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  • hAPPy & HealthyTap into a health and fitness app to improve your habits.

  • We had a chat with some of the most popular health and fitness apps to hear what they had to offer!*

    *Note: apps cant really talk. But if they could, this is probably what theyd say!

  • Keeping your body healthy can help keep your study life healthy!

    These apps know their stuff.

  • Fitstar

    Free iOS

    So, Fitstar, you offer personal training to app users?

    Great! What else do you offer?

    You can train with the best with me! I have two personal trainers, Tony and Tara, who offer personal training sessions when you cant make it to the gym.

    The personal training workouts I offer dont need any equipment, or much space. The sessions dont take up too much time either. Yoga workouts are just as simple: theyre designed for all skill levels, are personalised and can be done anytime, anywhere. Theres really no excuses anymore!


  • Map My Fitness

    It sounds like youre all about maps and GPS. Can you tell us more?

    What are other benefits for users?

    Im a pretty simple app. You can plan, track, analyse and share your workout journey through me. I can help users track running or walking workouts by the time taken and distance travelled.

    Often, a user will run a great track and forget where they ran, or theyll want to know their runs duration, distance, speed, elevation, number of calories burned you get the point! Ive also got the added feature of having popular routes already mapped for users to try.

    Free iOS, Android,



  • FoodSwitch

    So, FoodSwitch, would it be safe to say you have something to do with switching foods?

    Thats awesome! So how exactly do you do that?

    Yes, I basically give you the tools to help make the right choice when it comes to balancing your nutrition! Its often hard to tell whats in packaged food these days, which is why you need someone to keep things simple; to tell you whats good and whats not. Thats what I can do.

    Just download me and choose what you want to watch out for! I have 3 settings: the first is FoodSwitch Classic, which is used to make generally healthier choices. There is also SaltSwitch mode to identify foods with high levels of salt, and there is GlutenSwitch mode, which recognises if there is any gluten in a products ingredients. Once youve chosen your mode, just scan the barcode of the product with your smartphone camera to pick up if the food youve selected contains any unwanted ingredients.

    Free iOS, Android


  • Keeping your body healthy will help your study life!

    Did you know* that regular physical activity can

    help you enhance your studies by**:

    increasing focus

    improving energy

    providing better mood regulation

    improving sleeping patterns.

    *Better Health Channel, 2016**Source: USQ HealthyU, 2016


  • Sleep Bug

    Youve got us snoozing in the best possible way!

    What kind of white noise can you offer users?

    Thats what Im here for. Im a white noise machine and Im one of the best-rated on the market. People often forget sleep is one of the most important parts of their health and Im here to help you get the best possible nights sleep!

    Ive got everything from beach, classical, forest/jungle to a music box, river, weather and zen gardens! Users can customise each scene with additional random ambient sounds like birds, waves and heaps more! *Yawn* I almost forgot, you can also add a timer to customise when you want to sleep.

    Free iOS, Android,



  • MyFitnessPal

    MyFitnessPal, how are you going?

    So youre a simple calorie counter?

    Its been a busy day but I feel great knowing I can track calories at the press of a button and help people not to over-eat during stressful times.

    I am a calorie counter, but I also offer users much more! They can log their calories by typing foods in or scanning the barcodes, and track their exercise during the day to monitor intake and output. And I have the worlds largest nutrition and calorie database! Theres a whole community using me, so you can share updates with friends and see their updates in your own newsfeed.

    Free iOS, Android,



  • Carrothunger

    Is it safe to assume youve been called controversial in the past?

    Sure. Im about tough love. If youre eating something you shouldnt, Ill be sure to let you know about it. Ill also let you know how long youll have to run to burn off those calories youve just consumed.

    So lets talk about how Im helping people track the food and calories theyre putting away.

    Absolutely. But Im not all bad! Ive got heaps of other features too, like barcode scanners, calorie tracking, the ability to establish weight-loss goals and set time reminders for different meals. I can come across as a little pushy, but Im here to help you track and record your calories!

    Free iOS

    Err, yes. Tell us a bit about yourself?


  • Keeping your body healthy will help your study life!

    A healthy diet and regular exercise* can:

    reduce stress by burning off chemicals such as adrenaline.

    release endorphins that have a naturally relaxing and calming effect on the body.

    *Source: USQ HealthyU, 2016


  • Plant Nanny

    So, Plant Nanny, are you just that, a nanny that is a plant?

    How do you do that?

    In some ways, yes! I am here to remind you to keep yourself healthy and hydrated, but your water consumption directly affects my health. I rely on you to keep me fed!

    Well, every time you have a cup of water, I absorb it and continue to grow. To help you keep up your water intake, I will remind you of how much water you need to have per day, based on your current consumption and drinking history. I can also be customized to support any cup measurement, no matter its water holding capacities, so it is convenient for you!

    Free iOS, Android,



  • Noom

    Noom, how can you help students with their health?

    How do you help users make these changes?

    Im here to help users make a change. Ultimately, people know what they need to do, its actually doing it thats the hard part! Im a pocket coach that can help guide users through their healthy eating and exercising habits to make sure theyre living a lifestyle theyre happy with.

    I help users plan their day and give them a simple plan to follow. Each day has small steps to help you get closer to your goal. Users can also track food and exercise, as well as learn more about what theyre actually eating; for example, whats good and what should be avoided.

    Free iOS, Android


  • Eat Slower

    What are you all about, Eat Slower?

    And thats where you come in.

    Most people dont know that eating your meals quickly is not good for your health, and its a very difficult habit to break.

    Exactly! I provide an adjustable timer that helps users pace themselves when eating meals. This timer has different alarm tones to choose from so users can take me anywhere, and customise me to suit the setting! This helps users chew all meals more thoroughly and helps prevent overeating by giving your body more time to decide when its full.

    Free iOS


  • Keeping your body healthy will help your study life!

    Even just 30 minutes* of physical activity every

    day can help you breathe easier, burn calories and

    improve brain function and mindfulness. We bet your

    assignments (and grades) would appreciate that!

    *Better Health Channel, 2016


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    If youre looking for more tips and tricks to maintain healthy habits, check out the AZ of healthy eating!

    For more information about how improved health and fitness can benefit your studies, visit HealthyU, or make an appointment with Student Services.