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Stacey Buckalew. Instructional Technology Coach, K-8 Title IID Funds Math Camp. Stormi Johnson. Title 1 school 3 rd grade teacher Team Leader Inclusion class- 22 students. How hard could this be? . Once reality set in……. Setting up the iPads. Create an ITunes account - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Stormi Johnson

Stacey BuckalewInstructional Technology Coach, K-8Title IID FundsMath Camp

Stormi JohnsonTitle 1 school3rd grade teacherTeam LeaderInclusion class- 22 students

How hard could this be?

Once reality set in..Setting up the iPadsCreate an ITunes accountEach iPad must be added to account. This in itself is a small chore, especially when it is time to update. There are carts that can make this job easier.Find appsUpdate appsDecide on storageCheck signal strength (IMPORTANT!!!)

Management of iPadsAssign each student an iPad they will use everydayTeach students how to respect the equipment (cleaning it, holding and carrying it)Introduce app one at a time and allow time for practiceSet up generic student e-mailsSet up numbered backgrounds, individual for each student using Decide on procedures to get Ipads in and out everyday

Dont spend too much time hunting for content apps that fit what you always have done. Instead, think of new ways of teaching while utilizing the Ipads.

Paula HeineyTitle I School5th grade teacher- ReadingDepartmentalized Team125 studentsExpectations:

The Reality30 Ipads125 students6 reading classes1 math intervention class

This was my first indication that having Ipads in my classroom may not be all that I had imagined.Management Issues: IpadsDo I have wireless?2. How do I secure the Ipads?3. How do I get them out and put them back?4. How do I get apps?5. How do I keep them powered up?6. How do I make sure nothing BAD is done with them?

START SMALLTony Vincents

Student ManagementStudent number on iPad Schedule time to teach proceduresSchedule time to playRegular useSmall stepsExpect the unexpected

The Unexpected:After 5 classes

Solution: Microfiber cloth


What can I do with the devices that would be impossible without them?

Set Goals! Think about.-Increasing differentiation- efficient assessment- Increasing student access to teachers

Plan your classroom pedagogy and instruction around the goals.

Allow for student creation!

Instead of worksheets being replaces by games, have students create their own math videos, post to blogs, or create challenge based projects.Students can create and deliver presentations. (Keynote)

Animal Features Lesson

Science and Writing focusDifferentiatedAllowed the ability to work with ALL levels of students in the classroom.

Planning LessonsLet students get used to new technology before you move into higher level thinkingPlan for objectives not just using technologyTEST, TEST, TESTMake fast examples of students misusing iPads

PlanningDecide first on learning objectiveThink of the higher and the lower level learnersWhat new output is possible?Favorite Lesson: Rikki Tikki TaviRudyard Kipling

Kipling AssignmentSet up author sites in foldersUse PBworks and setup one time Us Notebook one page for each class/student

Advantages of Using Ipads in the ClassroomNotes, worksheets, tests, reports can be delivered electronically (Drop Box)**Have a paper notebook ready along with the Ipad, just in caseMotivating Excellent for differentiationDigital field tripsInstant assessment feedback (Hinge)Can be used as a remote device for your Interactive Whiteboard

Both add to this30Disadvantages for using IPadsNo flash playerTime consuming- usage and planningTime on taskTeacher Envy Technical issues

Great Math AppsGoogle Everything (Apps, Translate, Earth, Maps)Crayon PhysicsMath Board Partial ProductsEveryday Math GamesMath Drill LiteRocket Math

Math Board

Awesome Reading AppsStory Kit (create stories)StoryRobe (another digital storytelling app)

Productivity apps.eClicker (teacher buys host...students download app)Flexbooks (free textbooks for many subjects)Labelbox (This is an app that lets you put lablels on photos. I can see students or teachers taking photos on a geometry hunt, nature walk, etc... and then using this app to correctly label parts in the pic)DropboxEvernoteNoterize

Favorite Apps

Rocket Math

Rocket Math

Miss Spells Class

Reading RemedyReading Remedy

Reading Remedy

Reading RemedyiTalk Recorder

Wish ListEar buds with microphonesOtter Box casesiWorks- Keynote, Pages, NumbersSync cartMac

Great Support Web Sites! Favorite Info Sites

Recommended iPod Apps (Grade Levels & Subjects) Escondido Union School District - iRead : 2009-2010

50 really useful iPad tips and tricks

iPod Touch & iPad Resources Vincents Learning in Hand

iPads in Schools

WebsitesSpelling City.comStudy Island.comMr. Education

Now Its Your TurnTHINK TIME: Consider a brief activity in your content area that you think the iPad could enhance.Share with your elbow buddiesWrite your idea on a sticky note and place it on the parking lot on your way outWell include these ideas on the conference wikiBibliographyRussell Ipad Classroom. (17 August 2011). From Ecstatic Attack to Panic Attack: Gearing Up for an iPad Classroom. Retrieved 30 October 2011 from The Mac way. Retrieved 30 October 2011 from All other clip art from Google Images