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This portfolio displays all my best photographs which I have taken throughout my four years at The University of South Carolina. Photography is my passion and hopefully it comes through in my work. Enjoy!


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  • 2SportsIn this section you will see my heart spilled out onto paper in photograph form. Sports photogra-phy is something which Ive come to love and can see myself doing for as long as I am able. The rush of being on the sidelines and getting that perfect shot is something I strive for with every time I shoot. Sports photography is my passion and I hope that that becomes evident as you look through this portion of my portfolio.

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    This photo was taken during the pregame ceremo-nies of the 2008 football game versus Arkansas. The flyover was done to recognize war veterans from South Carolina and abroad.

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    PeopleThis section of my portfolio contains different photos that Ive taken of people throughout my career here in college. I have grown to enjoy taking pictures of people, as the interaction between my mod-els and myself is something which I enjoy doing. Although I do enjoy the posed shots, the candid ones also seem to spark my creative abilities. Enjoy!

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    This photo was taken for my photo class where we had to use flash. Taking this picture at sunset allowed me to use the sky as a contrasting element as well as a mood setter. I positioned my camera, using a tripod, at a low angle in order to get the sky the way that I wanted as well as to angle my model. The soft light from the flash contrasting with the shadow on the opposite side of his face work together in creating mood for this photograph.

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    This photo was used to il-lustrate the use of window light. The soft light on the part of her face that is facing the window has a nice balance to the light on the other side of her face. The portrait was designed to have a serious mood in regards to the soldier portrayed in this photo.

    This photo of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl was taken during the post-game press conference following the SEC tournament game versus South Carolina in 2007.

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    OtherThis section of my portfolio contains photos that did not really fit into the previous categories but which I still feel exemplify my talents I pos-ses as a photographer.

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    Using a flash kit and a homemade light tent, this photograph was taken as an ad for a piece of jewelry. I used a black pillow as a mount for the piece of jewelry and placed that inside of my light tent, which was made by cutting holes into the sides of a cardboard box and then cutting up a garbage bag and placing that one the sides to cover up the holes. I then used two light umbreallas on either side to balance out the light and to make the colors in the jewelry pop out. The catchlights in the jewelry really aid in making this a successful photo.

    A photograph of the interior of a local Muslim church in downtown Co-lumbia, this photo was used in the school paper as a Picture of the Day in 2007. This photo aided in me earning the honor of Photographer of the Week.

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    Taken with a 35mm film camera and developed myself using an enlarger, I entered this photo in the annual Photographers Fourm Magazine Photo of the Yesar Contest in 2006. This photo placed in the top 100 out of 10,000 other entries from applicants of other high schools across the country.

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    About Me

  • Samuel (Sam) Aaron Bennett500 Alexander Road West Columbia, SC 29169 770-715-8695

    Objective Seeking a summer position as a photographer for a major publication.

    Education University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia, SC Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications, December 2010

    Minor: Sport and Entertainment Management GPA 3.4 Alpha Lambda Delta, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Deans List, $500 PTSA Scholarship

    Accomplishments Finalist (top 1%, 100/10,000) in the 26th Annual College Photography Contest sponsored by Photographers Forum

    Magazine, 2005 Acquired Black Belt status by the American Taekwondo Association, 2004 Roswell East Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year, 2004 Foods Club Founder and President, 2002-2006. Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Physics, 2006.

    Related Experience Staff photographer, Daily Gamecock, USC newspaper, Student Media, Columbia, SC. 2007-present

    Photographed a variety of sporting events to be published in the school paper. Took pictures during the SEC mens basketball tournament in 2008. Shot pictures of politicians such as Mike Huckabee and John McCain during their campaigns.

    Apprentice Photographer, Egozi Photography, Marietta, GA, 2004-2006 Photographed excellent portrait style and party style photos for various events. Sold photos to the clients of the photographer I was working for.

    Parents Weekend Photographer, USC Media Relations, Columbia, SC 2009 Took excellent photos during a tailgate and a dinner party. Many of the photographs are to be published in various media guides and marketing tools for future Parents

    Weekend activities.

    Additional ExperienceDixie Youth Baseball League, Umpire, Columbia, SC 3/09-present

    Referee games for youth league athletes of various ages.Newtown Park and Recreation and Columbia YMCA, Flag Football Referee, Alpharetta, GA 2004-2006 and Columbia, SC 1/09-2/10

    Refereed both youth and adult flag football league games. Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, Camp Counselor, Dunwoody, GA 05/02- 8/09

    Worked with approximately eight children, ages 5-13 for two week camp sessions.Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, Scorekeeper, Dunwoody, GA 2002-2009

    Kept score of basketball games for both youth and adult leagues.

    Activities Member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, 2008-present. Member of Hillel, 2007-present. Member of Bnai Brith Youth Organization, 2002-2006. Photographing Youth Sports for the YMCA.

  • I hope that you enjoyed looking through my portfolio as much as I enjoyed making it for you. One of the things I strive for in my work is doing the best I possibly can in order to achieve my goal and not quitting or setteling for mediocrity. Hopefully this portfolio best exemplifies these attributes and that you find that my talents will be a valuable asset to your company.

    A Note From the Author