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  • 1.Work Experience atSiemens PLM SoftwareJune, 2007 September, 2008 Part-time: October, 2008 Present Stacey Bennett 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reservedPage 1 Siemens PLM Software

2. Summary / Goals I co-oped with Siemens PLM software from 2007-2008 and am a graduatefrom the University of Cincinnati working part-time with Siemens. I worked forthe Pricing Management Office and Strategic Marketing doing marketingresearch and business analysis. I have 3 years of experience in PricingStrategies with the Pricing Management Office, Discount Analysis, MarketAnalysis, and throughout my co-op experience (as well as part-time work) Ihave improved my research, analysis, computer, and communication skills.I hope to continue improving these skills, as well as: Apply the knowledge I have gained from my work experience thus far to start contributing immediately to the company full-time post graduation. Take on more responsibility, gain new knowledge and experiences, and to make more of a presence within the company. 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 2Siemens PLM Software 3. SkillsAbility to conduct in-depth analysis, generate reports, and develop presentations supporting pricing and discounting evaluation, market sizing / market analysis, and sales analysis. Supporting in Siemens PLM the PMO, Strategic Marketing, and Strategic Pricing activities Utilized Siemens PLM tools including: SAP Business Warehouse Product Line Reporting (PLRC) Install Base Cube (IB) Discount Management & Reporting (DMRS) Sales Order Analysis (SOA) Billings DecSup (Access based business analysis) Excel PowerPoint Access 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reservedPage 3 Siemens PLM Software 4. School Experience Related Classes: Direct Marketing Marketing Research Sales Management Decision Making in Marketing Advertising Business Finance Managing Cultural Differences Accounting Japanese Language and Asian EconomicsStudies Courses Business Administration Business Strategies Business Statistics Management Integration Global Business Environment Writing for Business Operations Management International Management Quantitative Analysis International Marketing Information Technology East Asian Economies Information Systems Business Law 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reservedPage 4Siemens PLM Software 5. Projects PMO Projects Over 56 projects ranging from a DMRS License Discount Reports few hours to 2-3 weeks covering all DMRS Maintenance Discount Report aspects of Siemens PLM Software Maintenance Discount % Analysis Average Seat Price Analysis - Research and businessConclusions Strategic Marketing Projects Sales Management Reports Teamcenter Express business analysis Sales Organization Trial Reports Sales profile of selected Tecnomatix products DMRS Quality Improvement Analysis Penetration in selected Japanese customers BW Query Template Development Oracle revenue reporting for potential Price Book / Price Book Management allocation changes Pricing Restructuring & Increase Analysis Business Warehouse cube and query Teamcenter Integration consistency / alignment Siemens installed base profile for Sales Strategic Pricing Projects planning and analysis Pricing Management System Evaluation Support Services attach rate analysis to support Teamcenter Applications Author & Access Services marketing effort Analysis Environmental Compliance customer analysis Zone Discount vs. US Price List Discount Competitive comparison data update Currency Conversion & Uplift Effects Solid Edge seat count analysis Impact of Pricing Change Proposals on ASP by Industry for Industry MarketingMaintenance Revenue New / Existing Customer Analysis Orders with $0 Analysis 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 5Siemens PLM Software 6. Projects Cont. Seagate - Migration - NX Statistics Analysis Strategic Marketing Projects NX10101 Seat Definition Request Top Ten Customer Analysis based off of Teamcenter Integration Analysis Recognized Revenue Teamcenter Requirements Analysis ISID & DIPRO License Revenue Analysis Americas Active Customers with out License VARs CAE License Revenue Analysis Sales Analysis Locating Canon Discount Over Time within Ideas Customer Information DMRS Industry Segment Information for Nordic End Average Seat Price by Product Brand (Direct Customers and Indirect) Analysis Japan Rental Orders Analysis CAM Express Product Summary Teamcenter Community stats for Teamcenter PMO Projects Product Marketing B&IC Data SW & ME&S Data Analysis Customer Samples for IDC Survey 3rd Party Royalty Report Average Deal Size for Sales Kapp Configuration Upgrade or Not? Product Revenue Analysis DMRS Training for 2010 New Co-op Ideas Seat Trend Analysis Price Change Analysis Imageware information for exchange to NX Maintenance & License Discount History New License Type Data AnalysisAnalysis Penetration Company List - Seat Penetration PMO Dashboard DMRS Data Generator Potential User Population Analysis Strategic Pricing Projects Upgrade Product Analysis 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 6 Siemens PLM Software 7. Pricing Management Office Project ExamplesLicense Discount Reports: Business Purpose: To report discount metrics on software license transactions by geography and product line to facilitate management communication, monitoring of pricing initiatives, and process improvements For: Pricing, Sales and Executive ManagementSales Management Reports Business Purpose: Provide reports in the Sales Management organization structure so that individual rep and manager discounting performance could be tracked For: Global Sales, Vice President of Special Projects, for distribution. Supported PMO Finance in Detailed Maintenance Customer Analysis Business Purpose: Understand customer maintenance profile for potential processimprovement For: Pricing Management Office Finance Upgrade Products Analysis Business Purpose: Determine if we could isolate the effects of Upgrades onDiscounts For: Vice President of Pricing Program 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 7Siemens PLM Software 8. License Discount Reports Created multiple element License Discount reports on a quarterly basis beginning in Q107. These reports are delivered to worldwide SalesManagement at Zone, Country and SalesTerritory / Industry levels. Developed queries with appropriate filtering to produce all necessary data elements Establish process to identify and assure thatAcademic customers were eliminated fromanalysis Any >$100k list price orders with large discountsseparated for review Communication with standardized emails toOrder Processing established to resolvequestions Established process to eliminate any InstallationCustomers deemed to have special conditionsfrom analysis. Also applied to Academiccustomers not resolved above. Maintain data for these customers for ongoing use in Business Warehouse Established QA / Check List process to assurereport accuracy and consistency 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reservedPage 8 Siemens PLM Software 9. Average Seat PriceBusiness Purpose Establish standard metric for Average Seat Price ofkey elements of the Siemens PLM product portfolioto track key product pricing trendsApproach: Analyze NX, Solid Edge, and Teamcenter seat products Quarterly trends of all seat products 2004-2007 Quarterly trends of top ten seat products 2004-2007 Quarterly trends of seat products generating80% of revenue 2004-2007 Consider Direct / Indirect differences Consider portion of revenue to include in SeatPrice calculations Consider variations in Teamcenter packaging Make adjustments to Tecnomatix results toconsider legacy product definition anomalies Develop sample resultsDecisions / Results: Based on analysis results & PMO discussion, selected desired approach and products to track Publish to Business Performance Dashboard on a quarterly basis for management access.Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved 2010. Page 9Siemens PLM Software 10. TrainingCreated materials to aid training of newemployees in Discount ManagementReporting Includes information on: Starting / using Business Explorer Analyzer Necessary filtering of variables and data Understanding what the DiscountManagement Reporting System does withdata Profit Center business hierarchy structure Example and exercise outlining importantaspects of reports 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 10 Siemens PLM Software 11. Strategic Pricing Project ExamplesTeamcenter Applications Author & Access Analysis Business Purpose: Reevaluate Teamcenter pricing and packaging for potential improvements For: Director of Strategic Pricing Zone Discount vs. US Price List Discount Business Purpose: Determine the effects of currency conversion and local countrypricing uplifts on discounting to guide improvement of local country pricing practices For: Vice President of Pricing Program Impact of Pricing Change Proposals on Maintenance Revenue Business Purpose: Model potential impact of price change proposals for assessmentof maintenance revenue impact as part of change proposal process. For: Vice President of Pricing Program New / Existing Customer Analysis Business Purpose: Model effect of potential price increases on new vs. existingcustomers and overall revenue. For: Vice President of Pricing Program 2010. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. All rights reserved Page 11Siemens PLM Software 12. Strategic Marketing Project Examples Teamcenter Express Software and Maintenance Analysis Business Purpose: To assi