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In this edition of the Rooster we cover preparation for Coral Pink and other off-season activites like Walt's river fun and Mike Bacon's dual sport ride.


  • 1 Following Coral Pink we have theannual Lake Havasu trip planned forthe weekend of August 14-17th.Make your plans now to join us forsome summer fun.

    It's almost time for Coral Pink,which means the club picnic is notfar away. After several years ofhosting the picnic, Dave and Cindywill be unable to do so this

    year. Does anyone have any goodideas for a place to holdthe picnic? It doesn't have to be ahome, we have used public parks oreven the sand drags in thepast. Please let Jim or any of theboard members know if you haveany suggestions.

    On Tuesday, June 9th, Melissas and my sec-ond anniversary and just four weeks before weleave for Coral Pink, we began the process of up-dating the rear end of our car. Since it was theinitial FOHI five link car, we didnt know whatwas going to happen when we built it. It turnsout it held up decently well, but did bend wherethe top five link bar attached. We quickly madechanges to the design for my Dads car, Deans,and Johns and they have worked well, so we de-cided to go ahead and re-do mine to make it likethem.

    Now those who think inside the box mightquickly just assume that we would replace justthe vertical uprights that were bending with thenew configuration. John Cole, on the other handtook a look at the car and suggested we cut theback end off. As you can see in the pictures, this is the approach we decided to take. By removing some moreof the original material, we avoided having to grind out the attachment between the bent uprights and the rest ofthe car. By replacing a little more tubing, we were able to work with new material and remove all of the oldwelds with very little precision grinding. We bent new upper and lower hoops, and connected them with threeheavier uprights and the new design five link mounts. While my Dad and I were removing old stuff John wasalready bending new tubing and Scott was getting ready to weld stuff in, all while Dean was teaching a class

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  • 2and allowing the car to be a cen-terpiece in his shop/classroom fora week. After the end of the firstnight of work on the car, we hadmost of the new structure inplace. We decided to return onThursday night when Dean wouldbe teaching another class to workon more of the notching for thesuspension mounts. On ThursdayJim got the rest of the notchingdone, and we began mounting suspension tabs. By Saturday, when wehad planned to do most of the work, all we had left was transmissionbrackets and some more aesthetic finish work. This all went asplanned, and I took the car home on Saturday.

    On Saturday night I began masking the car to get ready for paint.Since we had done the whole process without pulling the motor ortransmission, I didnt want to pull them for paint. I spent about fourhours and a bunch of plastic wrap, newspaper, and tape getting every-thing covered up. By Sunday all the new stuff was painted and the carwas that much closer to ready for Coral Pink.

    Id like to thank my Dad, John, Dean, Scott, and everyone at thehigh school for all their help. Id also like to especially thank Melissafor her understanding and being willing to let me work on it on ouranniversary, and not even complaining about it. Thats pretty neat!

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    The Rooster

    July 6-8th:Time in Mesquite on the

    way to Coral Pink!

    July 8th-18th:Well be in the park at

    Coral Pink!

    July 18th-19th:One more night at the

    CasaBlaca on the way home.

    Keep in mind that there will notbe the usual July club meetingsince well be at Coral Pink.

    August 12th:Club Meeting at the

    Dennys in Redlands, 7 PM.

    August 14-16th:Annual club river trip to

    Lake Havasu at the Fords.

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    Much of the new structurewas in place after one night.

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  • 3The RoosterJanece created a word search and acrossword puzzle over the last twomonths. Here are the answers so youcan see how well you did. Thanksagain to Janece for these.

  • 4The Rooster

    By Walt Fisher:

    I went to Don and Shirleys for Memorial weekend and helped Don put a new rebuilt motor in the glitter bug. We went to I-95Speedway to watch a 50 lap stock car race, and the winner was a green and yellow car (like a John Deer Tractor with high fins andexhaust stacks above the cab). John Cole would have got a kick out of this thing. Later they had an event called the Boat Race. Thisis where they hook a boat behind their car and the last one with the most boat wins, Bobby Kearns took 2nd place. This was the lastrace for the season, so there was a fireworks show to finish off the nights events. (They do things different in Arizona)Larry and Barbara got a new Ranger, so Shirley and Don took me for a ride, so we could let Larry and Barbara get the feel of offroading. We went up to a Micro Wave tower, and could see the river real good. Shirley and I were taking pictures with our cellphones. (I didnt take a camera) But we are having trouble downloading, so for the rest of you river rats, youll just have to imag-ine the scenery. And it sure was nice to come home on Tuesday and not have to sit in traffic for hours.

    After 2 weeks of being home without seeing the sun shine, I loaded the birdsup and headed back to Havasu. There was the annual tube float on Sat, andBob, Don Shirley and a couple of Bobs friends went out on the boat to as-sist the tubers. For those of you that arent familiar with this tradition, hun-dreds of people meet at the La Paz State beach on this weekend, with any-thing that will float. The theme this year was Hawaiian. There is a start time,and when the command is given, everyone starts floating down river to theBluewater Casino in Parker. With many floating devices tied together, and alite breeze, many of them become stuck to the beach, so the support boatshelp pull them back into the center of the river, so they can continue therejourney down river. Karisa showed up later in the day to join in the event.The weather was great, and I got to see the sun.The next Havasu trip for me will be on the way to Mesquite and Coral Pink.Ill let you know how that turns out.

    With the desert season pretty much over until October or so, and theeconomy limiting taking the trailer and Ranger out often, Ive been spendinga lot of time on my bike lately. I use it a lot to run errands around town andsuch, but I try to take at least one longer recreational ride each weekend.This last weekend, after extensive study on Google Earth, I came up with anew route to take me through some new areas. I was heading south towardsFallbrook and with the weather lately I figured Id better wait until mid-day asthe Fallbrook fog is notorious in the mornings.I left the house here in Lake Elsinore about 11AM and headed up Ortega Hwyto the top of the hill and South Main Divide Road. Following South Main

    Divide Road tookme to the area where the hang gliders jump off where I stopped to enjoy thebeautiful view of the lake and surrounding area.

    Once past the hang glider jump off area, and some really nicehouses, the road enters the Cleveland National Forest, where the road nar-rows down to a tight one-lane. I went by the Wildomar Offroad Area,where it is legal to ride offroad motorcycles. Its a pretty small area, but canbe fun for a quick visit. The road continues on through the valley runningpast the back side of Bear Creek and Teneja Ranch areas and past a coupleof day hiker parking areas. The road is very tight with lots of twisty cor-ners, and pure fun on a motorcycle! While riding through this area I saw acouple of snakes out on the road basking in the warmth of the asphalt, aswell as bunches of squirrels, lizards, birds, and two coyotes. Although Ididnt see any today, I have seen a number of deer in this area, too.

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  • 5South Main Divide Road eventually comes out of the Cleveland NationalForest and past a couple of big horse ranches in Teneja and dead ends in toTeneja Road. I then took Teneja Road as it winds its way through the horseranches and came out at the Santa Rosa Plateau. Turning south on Via Vol-cano I rode across part of the Santa Rosa Plateau until I reached El GatoRoad which took me down in to the Fallbrook area, and I mean DOWN! ElGato Road is barely two lanes wide and lots of turns, but it goes down at an18% grade!

    At the bottom of the hill I turned on Carancho Road and followedthat for a while. Carancho took me through more ranch areas and avocadofarms. Being the spring a lot of flowers were blooming and their scent was in

    the air. It was absolutelybeautiful, at least until Icame across the road killskunk! That kind of soiled the air for a while, but it soon past. Next I turned offEl Carancho on to El Prado Road. El Prado Road was much narrower and took mesouth. The area looked like wilderness at times and then all of a sudden Id comeacross a huge, beautiful house. I past a number of creek crossings, but no water inthem this time of year. El Prado Road took me to Sandia Creek Road which waspretty much like the others, tight, twisty curves, some nice overgrown areas, andsome very nice houses. While on Sandia Creek Road I came across a Saturn Skyclub, the small two-seat sports car. There were ten of them all in a row running thecanyon roads. I followed along with them for a while until I eventually slowedback down to enjoy the scenery.

    Sandia Creek Road eventually took me to De Luz Road and a turn back north. More tight turns and more beautiful sceneryfollowed. I came across this one area that almost looked like a tunnel with the trees growing over the road. I stopped for a few min-utes to take