a hard working person you are.
    • Work hard and you will be successful!
  • 4. Work Smart
    • When you work smart, you will make the right decisions.
    • Work smart in school and you will get excellent grades.
    • Work smart at work and you will get a promotion.
  • 5. Work Together Working together shows you have a good character. When you work with others the job comes out better. When working together, not only do you have to think about yourself, but about others as well.
  • 6. Help Others!
    • Be a good sport and help others!!!!!
  • 7. Never Give Up
    • Always keep going!
    • Dont let anyone bring you down.
    • In a world where every one is the same, always stand out from the crowd.
    • Follow your dreams :)
  • 8. Examples Of:
    • SUCCESS!
    • FAILURE!
  • 9. Choose The Right!!!
    • CTR: Choose the right and you will always be successful.
    • Choose the right and you will reach your goal.
    • Choose the right and you will have a happy life :D