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  • Linda Bennett

    CV + Portfolio(Short Version)


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    , p: 0431 387 839

  • Hello, My name is Linda Bennett, I recently graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia - B. Arts Ar-chitecture + M. Architecture.

    I graduated from UTS with a 90%+ average and achieved the highest aggregated marks across all areas of study, in-cluding history, theory, practice, construction and design. I was awarded the Outstanding Student of the Year Prize in 2011 and I was also nominated by UTS for the 2011 Student Architects Medallion which is the most significant award a student can obtain in NSW.

    While studying at UTS I focused primarily on establishing my own agenda which at all times met and exceeded the sub-ject outline. I am concerned with addressing the unique is-sues that exist in the context of each subject and/or project. As such my design and elective projects focused on a wide spectrum of considerations. This allowed me to continually research and develop a broad knowledge about architec-ture, the city, and its user.

    I believe it is important to mentor, listen, teach and actively participate in the communication which surrounds architec-ture. While at UTS I founded which gave me an online forum for ideas. The identity of archi-ninja has al-lowed me to write for Architecture Australia, Architectural Re-view and to participate at conferences including the National Architecture Conference, 2010.

    In 2010 I was nominated by UTS to attend a study tour of Los Angeles, allowing me to participate in symposiums with CAL Poly and CAL Tech university students, attending lec-tures, guided tours and interviewing Frank Gehry.

    In 2006 I was employed by Architectus, Sydney. While at Architectus (in collaboration with Ingenhoven Architects,

    Germany) I worked on 1 Bligh Street, Sydney ( I worked on the project during all stages of devel-opment, from Competition to Practical Completion. I also managed my own multi-million dollar commercial projects, 54 Miller Street, Windeyer Chambers and St Martins Tower.

    I have extensive experience in the commercial industry and a good understanding of the Sydney commercial market. At Architectus I was exposed to all processes relating to de-sign, administration and management. I am capable of man-aging large internal and external teams.

    I am a profi cient Revit user and was in part responsible for establishing the Revit modelling standards across the inter-nal and external team for projects including 1 Bligh Street, 54 Miller Street and Windeyer Chambers.

    I am capable of working in high pressure environments and I enjoy working individually and in a team . I build strong professional relationships and get along very well with my peers.

    I am a creative and positive individual and enjoy being in-volved on the elements of design which are unconventional.

    I am driven by the desire to be successful, to learn and to become a better individual. I am inspired by creative and motivated people who make a difference to the perception and practice of architecture. I also have many mentors and inspirations which expand beyond the industry.

    The following documents my professional, academic and personal projects and experience.

    You can contact me via +61 431 387 839 or

    About Me


  • 98 - 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

    Awarded Dux of School

    Achieved highestHSC Result at TRHS: 88.15 UAI




    ARK (



    JECT R






    N INPUT (












    Graduated with Distinction Average (80+)

    Published in the UAC (Univer-sity's Admission Centre) study guide. A pub-lication directed at High School students applying for university

    = Achievement

    = Significant Event

    = Grade - Refer to Academic Summary (pg 05)



    Nominated forthe Architects Medallion (2011)

    Awarded by UTSfor the Outstand-ing student of the year prize (2011)

    Awarded by the NSW Chapter ofthe AIA for: UTS Masters Graduate of the Year Prize, Construction and Practice Prize and History and Theory Prize (2011)

    Graduation - 90%

    + Average

    Selected by UTS to travel to Los Angeles on a study tour to meet and interview Frank Gehry, alongsideother students

    Design work feat-ured in the 'Shape of things to come' Exhibiton, commiss-ioned by the city of Sydney. Located at Customs House

    Design Work featured in Ulterior Motives Exhibition, comm-issioned by the city of Sydney. Located at Customs House

    Winner of the Jack Greenland EnergyEfficient Design Prize (2008)

    Design Work published in the UTS Handbook

    Employed at Architectus

    1 Bligh Street, Sydney



    Thomas Red-dall HS Ambarvale, NSW -High School Certificate.

    University of Technology Sydney, NSW - Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

    University of Technology Sydney, NSW - Master of Architecture.
















    A SS









    Hillsong Church, Rosebury

    Windeyer Chambers, Sydney54 Miller Street, North Sydney

    St Martins Tower, Sydney100 Mount Street, North Sydney

    C - CompetitionF - Feasibility StudyCO - Concept DesignDD - Design Development

    DA - Design ApplicationA - Advice

    SS - Shadow StudiesP3A - Part 3A Council SubmissionT - Tender Submission

    CD - Contract DocumentationCA - Contract Administration

    PC - Practical Completition61 Johnston Parade, S Coogee21 Corwell Road, Allambi

    (13) (04)(05) (07)

    (06)(09) (10)

    (11) (12)





    Professional and Academic Overview



    Hillsong Church, Rosebury: December 2006 - July 2008 Team Member - Architectus

    Project Summary: Located in Rosebury, Sydney. The Hill-song Church is a $70m new auditorium and offi ce building for Arris Group Pty Ltd. The scope of work consists of 3 ma-jor elements; a 2700 Seat Auditorium, a 10,000m2 commer-cial offi ce and a public park. The Hillsong Church is designed and documented in Autodesk Revit 2009.

    I was primarily responsible for the development of marketing drawings, acoustic and circulation design, area plans and 3D presentation/visualisation material.

    Responsibilities: Contribution to Concept Design, Design Development, Marketing Drawings, Revit Modelling and Pre-sentation Work, Occupation Schedules, and Development Application.

    1 Bligh Street, Sydney: December 2006 - July 2011 Team Member - Architectus

    Project Summary: Located at 1 Bligh St, Sydney. 1 Bligh St is a $270m new commercial building resulting from the Dexus/City of Sydney design competition, 2007. The scope of work takes into consideration the View, the Public Space, and the Work Environment. The 42,000m2 offi ce building is set to create a new benchmark in Australia for sustainable high rise (5 Star Green Star) and is attuned to emerging cultural, social and environmental concerns. 1 Bligh St is designed & documented in Autodesk Revit 2009.

    I participated in various levels of responsibility across all ar-eas of the design process. I was primarily engaged in ceiling design, area schedules, ground fl oor design, lighting design, plant levels and the design of the atrium roof and roof top ter-race. I was also involved in establishing and controlling the Revit modelling standards across the project team.

    Responsibilities: Contribution to Competition, Internal Ad-ministration and Project Control, Coordination of Consultant Teams, Coordination of Internal Teams, Coordination of Cli-ent Presentation Meetings, Revit Modelling and Presenta-tion Work, Concept Design, Design Development, Devel-opment Application, Product Selection and Specifi cation, Marketing Drawings, Client Liaison, Tender Documentation, Construction Documentation, Control of BIM processes and exchange of information, Contract Administration, Defecting.

    Windeyer Chambers, Sydney: July 2010 - July 2011 Team Leader - Architectus

    Project Summary: Located on 225 Macquarie St, Sydney. Windeyer Chambers is a $3m facade refurbishment, addi-tional fl oorspace and building upgrade for Strata Republic. The scope of work includes: remove existing sunshades to front facade, replace with new vertical louvres, overcladding, repainting, repointing, new lighting. The existing plant level is converted to new offi ce space with balcony overlooking the Opera House. Possible scope for Artwork. The project takes into consideration the Heritage importance and existing built language of Macquarie St, Sydney. Windeyer Chambers is designed and documented in Autodesk Revit 2011.

    I was responsible for all aspects of the design process. I developed and presented 5 detailed options to the client. In-cluding cost, buildibility and lifecycle costing. I managed a team of 2.

    Responsibilities: Establish Fee Structure, Internal Admin-istration and Project Control, Coordination of Consultant Teams, Coordination of Internal Teams, Coordination of Cli-ent Presentation Meetings, Revit Modelling and Presenta-tion Work, Concept Design Proposal, Product Selection and Specifi cation, Handover of Development Application Docu-mentation.

    54 Miller Street, North Sydney: October 2010 - July 2011 Team Leader - Architectus

    Project Summary: Located in North Sydney. 54 Mill