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In this edition of The Rooster, we cover the August Lake Havasu trip, have more stories from Coral Pink, and catch up on other summer adventures like Jim buying a Scissor Lift and PJ cutting his car in half.


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    We just got back from Lake Havasu, and once again the club had a great time. Looking back at the website, we saw we started making this trip in 2005 and for the seventh year we had a ball. Thanks go out to Don and Shirley for open-ing their home to host this event.

    Besides making trips to the river, members are getting ready for the upcoming dune season. Share your summer project stories by sending in articles or pictures.

    October trips are already on the calendar, so the sand season

    is just around the corner. Before we know it well be in Glamis!

    The 2011-2012 Glamis passes will become available Sep-tember 1st, 2011. You can order them online from the American Sand Association or a number of other vendors. Many of us get them in person at the Sand Show in Septem-ber. Remember that the passes are cheaper if you buy them ahead of time rather than waiting to get one at the dunes.

    The seventh annual summer trek to Lake Havasu went great, and we had a great turnout. The locals (Don and Shirley and Bob and Lori) were joined over the weekend by Jim and Nancy Kas-tle, Walt Fisher, Gary and Young Stump, Jim and Bambi, the Hagen family, Dave and Cindy Huggard, Chuck and Justin Grossmann, Doug and Kris Schellinger, Scott Cole and Sandi Bain and friends, and Paul, Melissa, and Allison Kastle. Some members arrived as early as Thursday, and spent some great time playing around Havasu with the Fords. The Hagens, Huggards, and Grossmans were on the lake on Fri-day when the Hagens boat had a fuel pump issue. Chuck and Justin towed them to Cattail Cove, while Jim, Walt and Don went and got his trailer with Jims Dually. They towed the boat to the Fords, and pro-ceeded to replace the fuel pump before heading out on the water on Sat-

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    The Rooster

    September 16-18th: Sand Sports Super Show

    at the Orange County Fair-

    grounds in Costa Mesa.

    October 21-24th: Spooktacular Run at the

    Salton Sea. The Fords plan to

    extend the weekend by a few

    days then head to Glamis.

    October 28 (or earlier)-30th: Halloween at Glamis,

    Wash 6. The first Glamis week-

    end of the year!

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    urday morning. On Saturday everybody went out to a beach North of Cattail cove and set up a day camp. From there they played in the water and went out for boat rides. P.J. Melissa and Allison arrived that af-ternoon, and spent some time in The Fords pool waiting for everyone else to get back off the lake. When they arrived, we all got cleaned up and ready for dinner at Golden Corral. Cindy entertained Allison and everyone else by writ-ing with her feet. Dinner was great, and we got to catch up with lots of people we hadnt seen in months, and it makes us excited that the dune

    season is coming up soon. It was nice to see so many people to-gether, and afterward many of us headed up to Don and Shirleys to sit around and re-lax. Rudy entertained the crowd by licking Allison and sharing her water bottle, which was pretty neat since hes never had to deal with kids that little before. Allison had a ball, and didnt mind being the center of attention of the smaller group. On Sunday, we got up and swam some more in The Fords pool and some people went back out on the lake. We planned to meet for the traditional Sunday night din-

    ner at a local Mexican Restau-rant, where The Fords, Hagens, Walt, and all of the Kastles met for one last meal together to wind down the trip. Some peo-ple hung around until Monday, while others headed for home. All in all, it was a great week-end with a great group of friends.

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    We played on the water, relaxed on the beach, and cruised the lake.

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    The Rooster

    As mentioned in last months newsletter Coral Pink 2011 was a great trip. Due to the Fourth of July being on a Monday, Nancy and I shortened our usual time in Mesquite so as to have the Fourth at the river. We arrived in Mesquite around

    noon Tuesday. We just missed Steve and Sharon Porter who had spent the Fourth with Don and Shirley at the Casa Blanca. Walt soon arrived, followed by Kris and Doug, and Melissa, P.J., and Allison. We had a great dinner at the Eureka Tuesday night and the usual Pizza Wednesday night, Coral Pink eve. Since the Casa Blanca doesnt offer the breakfast buffet weekdays, we all went to the Virgin River for breakfast Thursday before leaving for Coral Pink. The drive to the dunes was uneventful, with no tire problems or other mechanical problems. As we drove by the Group site, we noticed they had done some major concrete work since last year. We received a warm greeting at the ranger station, as they remembered us from years past. When we got to the group site we were pleased to find a new barbeque, and two electrical panels both with a 50 amp outlet, a 30 amp outlet and a dual 20 amp outlet. One of

    the rangers came by to see how we liked the improvements, and told us it was now OK to hook up the RVs. It was not officially allowed in years past. He said he wasnt sure how much electricity we could use, but encouraged us to try as much as we wanted. It turns out they didnt upgrade the main breaker, so we were limited to 100 amps total, as we soon found out, but since we had the official OK we didnt feel too bad about asking them to reset the breaker. We became more conservative in our electrical usage, and didnt trip the breaker again all week. I guess that is partly due to the great weather this year. Last year was one of the hottest, and this year one of the coolest. We had rain the fist four or five days, and the temperature never got over about 90. We generally made two rides a day, and with three side by sides in camp, Ranger/RZR rides were an everyday occurrence. Shirley, Walt, and Doug were very generous with their side by sides and P.J. and I both got to drive them. Theres no doubt in my mind, Im gonna have a RZR sometime in the future. The side by siders really know the area and took us on some great rides. Thanks! With only four buggies in camp, when P.J.s engine finally wore out, leaving only three functioning buggies it was really nice of Walt to change his riding plan from the RZR to the buggy so Don and I wouldnt have to go out with just the two of us. Thanks again! That pretty much shows the camaraderie that exists in Inland Empire Off Road, but especially at Coral Pink.

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    The line of rigs on the way to Coral Pink.

    Jim driving Shirleys RZR, which he enjoyed.

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    The Rooster

    Several years ago, a pizza sandwich shop, Lotsa Motsa, opened in Kanab. It became a favorite of mine, so much so oth-ers ended up eating there more than they wished several trips. However, all good things must come to and end and a couple of years ago they stopped serving sandwiches, and specializing in a lunch buffet. Im not much of a fan of Pizza Buffets, so I made only one trip to LM this trip. But that allowed us to try other restaurants, and there are lots of good ones in Kanab, which remains one of my favorite towns.

    This year Allison was a lot of fun for Nancy and me, and I think everyone else. She is walking everywhere, and beginning to talk, and just loves Don, Shirley and Tara. More thanks to the Fords for being such great adopted grandparents. Shirley must have walked miles with Allison. Tara is one of Allies favorite dogs. A Coral Pink tradition is to go to breakfast at the Thunderbird in Carmel Junction, about half an hour from camp. The place is beautiful, with a great gift shop, good food, but with notoriously poor service. This year the service was outstanding. I am a kind of picky breakfast eater, and expect restaurants to offer biscuits and gravy as an alternative to toast. In the past they were ada-mant that I had to order a separate side order if I wanted B&G. It became a big enough deal I didnt especially enjoy the breakfast. Well that completely changed this year, and our waitress did eve-rything she could to make our meal as special as the rest of the

    Thunderbird experience. I cant wait to go back! The time at Coral pink goes so quickly. Many of us think its the best week of the year. It seemed that Friday comes so quickly and its time to pack up and head home. I cant wait to go back. Im writing this at 2:00 AM August because I cant sleep. Why? Because at 5:59 I start calling for next years reservation. Ill end this article by giving the dates for next years trip. We had another uneventful trip to the Casa Blanca, and had our tradi-tional Buffet at the Eureka. It really is one of the best dinner buffets around. Sunday morning Walt, the Schellingers and the entire Kastle contingent, had breakfast at the Casa Blanca buffet. We then said our goodbyes and started waiting the 50 weeks until nest years trip. Its now 6:03 and I just got the group site for July12 through July 21, 2012. Were going to Coral Pink!!

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    Our trip to the Thunderbird was our best yet.

    Notice the jackets, it was nice and cool!

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    The Rooster

    Walt's 2011 Coral Pink trip Best trip of the year

    This trip started out with some firsts for me this year, I had my Razor and Buggy in the trailer, I saw my Fill Fuel light for the first time since I bought the truck, because I drove from Banning to Mesquite on one tank of gas (33gal) and Shirley and I took our Razor's to the corral, and Jim, PJ and Melissa drove Razo