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My practice model with intention, interdependence and compassion are derived from the nursing theory of Erickson and Buddhist concept of interdependence and compassion. In order to generate compassion, we have too build an intent with a sense of interdependence nature of our existence. Nurse can never be able to practice to the fullest if she cannot develop unbiased compassion. Compassion is a sense of feeling of wishing someone free from suffering. In our daily life, practicing compassion is always possible with an intent with sense of interdependence. 1

Introduction Nightingale believed that every woman, once in lifetime, she will experience nursing, meaning taking care of a sick person.The intention, compassion, and interdependency attitude is a key factor in nursing practice.Nursing is a caring professionCaring involves compassion, kindness, love and nurturance

(Alligood, 2014, Carper, 1978)

Nursing is an act of performing care through good intention, compassion and with a sense of interdependence (Alligood, 2014). The universal love and compassion development create a sense of interdependency between each human being, their environment and the well being. Our practice is caring should be guided with the idea that we all desire happiness and not wanting suffering, where the seed of interdependency blooms to generate good intention and compassion about others and thus uplift others in suffering through our action (Sturgeon, 2008). 2


Applicable to acute and chronic healthcare facilitiesRNs, NPs, Physicians and other ancilliary health workers, parents and care giversHealthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homesSchools, universities, collegesThis model can be utilized by nurses, physicians, health care workers, teachers and parents.Alligood, 2014

This model can be practiced by all involving some form of caring act of performance such as nurses, physicians, healthcare workers, psychologists, parents, teachers. This can be practiced at hospitals, nursing homes, transitional care, school, universities and home environment. 3

Compassion Assumptions and ValuesSpirituality: Believing in interdependence in existence between self and others in the whole universe, resonating the flow and fluidity.Human being need continuous, purposeful responses to themselves and their environments to remain alive and function in accordance with natural human attribution (Alligood, 2014, p. 247).Nurses mindful of inter-relationship and interdependence nature with self, others, environment and the whole universeCompassion cannot be biasedCompassion a cornerstone in practice of nursing to uplift well being of people in sufferingAlligood, 2014

Compassion is a pre-requirement to be a caring nurse. Patients look for quality of care from nurses through how much compassionate they were in taking care of them (Sturgeon, 2008). Spirituality is the pandimensional awareness of mutual human/environent field process as a manifestation of higher frequency associated with creative and diverse experience (Alligood, 2014, p. 27). 4

Assumptions and ValuesSense of interdependency between people, environment, health and nursing practice is key factor is delivery nursing care, uplifting clients health in the hospital, homes, clinics or other living spacesEvery action has equal and opposite reaction.Interdependent nature binds us together as a human familyIntent to help the others develop with compassion

Alligood, 2014

Strong belief in interconnections and inter-dependency always guides us to provide the best possible care to a person in sickness ( Alligood, 2014). The strong sense of inter-dependency provides a solid foundation to take actions with full awareness of the system we are interacting as every action has equal and opposite reactions The importance of developing compassion brings the nature of caring others out to the surface that patients can feel it (Sturgeon, 2008). 5

Concepts Nursing: Nursing consists of knowledge, thought, values, philosophy, commitment and action.Nursing is way of performing nursing practice through a unique pattern of combination knowledge, subjective approach and overall discovery of providing care through various qualities such as caring, compassion, unconditional love and good intention.Nurses work in interdependence with other health care professionals ( Alligood, 2014,p. Carper, 1978)

Nursing is caring, nurturance and compassionate profession, where the care delivered is through unconditional acceptance. Nursing is an interactive, interdependent profession with other healthcare and the patient. Nursing practice is governed by many traits of humane nature such as compassion, caring, kindness, unconditional love, nurturance and with good intent to help and alleviate pain (Alligood, 2014)6


Person: Each individual is unique, requiring unique individualized careEach person is holistic-Union of mind, body and spiritual nature Person in suffering is vulnerable and needs pure intent from nurse to help him get betterDiversity, cultural dimension and modernizationFamily and friends involvedHealth: Disease and illness are reparativeHealth can be maintained and improved with time Illness can be prevented, healed and adaptedPersonal health and public health Illness affect differentlyAlligood, 2014

Person concept of nursing meta-paradigm is considered as an individual with individualized care, nurtured by nurses with pure acceptance and with a good intent to positively impact the one in suffering. Person in illness a vulnerable being who needs to be respected, protected and advocated. The illness is preventable in the hospitals. Such as practice of removing foley catheter early on provides less risk for UTI for the hospitalized patients(Potter, Perry & Hall, 2013). Health is the the state of well being with equilibrium within the client and the external environment (Alligood, 2014). 7

Concepts Environment: External environment outside the clients body.Immediate outside environment, community, nation, universeNatural resources availabilityGeo-Sociopolitical changes awarenessWorld climate change and disease prevalenceEpidemics and pandemics

Alligood, 2014

Environment is anything outside the clients body, such as the immediate environment, neighborhood, community, the universe at large. Also affected by how the geo-sociopolitical changes, climate changes around the globe and epidemics and pandemics associated with the clients environment. The nurse would need to be mindful and be aware of the whole environment in order to support the client towards positive recovery and prevention of diseases (Alligood, 2014). 8

Practice Model

Nurse: CompassionIntention, interdependenceUnconditional love


Environment: Immediate Surrounding, neighborhood, community, universe. Geo-sociopolitical changes,

Client: Individual, holistic being, Unique unison of mind, body and spirits.

Zone of Harmony: healing occurs and equilibrium settles. Intention of nurse creates, positive environment, which helps in helping the client experience better recovery and positive emotional growth.

Health: Illness is preventableReparative process, Personal & Public health, epidemiology.

The four nursing metaparadigm meet at the center to create a zone of harmony, where the equilibrium prevails to stabilize the client and his environment. Nurses cannot work isolative without interacting compassionately with an intent to create a therapeutic relationship. Nurses have to be mindful of making an earnest effort to understand the client and his environment, such as geo-sociopolitical effects on clients without health insurance etc so that she can provide the best referral and resources to the client to prevent diseases (Alligood, 2014). 9

Theoretical StatementsNursing intervention is dependent upon the idea that all things are inter-dependent and nothing exists of its ownBuilding a caring, compassionate and pure intention build the foundation for a trusting relationshipMaslows hierarchy of needs cannot be underestimated while caring for clientUnconditional acceptance occurs with an altruistic mind and a pure compassion for all beingsUnderstand the clients world, his or her environment with the health Alligood, 2014

Nursing caring intention and compassionate care go hand in hand as they do not occur without each other. Clients basic needs must be fulfilled prior to moving onto the next higher level of needs to stabilize the client. Unconditional acceptance cannot occur without a pure compassion in the nurses heart, hence, compassionate heart, good intention all are dependent on each other to bring health and wellness in the client and his world (Alligood, 2014).10

Conclusion Interdependency and interrelationship is a key factor in nursing practiceIntention of nurses should be clear and therapeutic in natureNursing compassionate care through sense of interdependence with a good intention can bring harmony in patient with alleviating illness Zone of Harmony: The overlapping zone where, all nursing practice, health of client, and the environment all come in uniformity and equilibrium towards a positive recovery. Nursing cannot practice isolated compassion and intent without the client, health and environmentAlligood, 2014


References Alligood, M.(2014). Nursing theorists and Their work, 7th Ed. Missouri: Mosby ElsevierCarper, B.A. (1978). Fudamental pattern of knowing in nursing. In advances in nursing science. 1(1): p: 13-24. Aspen Publishers Inc. Potter, A., Perry, A., Stockert, A.,& Hall,