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These are key slides from Tony Vincent's keynote presentation at AzTEA's Teaching & Technology Conference in Tucson, Arizona January 28, 2011. These slides are not meant to stand alone; they are for those in attendance.


  • 1. theStatus QuoParticipate in the chat room at or Twitter tag #aztea

2. They are obsessed with questioning the status quo and suggesting radical changes.They are fearless about experimentation froma young age and are curious and creative. 3. Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user bartiec 4. Filing 5. Filing Tagging C e n s usG raphi ng G e o graphyPl ac e Va l ue HAL 6. c acoo.comglo t m s 7. 8. Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user RogueSun Media 9. Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Marc Swarbrick 10. 3 11. 2 12. 1 13. ettyPr hM uc ^ 14. 15. 16. End 17. Leonardo da Vinci 18. 40 point96 point120 point150 point200 point 19. ? 20. Lecture vs. Podcast64% 71% 21. I spent 20 years studying great global leaders, andthat was the big common denominator. Its the samekind of inquisitiveness you see in small children. 22. theStatus Quo