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  • 1. Comparing status quo and radical thinking on global challenges
    Bridget McKenzie, October 2011
    Please note: I see the two positions as if on a spectrum. Many people are ambivalent on this spectrum. My concerns are that too many caring people believe either:
    it is possible to uphold the status quo while also hoping that social justice will be served and ecological collapse will be averted
    it is not possible to serve social justice and avert ecological collapse without upholding the status quo

2. The status quo: Unsustainable economy
...exploited for sake of
...ignored for the sake of
...sacrificed for the sake of
...extracted for the sake of
3. The alternative: Circular economy
Stabilise planet for...
4. The status quo: Purpose of education is a job & to be top of the tree
5. Radical: The goal of education isthe means to thrive
6. The status quo: Prosperity through growth, with some allowable damage
7. Radical: Prosperity by both ecoinnovation & degrowth