Breaking the Status Quo Barrier

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Statistics show that the most dangerous competitor you face is the status quo its your prospects deciding to do nothing. If you want to grow your business, youll need to challenge your customers to do something different and turn more opportunities from "no decision" into decisions that favor you. The best way to do this is to establish the buying vision in the first place.


<p>Getting Your Customers to Do Something Different</p> <p> 2011 Corporate Visions, Inc. All rights reserved. Corporate Visions, Power Messaging, Power Positioning and Be Different. Where It Counts. Your Message. are registered trademarks or trademarks of Corporate Visions, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. </p> <p>Breaking the Status Quo Barrier </p> <p>Your ability to sell more depends on convincing your prospects to do something different </p> <p>You Y YES </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>? Ignored Invaluable 60% </p> <p>No decision </p> <p>Y </p> <p>Malcolm Gladwell Tipping Point </p> <p>Scientist for Tipping Point </p> <p>Morton M. Grodzins </p> <p>What made the difference? </p> <p> Challenge assumptions Do Something different/now Align w/your Strengths </p> <p>SELL A DISTINCT POINT OF VIEW </p> <p>Status Quo Threatened </p> <p>Identify New Needs </p> <p>Define Solution </p> <p>Identify Viable Vendors </p> <p>Review Approaches </p> <p>Make Decision </p> <p>65 </p> <p>Why Change? Why Us Our promise of what you get How we do it Why we are the best option </p> <p>SELL YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION </p> <p>35 % % Buying Vision Bake-Off </p> <p>-3 -1 +1 +2 +3 -2 </p> <p>Create a Buying Vision </p> <p>Y Status Quo Barrier </p> <p>DISTINCT POINT OF VIEW Y </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>3 2 1 1 1 </p> <p>900,00 blog entries </p> <p>posted every day </p> <p>300,000 hours of video </p> <p>posted every day </p> <p>Years </p> <p>Months </p> <p>Week </p> <p>Billion Tweets </p> <p>Week </p> <p> Dont play 20 questions </p> <p> You got 30 seconds to tell me something I dont already know </p> <p> You see more people who look like me than I do </p> <p> So act like it! </p> <p>Dont Call the Baby Ugly </p> <p>Get Attention with Insights </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>Which would you choose? </p> <p>A guaranteed gain of $75,000 An 80% chance of gaining $100,000 with a 20% chance of getting nothing </p> <p>Which would you choose? </p> <p>A certain loss of $75,000 An 80% chance of losing $100,000 with a 20% chance of not losing anything </p> <p>New Brain Designed for Analysis </p> <p>Old Brain Designed for Survival </p> <p>Are you messaging for a decision? </p> <p>Decision-Making Engine </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>Havent got time for the </p> <p>pain </p> <p>The pains Im living with </p> <p>Are bigger than the pain of change </p> <p>Risk/Loss Aversion </p> <p>Attention Scarcity </p> <p>Status Quo </p> <p>Barrier </p> <p>Change Burden </p> <p>Incumbent Advantage </p> <p>Find your Contrast </p> <p>Your Distinct Point of View Starts Here </p> <p>Customer Status Quo </p> <p>Identify executive outcomes at-risk </p> <p>Reveal threats, problems and missed opportunities for each outcome that need to </p> <p>be solved to reach desired outcome </p> <p>Re-define the needs and point to a solution that aligns those needs to your unique or </p> <p>advantaged strengths </p> <p>Describe the business impact, including customer stories with contrast before and </p> <p>after the solution </p> <p>Define your target status quos </p> <p>Threats </p> <p>Misses </p> <p>New</p> <p> Nee</p> <p>ds </p> <p>Outcome at risk </p> <p>Problems </p> <p>Solution </p> <p>New End State </p> <p>Threats </p> <p>Misses </p> <p>New</p> <p> Nee</p> <p>ds </p> <p>Outcome at risk </p> <p>Problems </p> <p>Solution </p> <p>New End State </p> <p>Threats </p> <p>Misses </p> <p>New</p> <p> Nee</p> <p>ds </p> <p>Outcome at risk </p> <p>Problems </p> <p>Solution </p> <p>New End State </p> <p>Target Customer </p> <p>Status Quo Profile </p> <p> What are they doing today? Why do they consider it safe? Where are the gaps that will make </p> <p>it unsafe? </p> <p>Target Customer </p> <p>Status Quo Profile </p> <p> Desired outcome description Compelling industry fact(s) Challenge framing questions </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #1 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #2 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #3 </p> <p>Target Customer </p> <p>Status Quo Profile </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #1 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #2 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #3 </p> <p>Challenge 1 </p> <p>Challenge 2 </p> <p>Challenge 3 </p> <p>Challenge 3 </p> <p>Challenge 2 </p> <p> Pain/impact/risk description </p> <p> Urgent industry validation </p> <p> Solution explore questions </p> <p> Your strengths that solve </p> <p> What customer does better </p> <p> What this means (value) </p> <p> Story with contrast proof </p> <p>Solution Story </p> <p>Solution Story </p> <p>Solution Story </p> <p>Solution Story </p> <p>Target Customer </p> <p>Status Quo Profile </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #1 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #2 </p> <p>Objective/ Outcome #3 </p> <p>Challenge 1 </p> <p>Challenge 2 </p> <p>Challenge 3 </p> <p>Challenge 3 </p> <p>Challenge 2 </p> <p>Customer Outcome/Objective #1 </p> <p>Customer Outcome/Objective #2 </p> <p>Customer Outcome/Objective #3 </p> <p>Three Challenge-Solution Stories for each Outcome/Objective </p> <p>Conversation Roadmap </p> <p>Who are you going to be? </p> <p>What the best are doing different </p> <p>Breaking the Status Quo BarrierSlide Number 2Malcolm Gladwell Tipping PointScientist for Tipping PointWhat made the difference?Slide Number 6Create a Buying VisionSlide Number 8Slide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Dont Call the Baby UglyGet Attention with InsightsSlide Number 14Which would you choose?Which would you choose?Are you messaging for a decision?Slide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20The pains Im living withSlide Number 22Find your ContrastYour Distinct Point of View Starts HereStatus Quo ProfileObjective / OutcomeChallengeSolution StoryConversation RoadmapWho are you going to be?What the best are doing different</p>