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typographic, visual art, and graphic design works by stacey hsi



    hope you enjoy whats inside! :)

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    C O N T E N T S

    madly in love 4

    bartram's garden 6

    the collected stories of gladys schmitt 8

    domestic garden 9

    pretenders 10

    the finger bone 12

    carnegie mellon press spring 2015 catalog 14

    we mammals in hospitable times 17

    carnegie mellon press promotional postcards 18

    32nd annual adamson awards 20

    selvage 22

    patterns 24

    kings folly 27

    typographic work 29

    illustration samples 30

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    MADLY IN LOVEcover design

    Design work for madly in love by aliki

    barnstone, published june 2014. This

    book is part of the carnegie mellon

    classic contemporary series, which

    republishes poetry books from con-

    temporary writers. The book is given a

    fresh look and a new cover, which uti-

    lizes the image of the first edition cover

    as a design element. In this case, the

    original cover can be seen in cropped

    form in the center panel.

  • 5Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio



    in love




    in Lo




    For Aliki Barnstone, poetry seems a natural medium. The vision and cadences of these poems suggest a sensibility for which poetry is as inevitable and necessary as breathing or eating. It is no surprise to read, at the conclusion of one poem (and a poem largely about despair!): I can spit out hatred for the prescribers/as surely as Ive been cooking up/this poem for a long time and today/I sit at my feast and enjoy every bite. Pleasure, wonder, anger, and moral passion are here, and the imagination that can write a poem called Love Poem and make it fresh. This is a remarkable first book.

    Robert Pinsky

    All of a sudden I understand why I like Aliki Barnstones poems so much. They remind me of the one she has studied mostshall we call her her masterthat Emily Dickinson. Not in the forms, not, as such, in the music, and not in the references; but in that weird intimacy, that eerie closeness, that absolute confession of soul. Once you understand this, you begin to see the connection. It piles up after that. In Barnstone (too) the two worlds are intensely present, and the voice moves back and forth between them. She has the rare art of distance and closeness. It gives her her fine music, her wisdom, her form. She is a fine poet.

    Gerald Stern

    Aliki Barnstone is a poet, translator, critic, and editor. She is the author of seven books of poetry, includ-ing The Real Tin Flower (Crowell-Collier), which was published when she was twelve years old and prefaced by Anne Sexton, and most recently, Dear God, Dear Dr. Heartbreak: New and Selected Poems (Sheep Meadow, 2009) and Bright Body (White Pine, 2011). She translated The Collected Poems of C.P. Cavafy (Norton, 2006), and she co-edited A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now (Schocken, 1980, 1992) and edited The Shambala Anthology of Womens Spiritual Poetry. Among her awards are a Pennsylva-nia Council on the Arts Fellowship in Poetry, the Silver Pen Award from the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame, a Senior Fulbright Fellowship in Greece, and a residency at the Anderson Center at Tower View. She is Profes-sor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she serves as Series Editor of the Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation.

    Cover art: Aliki BarnstoneCover design: Stacey Hsi


  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    B A R T R A M ' S G A R D E Ncover design

    Design for the cover of Eleanor Stan-

    ford's book of poems, Bartram's Garden.

    The front cover features a botanical

    print provided by the Natural History

    Museum in London, layered over some

    vintage paper textures. These paper

    textures continue onto the back cover,

    giving the book the feel of a hand-writ-

    ten journal while still retaining a sense

    of sophistication and elegance.

  • 7Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio


    A simple yet elegant design to reflect

    the simple elegance of Schmitt's stories.

    The cover features a painting of Schmitt

    as a young woman.

    The inside flaps of the dust jacket

    for the cloth edition have elements that

    match that of the front cover. The

    book description that is on the back of

    the paperback edition is moved to the

    inside flap of the dust jacket.

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    D O M E S T I C G A R D E Ncover design

    Design work for John Hoppenthaler's

    book of poems entitled Domestic


  • cover and interior design

    Book design for jeff friedmans pretend-

    ers, published february 2014. In order

    to counteract the amount of noise in

    the original photo he requested, i took

    a picture of the photo on my screen,

    giving it a faded, vintage feel. After

    being printed on matte cover stock, the

    cover has an almost ghostly atmosphere.

    The book interior was also

    designed by me. This was my first expe-

    rience with book-length text layout.

    I went with a fairly simple design, to

    match the pure and straightforward

    quality of friedmans poems.

    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    P R E T E N D E R S

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    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • 12

    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    THE FINGER BONEcover design

    Design work for the carnegie mellon

    classic contemporary edition of kevin

    prufers the finger bone. The original

    cover design is located in the bottom

    left portion of the front cover design,

    with the new title and author name

    imposed over the ghosted title and

    author of the old cover.

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    C M U P R E S SSPRING CATALOGcatalog design and layout

    Design of carnegie mellon university

    presss spring 2015 catalog. I created

    a template that includes three types

    of catalog pages: those for featured

    books (1 book/page), featured backlist,

    (8 books/page), and other backlist (15


    The overall design of the spring

    2015 catalog offers a modern and

    eye-catching method of presenting the

    titles released by the press. The catalog

    utilizes similar design elements as those

    found in other promotional materials,

    such as postcards, website banners, etc.

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    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • 16

    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio


    Design work for Jynne Dilling Mar-

    tins debut collection of poetry, entitled

    we mammals in hospitable times. Ms.

    Martin provided an image of syn-

    chronized swimmers and requested a

    design that would parallel the verve

    and brilliance of her poetry.

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    C M U P R E S SP O S T C A R D Spromotional goods design

    Postcards designed to advertise books

    from the fall 2014 and spring 2015

    releases by carnegie mellon university

    press. Each postcard utilizes design

    elements from the cover design of

    the book featured, as well as offering

    information about release dates, blurbs,

    author info, etc.

    In addition to postcards for each

    book, there are postcards for each pub-

    lishing season, which feature the new

    releases for that season and use design

    elements common to the catalog and

    website banner.

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio


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    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    3 2 N D A N N U A L A D A M S O N A W A R D Sposter and pamphlet

    Promotional goods for the 32nd pauline

    b. Adamson awards for excellence in

    creative writing. I was hired by the

    carnegie mellon english department to

    design a poster advertising the event

    and a program for the awards cere-

    mony. I chose to use a photo of type-

    writer keys, which symbolizes creative

    writing while being abstract enough

    not to be too obvious.

  • cover design

    Design work for selvage, a book of

    poems by donna johnson, published

    in february 2013. The cover painting

    provided by the author was cut into

    strips so as to resemble the selvage

    strips on the edges of fabric. In the final

    cover design, the strips are arranged

    in a haphazard pattern, as if falling

    or being scattered, to parallel themes

    from the book.

    This project was my first experi-

    ence in book cover design.

    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    S E L V A G E

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    Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Stacey Hsi Graphic Design Portfolio

    Seamlessly tiling patterns. Some were

    drawn by hand and traced in illustrator,

    some were first conceived in autocad

    and exported to illustr