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2. Happy, Healthy Me By Addie Boram 3. BonesEat and drink lots of calcium.Stay outside in the sun for 10 minutes.Exercise each day. 4. Skin Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide! 5. Digestion Eat a variety of foods. The best types of foods are vegies and fruit. 6. Brain You need lots of water to keep your brainhealthy. 7. Happy, Healthy MeBy Anthony 8. BonesEat dairyHave calciumDrink Milk ,Eat cheese 9. Skin Sunscreen Hat sunglasses A big umbrella 10. BrainDrink waterEat dairy 11. Digestive system Eat a variety of foods 12. Brain Drink 1 litre of water every day. 13. Bones Go out in the sun. Drink dairy. 14. Skin Sunscreen and hats are important to protectyour skin. 15. Digestion Eat vegetables Dont over eat 16. Happy, Healthy Me By Avalon. 17. Brain Have breakfast before you leave. Drink lots of water. 18. Skin Wear sunscreen when you go outside. Wear a hat when you are going outside. 19. Bones Eat dairy food like, milk, cheese and butter. Drink healthy drinks. 20. Digestive system Eat healthy food. Just eat a little bit of junk food. 21. Happy , Healthy Me By Badr 22. SkinA. Wear a hatB. Wear sunscreenC. Dont look at the sun 23. Digestive1. Eat a variety of foods2. Dont over eat3. Eat lots of dairy 24. BrainA. Drink lots of waterB. Eat healthy foods 25. Bones1. Eat dairy like cream, milk and butter2. Play 15 in the sun3. Exercise every morning & noon 26. Happy Healthy Me By Cooper Aldridge 27. Hop out side Eat lots of healthy foods 28. BrainDrink 1 litre of water per dayEat healthy foods 29. skin Wear a hat every day Slop some sun screen 30. Digestive health Eat healthy food like bananas and other fruits 31. Bone Health Do exercise like soccer, high jump,distance throw, rugby and running. Drink (and eat)dairy. 32. Skin HealthWear a hat in the sun and be in the sun for 20 minutes.Wear sunscreen every day 33. Brain HealthDrink 1 litre of water every day. 34. Digestive Health Eat a variety of foods. Eat healthy food 35. Happy Healthy Me By Eli 36. SkinWear sun screen on hot days.Wear hats to protect your skin. 37. DigestionEat a variety of foods to look after your stomach. Dont swallow your food chew your food. 38. Brain Drink water to stay hydrated every day. Dont think too much because it hurts yourbrain. 39. BonesEat cheese, yogurt and drink milk.Have exercise to keep your bones healthy. 40. Happy , Healthy Me By Evthokia 41. Skin Wear a sunscreen. wear a hat. Wear sunglasses Dont wear a cap hat if you dont havesunscreen on the back of your neck and onyour ears. 42. Digestive Eat a variety of foods. Chew your food. Eat small amounts of junk food. Drink water. 43. Brain Drink lots of water. Eat healthy food like: fruit, vegetables dairyproducts. Dont watch to much TV Dont sit on the couch all day. 44. Bones Have 5 15 minutes of sunshine. Eat meat and dairy. Exercise a lot. Eat calcium. 45. Happy, Healthy Me By Georgia Kuhl 46. Bones Eat dairy foods such as milk, cheeseand lots of other stuff. Eat vitamins. 47. Skin Keep a hat on when your outside. Slip slop Slap Slide Seek. Keep sun glasses on when it is a sunnyday when your outside. 48. Digestive Health Eat healthy foods such as fruit, andvegetables. Chew your food well. 49. Brain Drink lots of water. Eat a variety of food. Eat healthy foods. 50. Happy Healthy MeBy Holly Roberts 51. Bone Eat dairy like milk, cheese. Have exercise. 52. Brain Drink water Eat healthy food like fruit 53. Skin Wear sunscreen Wear a hat 54. digestive Eat a variety of food Chew your food a lot 55. Happy healthy meByHunkar 56. skin Sun screen is good for your skin so you dontget sun burnt Healthy food can be good for skin 57. Digestive Lemonade can be good for your tummy whenyour sick 58. BRAIN Nuts is good for your BRAIN to get smart 59. bones Eat and drink dairy foods to help your bonesget stronger 60. Happy HealthyMe By jag 61. BonesCalcium keeps your bones healthy.You need 5 to 10 minutes of sun each day. 62. Brains Water stops you from getting a headache 63. Digestive Vegetables and fruit are good foods to eat. 64. SkinYou need lots of Vitamin D from the sun.If you get too much sun you will get sunburnt. 65. Skin healthSun screen and hats are important to protect your skin .Caps are not good for your ears and the neck. 66. Bone healthGo out in the sun.Have dairy.Exercise. 67. Digestive healthEat fruit and vegetables.Drink water no bad drinks. 68. Brain healthYou need water.You need healthy food. 69. By Lachlan 70. Skin Wear a hat. Wear sunscreen. 71. Digestive Dont Eat too much junk food. 72. Brain Drink water every day. 73. Boneso Do exercise like soccer , high jump , running, football and rugby.o Be in sun 5 to 20 minutes each day.o Eat dairy every day. 74. HAPPY, HEALTHY ME By Luke Mackay 75. BONESEat lots of dairy.Drink lots of dairy. 76. SKINWear sunscreen when you are outside.Do slip, slop ,slap, seek and slide. 77. BRAINDrink lots of water.Wear a hat. 78. DIGESTIVE HEALTH Eat a apple a day. Eat little fat. 79. Happy, Healthy Me BY MATISSE 80. SKIN HEALTH 1.Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin. 2. Always wear a hat to protect your head,face and ears. 81. DIGESTIVE HEALTHLY 1.To help your system digest eat healthy foodlike Dairy products, vegetables and fruit. 82. Brain Health To keep your brain healthy you need waterevery day and night. To keep your brain healthy you need healthyfood. 83. Bone Health*Get out in the sun every day*Eat and drink dairy every day*Exercise every day 84. Happy,Healthy MeBy Prue 85. SKINWear sunscreen all the time.Wear a hat a lot. 86. DIGESTIVE HEALTHEat a varlety of foods.Eat healthy food at healthy snack. 87. BONESHave 5-15m out side.Eat dairy a lot. 88. BRAIN Drink water to keep your braingoing. Eat healthy food like Fruit. 89. HAPPY, HEALTHY ME.BY RUBY LOWE. 90. Skin healthHave a bath or shower. Slip on a t shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. get at least 15 minutes in the sun every day. 91. Digestive healthChew your food well so you dont choke on your food.Eat healthy foods because it is healthy eg. Eat foods like apple, carrot, broccoli and pear. 92. Brain healthEat healthy foods like fruit, vegies and things with grain.Drink water because it helps when you have a head ache. 93. Bone healthEat dairy.Eat vitamin D. Drink Milk 94. Happy healthy MeBy Sebastian 95. Brain Drink lots of water. Eat lots of foods. 96. Digestive system Eat a variety of foods. Eat fruits like Apples Pears Bananas Stawbrerys 97. Skin Wear sunscreen every single day. Wear hats all the time outside 98. Bones Eat dairy foods all the time. Eat meat every now and then. Exercise as well. 99. Happy healthy meBy Summer Stawarski 100. Brain health 101. Skin health 102. Bone health 103. Digestive healthEat fruit dairy and vegies.Chew your food well. 104. BY SUMMERTHANK YOU FOR WATCHING 105. Happy, Healthy MeBy Tiahna. 106. Bones Exercise every day Drink milk and water every day. 107. Skin Wear sunscreen all the time. Wear a hat or you will get sun burnt. 108. Brain drink 1 litre of water every day dont hurt your brain 109. Digestive system Eat a variety of food every day. Eat healthy food. 110. Get some sun on your skin every day. Put sunscreen on your skin 111. Eat healthy food Dont eat too much sugar 112. Drink lots of water. Drink 1 litre of water each day 113. Drink milk Exercise every day 114. Happy, Healthy MeBy Zoe 115. SkinWear sunscreen.Wear a hat.Wear clothes.Stay in the shade most of the time. 116. BrainDrink 1 litre of water a day.Eat healthy food 117. DigestionEat a variety of foods.Dont eat to much. 118. Eat dairy, vegetables and fruit.Eat small amounts of food.Exercise morning and noon.Eat calcium like milk and yoghurt.15 minutes in the sun.