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1. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICIENT AND THE MOST MERCIFUL 2. FOCUS a. Choosing the right school for your child. b. Reasons to choose THE LYCEUM LGCS c. Pakistan got talent (World Record Holders 3 Min clip) 3. Which school do I choose for my children? Parents frustration and confusion Not sure what their options are What criteria will help us to find the best School for our child? A DIFFICULT CHOICE. 4. More frustration Some parents feel they were too late Unable to find the right school in many schools around At times not satisfied ..Childs slow progress A possible solution .. .Go on a test drive 5. Things to consider when choosing a school the facilities the school has to support your childs learning ,character and confidence building -such as playgrounds, library, home language support, debates, quizz programs, clubs ,societies and sports etc qualified and experienced teachers. professional development opportunities for teachers. the opportunities for parent and family involvement with the school, and how communication between home and the school is managed the schools size and. student -staff ratio (International standards) Islamic values inculcation the location of the school, cost or difficulty of travelling to and from the school, and public transport option. the schools previous academic results and performance in other areas, such as the arts, sport or community engagement. 6. QUALITY EDUCATION Teaching & Learning Facilities at School Student Teacher 20:1 School Academic Record Qualified Teachers Experienced & Trained Confident & Motivated Students 7. IMPORTANT FACTORS QUALITY EDUCATION STUDENT TO TEACHER RATIO ( International standard 20:1) QUALIFIED TEACHERS (a)Trained (b) Professional development opportunities) 8. PART B 10 REASONS TO CHOOSE THE LYCEUM LGCS 9. Top Priority INCLUSION OF REGULAR ISLAMIC TUTORIALS & RECITATION OF QURAN WITH TAJWEED IN THE TIMEABLE 10. 1 11. MEMORIZATION OF DUAS 2 12. 99 NAMES OF ALLAH 3 13. 1.WELL DESIGNED ,BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS WITH STATE OF ART FACILITIES 14. 2. Ideal Teacher Student Ratio 20:1 15. 3.Highly Qualified and Trained Teaching Staff 16. TEACHERS TRAINING STAGES 17. 16% MSC 18.60% MA 2.30% Mcs Bsc/Bcs 30.20% 30.20% B.A 2.30% M.Phil Msc MA MCS BCC/BSC BA M.Phil LYCEUM TEACHERS QUALIFICATIONS MSCs MAS MBA BCS/BSC BAS M.PHIL Total teachers 7 8 1 09 15 2 44 18. 4.INTERNATIONAL AWARDS AND CERTIFICATES 19. 5.English Listening and Speaking development course at all level 20. 6. ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING 21. 6.STUDENTS LEARNING 22. 6. Activity Oriented Learning 23. 7.Self confidence & Character building 24. 8.SCIENCE & I.T EXIBITIONS 25. 9. SPORTS 26. 10. Talent shows/Dramatic club etc 27. THANK YOU ALL 28. PROUD PAKISTANIS