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This presentation was made to show case the right use of powerpoint tool with some of the lessons i learned.


  • 1. Around the world, certain groups of people enjoy exceptionally long lives. Consider the lucky people of Okinawa. These Pacific Islanders have an average life expectancy of more than 87 years, compared to 78 in the United States and a worldwide average of just 67 as provided by WHO. Eat Healthy, Live Happy! Priya Madhivathanan

2. Average life expectancy of people in Okinawa 87 years Rest of the world 67years 3. About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year Thats 1 in every 4 deaths! 4. Diabetes Overweight Obesity Poor diet No Physical activity 5. simple ways to stay healthy3 6. Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables 7. Drink lots of water 8. Small meals 5 times a day 9. Exercise every day for 30 minutes 10. Say No to this 11. Or this 12. Or this 13. And eat your Brussels sprouts!