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    Be healthy, be happy

  • ContentsGet set for success q Where do I start? 2

    Get to know yourselfq Know your body shape and the most suitable exercises for you 6

    q Tracking your measurements 11

    Get goingq The right fitness routine 16

    q Cardio training 17

    - Cycling 18

    - Swimming 19

    - Running 20

    q Strength training (resistance) 23

    q Group exercise classes 24

    q Yoga/Pilates 27

    q Hotel room workout 28

    q Rate of perceived exertion 39

    Get your diet right q Its hip to be healthy! 42

    q Understanding the nutrition facts label 46

    q The healthy kitchen 50

    q Dont go shopping when hungry! 52

    q Weekly menu plan 53

    q Making healthy choices 54

    q So what can I eat? 56

    q Foods choices 58

    q Sample menu 60

    q Get your questions answered 61

    q References and useful websites 62

  • Get set for success

    Get set for success

  • The yo-yo effectWhen you begin to shape up, be aware of the yo-yo effect. You might exercise and eat healthily for a while only to lose motivation, become physically inactive and adopt old, unhealthy eating habits once again. Set yourself realistic goals and youre more likely to gain long term success.

    While the impact on your physical appearance should not be ignored, remember that maintaining optimal physical and mental fitness is the primary reason for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Research proves that regular exercise helps to delay the onset or decrease the chance of developing manylife-threatening conditions, including heart disease and strokes, and can relieve depression and anxiety.

    Stick with the programmeWhether you learn a sport, spend an hour in the gym three times a week or take a 30-minute walk daily, you need to maintain a regular programme of physical activity. Do something you enjoy and pair it with healthy eating habits and youre more likely to continue. You should not begin your exercise programme with unrealistic expectations of achieving the perfect body. While you might be inspired by other peoples looks, your primary goal of exercising and healthy eating is your own wellbeing and the confidence it gives you.

    No two are the sameWe all have different body shapes, sizes and types. Your success in achieving optimum fitness relies on a careful assessment of what you can do with your body, so try to avoid comparing yourself with others. You will have a better idea of your own potential and the changes you need to make in your lifestyle to achieve a fitness level thats right for you.

    Sleep wellWhen you work in different time zones and at different times of day, it can affect your sleep pattern. Its important to ensure you get enough sleep each night and, according to separate studies from the University of Chicago and the University of Columbia, a lack of sleep may mean youre more susceptible to weight gain and obesity.

    2 3

    Smart goals A healthy lifestyle is all about planning. The best goals are SMART:

    Specific - set a well-defined goalMeasurable - establish criteria so you can measure your progressAchievable - set goals within your reachRealistic - this means doable, not easyTime-based - create a deadline, without one its easy to lose motivation

    Where do I start?This book has been compiled to assist you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle and will help you:q Formulate clear and attainable goalsq Educate you in reaching and maintaining your healthq Increase your knowledge to sustain a healthy flying lifestyleWhen youre constantly on the move, it can be a challenge to find time to manage your personal fitness and wellbeing. However, its important to be aware that time devoted to a personal fitness plan will definitely help you maintain peak performance in a physically demanding work environment.

    Realistic goals for successMaking healthier lifestyle choices is only the first step. More than a gym membership, it is preparation and commitment to a realistic set of goals that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Without them, motivation will soon fade.

  • Get to know yourself

    Get to know



    How to improve your sleeping patternsq Make your bedroom a sanctuary dedicated to sleep in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. Avoid sleeping on the sofa wherever possible.q Dont allow any external influences in the bedroom, for example, no TV, radio, laptop, iPad, iPhone etc. Switch off the TV or PC one hour before you want to sleep.q Avoid any bright lights in your bedroom. Exchange your light bulbs for the lowest wattage you can find and use lamp shades wherever possible.q Have your last meal two hours before you intend to sleep, but dont try to sleep if youre hungry.q Keep the bedroom temperature cool and comfortable.q If you still cannot sleep 45 minutes after lights out, get up and read a book for 30 minutes then try again.

    To help your body readjust to Dubai timings:q Set your alarm based on 1.5 hour sleep cycles (1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 or 7.5 hours sleep).q Leave your curtains open (if privacy allows) to let the natural light in, which will help wake you naturally.q Get up as soon as your alarm goes off, have a cool shower and eat some quality proteins and vegetables for breakfast (this can be pre-prepared, such as an omelette).q In the morning, get outside into direct sunlight as soon as possible as this will help your alertness.q Be active in the afternoon (not necessarily the gym) but try to avoid direct sunlight at this time.q Have a light dinner no later than two hours before you want to sleep.

    Ready, steady, go!q Set yourself realistic goals - weekly, monthly and yearlyq Stay focused - put your mind into your muscleq Challenge yourself - vary your routine every few weeksq Keep exercise fun - try new activitiesq Train all your muscle groups - arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs and abs

  • The TubeYou have a tube body shape if:q Your chest or bust, waist and hips are a similar widthq You have an undefined waistq Your figure is straight up and down

    Your special features

    Upper bodyThis body tends to lack curves. The upper body is relativelysquare with a small chest and back.

    ArmsThe arms are long and thin, but have no definitionor apparent strength (strong arms with good muscle tonehave a curious way of making the whole body look fitter,taller and more curvaceous).

    Hips and thighsThe hip area is rarely wider than the waist or shoulders, with lean thighs that often lack shape.

    WaistA particular characteristic of the tube figure is that there tends to be little or no definition around the waist the torso is essentially straight up and down.

    Lower bodyLong, lean and often with little excess body fat, the tube shape usually has a slender lower half right down to the feet.

    Workout goalsDevelop strong well-defined shoulders: Enhance the upper body to create the illusion of curves wider shoulders leading to a small waist.

    Tone arms and build up body strength: Tube shapes tend to lack definition on their slender arms. Build up strength and muscle tone in the upper body with dumbbell workouts and high repetitions or body weight exercises focusing on the arms.

    Accentuate your waistline: Working your shoulder and chest area together with a strong and flat stomach you will accentuate the V shape.

    Create a bottom: Work the gluteus and hamstring muscles (bottom and back of the legs) to give your legs more shape.

    Know your body shape and the most suitable exercises for youAlthough genes determine your natural body shape, other factors such as diet, lifestyle and exercise play an important role in helping you make the best of your personal attributes.

    Determine which shape you have from the following descriptions and find out how to use exercise to balance your body and get the most from it.

    6 7

  • The Hourglass (females only)You have an hourglass body shape if:q Your shoulders and hips are a similar widthq You have a well-defined waistq Your figure has classic female curves

    Your special features

    Shoulders and chestWhile your shoulders need little work, the rear part of theshoulders and the supporting muscles around the shoulderblades should be used to encourage a pulling back andlifting of the chest to improve posture.

    Upper and lower backGood posture is vital to achieve balance and open the waistline. The lower back plays a crucial role in lifting the pelvis and creating a shapely bottom. You can create definition to prevent the bottom from slumping over the backs of the legs.

    ArmsHourglass arms usually require some toning and definition and you can do this without increasing bulk.

    WaistThis is the main feature of an hourglass shape. Sculpt and tone your waistline to help it remain defined.

    Hips, bottom and legsThis is the main area where hourglass shapes may need to focus. As with the shoulders, the hips are reasonably wide and the bottom is proportionate. Thighs are shapely but may need some work to improve the underlying muscle.

    Workout goals (females only)Make the most of your curves: Create balance between all parts of your body by doing regular cardio exercise.

    Improve your posture: Work on your back muscles to create support, avoid back-related problems through slouching and make the most of your curves.

    Focus on the back of the legs to balance the thighs: Hamstring workwill help to redefine the curve between your buttocks and thighs. Combinehamstring and lower back exercise to lift the pelvis at the back, raise the bottom and define the curves at the backs of your thighs.

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