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2. by the numbers(505) 603-2930 - - 3. snapshotName: Stacey Brazee CostBorn: Milford, Connecticut 1960Residence: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USASummary: Accomplished Marketing Professional. Experience in Fortune 100 business environments as well assmall and mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations. Proven track record in leadership, financialmanagement, organization creation and personnel development across 6 industries. Noted forinnovative branding, marketing/advertising excellence and efficiency, investment return and motivatingpeople to deliver superior results.Areasof Expertise: Managing people Optimizing internal and external resources and skill sets Cultivating a fun collegial atmosphere Developing talent and building strong teams Selecting and managing agency partners Creating reward and recognition programs and eventsGetting Results Using research to identify opportunities and measure results Streamlining processes to create time and cost efficiencies Developing and implementing strategic plans with quantifiable milestones Delivering topline growth and bottom line profitability Propelling organizations to national prominenceImagining the new Out-thinking vs. out-spending the competition Adapting technology to accomplish objectives (production, fulfillment, CRM, web, e-store) Sharpening the brand story to create a distinctive message in a cluttered category Launching new channels and new products Utilizing curiosity, tenacity and creativity to build effective business solutionsReaching out Establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with peers, mentors, vendors, clients and directreports Enhancing community relations Giving backFavoriteThings: Innovation, challenge, brainstorming, laughing so hard I cry, warmweather, a great book, carbs, being comfortable in silence withsomeone else, new ideas, learning new software, authenticity,kayaking, loyalty, the smell of citrus, making jewelry, integrity, honestconversations, a nice smile, good manners, quick thinking, teamplayers, swimming and dogs.Education: I hold an MBA from the University of Georgia with a concentration in Finance, which I felt was necessaryto augment my BBA degree in Marketing from the same institution. I realized thatexecutives, in general, believe marketing professionals do not understand numbers. So,by focusing on Finance in graduate school, I thought I could overcome that roadblock with potentialemployers. That was a good call.(505) 603-2930 - - 4. the detailsStacey Brazee Cost2011 present DIRECTOR OF MARKETINGPRESBYTERIAN HEALTHCARE SERVICES Albuquerque, New MexicoPresbyterian is a not-for-profit integrated healthcare system with 8 hospitals, a medicalgroup with more than 700 providers in 40 specialties and a health plan servingcommercial, Medicare and Medicaid members. Presbyterians 10,000+ employees carefor 1 in 3 New Mexicans with at least one service. Established in 1908 and headquarteredin Albuquerque, NM.Responsible for brand identity, advertising, research, sales support and materials for alllines of business. Oversee the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns togrow revenue, retain customers and improve efficiencies. Accountable for identifyingmarket opportunities and developing plans to address them while maintaining the missionof the organization to improve the health of its patients, members and communities. Led enterprise stakeholders and digital agency through new website launch onSharepoint 2010 platform. Improved navigation, highlighted self-service options,launched transactional capabilities for the health plan and mobile optimized keycontent areas. New site visits increased by 22%, page views increased by 35%, andsupported mobile device access by 38% of visitors. Developed consumer EHR awareness campaign to achieve over 100,000 patientaccount activations while successfully differentiating the organization. Lead the research effort and marketing campaign to support the launch of VideoVisits as a health plan benefit for most of the 420,000 members. Delivered a self-serve platform to accommodate collateral and digital assetmanagement needs across the enterprise improving the efficiencies of a 4 personmarketing operations staff and leading to $250K in annual cost center savings. Conducted research to measure consumer preference for delivery system and healthplan. Achieved record setting preference for the health plan, more than 2 timesgreater than the next highest competitor. Oversaw events to open new facilities and enter new markets including the openingof the first full service hospital on the West side of Albuquerque which was attendedby over 7,000 members of the community.2009 2010 VICE PRESIDENT - MARKETINGHIGH COUNTRY GARDENS / SANTA FE GREENHOUSES Santa Fe, New MexicoA multi-million dollar online, mail order and brick and mortar purveyor of hardy, unusualand waterwise plants with a nationwide customer base. Established in 1984 andheadquartered in Santa Fe, NM.Responsible for brand strategy, positioning, articulation, creative execution, channelalignment, events, sponsorships, marketing communications, retail signage and POSmaterials. Also responsible for the elevation of website into an efficient, optimized androbust e-commerce platform. Created multi-channel brand strategy, visual identity and creative guidelines. Grew pay-per-click revenue 2x year-over year with strict ROI requirements. Increased website traffic 12% year-over-year and accelerated transaction volume tocompensate for lower average order value, thus stabilizing revenues.2004 2009 SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, MANAGING DIRECTOR - MARKETINGTHORNBURG MORTGAGE Santa Fe, New MexicoNYSE traded, national residential mortgage lender focused on the prime, jumbo segmentof the adjustable rate mortgage market. $5.2B in volume, # 737 on Fortune 1000 (2007).Executive ownership of all marketing functions within the organization to achieveorigination volume objectives across multiple channels. Managed every aspect ofdemand creation, including brand strategy, strategic planning, advertising, research,customer relationship management and digital. Grew direct origination volume from $2.0B in 2004 to $5.2B in 2007. Identified new channel opportunity and successfully supported launch of wholesalelending which supported 18 account managers and over 600 broker partners. Firstyear originations from this channel exceeded $1.1B.(505) 603-2930 - - 5. the details(505) 603-2930 - - 6. the details(505) 603-2930 - - 7. BrandEye Candy 8. examplesprintcollateral & direct mail(505) 603-2930 - - 9. examples(505) 603-2930 - - www.staceycost.comout of home 10. examplesother(505) 603-2930 - - 11. examplesoutdoorwebsitesprintadvertisingemailretail signagecustomer loyalty(505) 603-2930 - - 12. examplesinternal messagingpublic relationstrade media sales supportevents & tradeshowsclientcommunication(505) 603-2930 - - 13. examplesout of homeretailcollateral, events & other materialsprintbrandingpublic relations(505) 603-2930 - - 14. examplespromotionsout of homecollateral & packagingprintretail(505) 603-2930 - - 15. Shout Outs 16. Background: I gather ideas and inspiration from my broad network of former managers, consultants, vendors, successful former colleagues, and my current work group.In the interest of continuing improvement, I surveyed this group and incorporated a concept I'm fond of, the Net Promoter Score.The Approach: 47 individuals were invited to participate, and I received a 74.5% response rate.The Question: "How likely is it that you would recommend Stacey Cost to a friend or colleague?"The Response: Stacey Cost's Net Promoter Score = 94.3%referencesDetailed References Provided By:Wendy ClarkSenior Vice PresidentGlobal Sparkling Brand CenterCoca-ColaValerie VargasVice PresidentConsumer Advertising & Marketing CommunicationsAT&TMelissa MerkSenior Vice PresidentFirst MortgageBank of AmericaJoseph H. BadalChief Executive Officer (retired)Thornburg Mortgage Home LoansMike FoxBrand StrategistThe Mullingar Group(505) 603-2930 - - 17. referenceName: Wendy ClarkCurrent Position: Senior Vice PresidentGlobal Sparkling Brand CenterCompany: Coca-ColaIndustry: The worlds largest beverage company, operating in over 200 countries with over 2,800 beverage products.Contact Info: (404) 676-7020, wendyclark@na.ko.comCandidate relationship period 1997 presentRelationship with candidate: Business and personalBusiness relationship: Direct report from 1997 2000Personal relationship: Have maintained contact due to personal connection made during working relationship and mutual respect for each others unique viewpoints and competencies.Comments: Stacey demonstrates the "genius of the and" by being both operational and inspirational in her work approach. Stacey masters the details, sets a plan, works the plan and delivers results. At the same time, she leads with vision, inspires teams (both direct and indirect) and plays to win the war (not the battle). The highest compliment I can pay Stacey is that during my time working for her I learned constantly -- about marketing, about business, about human interactions, about leadership and about integrity.(505) 603-2930 - - 18. referenceName: Valerie VargasCurrent Position: Vice PresidentConsumer Advertising & Marketing CommunicationsCompany: AT&TIndustry: AT&T is the largest com