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  • 1. Healthy & Happy Meals Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., 83/1, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore 560 084. Ph.: 080 4351 8000
  • 2. Nutrition ABC for School Children
  • 3. Food Choices New challenges regarding food choices and habits. Decisions about what to eat are determined by what is provided in school, at home, the influences from friends at school, and the media, especially television.
  • 4. Media & Eating Are these good choices?
  • 5. Are these good?
  • 6. What to choose?
  • 7. Why eat healthy?For Energy & Strength
  • 8. Why eat healthy?Build immunity & fight diseases
  • 9. Why eat healthy?For taller, stronger and sharper YOU!
  • 10. Brain Food! Whole cereals, fish, fruits For learning & memory Leafy veggies Nuts For Cognitive function Kiwi fruit Walnuts Cod liver oil For Moods Fish Eggs Citrus fruits
  • 11. Who is healthy?
  • 12. What to Eat? Eat Breakfast. fruit milk Idlis / Rotis / cheese toast /cereal (oats or ragi or wheat flakes) /peanut butter sandwich Healthy Snacks fruit vegetables and dip Flavoured yoghurt sandwich biscuits and crackers milk and cereal
  • 13. What to eat? Wholesome lunch Vegetable-soy granules rice with raita Veggie stuffed rotis Kichidi with vegetable raita Sambar rice with vegetable or non-veg Noodles or pasta with veggies and chicken Early light dinner Rotis / Rice (limited) Vegetables (not deep fried) Curds Doodh, doodh, doodh.
  • 14. Sample Meal PlanMeal Day 1 Day 2Breakfast Cheese sandwich Egg sandwichMidmorning Oats-ragi biscuits (4) Fruits (apples/ pomegranates/ papaya / oranges)Lunch Vegetable-soy granules rice with Rotis with vegetable curry raitaTeatime Cereal with milk and fruits (oats Vegetable noodles or pasta with fruits and milk)Dinner Rotis with palak paneer or chicken Rice with chicken/fish curry curry CurdsBedtime Milk Milk