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choose the right can lead you to success


  • 1. Choosing the Right By Diana Chavez , Jailin De La Puente , & Michelle De Leon

2. Good Sportsman Ship Choosing the right throughout showing good sportsmanship can get you a better future as a successful player and a teammate. Good sportsmanship can make you a better person .People can look up to you as a good example with your great sportsmanship. 3. Choosing the wrong (CTW) Part of choosing the wrong leads you to the low way for example : Not being successful in your future Being rude Taking bad choices Disrespectful to othersPart of Choosing the right leads you to the high way for example : Being successful in your future Taking responsibilities Being honest Showing 4. Choosing the right leads to success Involving yourself in helping others to be successful and guiding them to a better future . Clubs such boys and girls club , humanitarian's and others are all part of taking the right choices such as Helping out in your community Fighting for rights Volunteering to help other with others in need Tutoring with education in order to succeed . Choosing good leadership AND MOST of all Promoting to always CHOOSE THE RIGHT !! ( CTR ) 5. The Importance of choosing the Right The importance of choosing the right is to be honest with yourself and others . Helping others makes you a better person in not being selfish & choosing to be grateful to giving to others in need . Choosing the right is the best path to follow witch leads to good accomplishments and not feeling guilty of cheating yourself to success by choosing the wrong . 6. 5 tips to choosing the best career path for you Stick to your interests Identify your skills and qualities Take your time Be patient These are the ways of choosing the right path to your career 7. Role Models who choose to the right Many look up to those who already chose the right and influenced other to do the same. Like for example: Michael Phelps quotes you cant put a limit. The more you dream the farther you get. Never give up hope, achieve your dream and you will get farther in your future. choose the right and follow your dreams. Choosing the wrong will be a failure to continue to achieve your dreams. 8. The results of choosing the wrong. Not getting a good career in your future. Not being successful to accomplish your goals Choosing the wrong can lead you to bad choices in life Not having the career you wished to have Choosing the wrong can lead you to situations you would want to be in such as No Diploma no success jail time loose your loved ones and yourself 9. Pros and Cons of ctr Pros Helping people with needs Being successful in life/ education Make you a greater person Could be a role model Influence others to chose the right Cons Failure in success Dishonest No education Not helping others in need Not a good role model 10. Why you have to choose the right. The first reason to choose the right is if you want to success and be some one good in your future is to study and have a good education and always choose the right. Never give up on your hopes and always follow your dreams. If you follow all that you will set your goal in life and you will be a good person in your future. If you choose the right people will look up to you. You got to be respectful. And never be dishonest. 11. people who have chosen the wrong CTW !!! People who have ended in jail Who have no career Desideing to not study Not being a good role model Not being succesful Consumeing drug / choices that arnt healthy Harming others 12. CTR Song !!!! PE