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In this issue of the Rooster, we cover our March weekend at Glamis.


  • 1 Many members (ok, mainly theretired ones) will spend the wholeweek at Gordons Well from March27th to April 5th.

    In addition to the Gordons Welltrip, there will also be a trip to Pad4 at Glamis the first weekend(March27-30th).

    There will also be an Easter trip towash 4 at Glamis the weekend ofApril 13-15th

    Janece has a sample club flag and isproceeding with getting themscreen printed.

    Lets go to Dumont in April! Weare planning a 2 day Dumont tripfor the weekend of April 17-19th.

    Glamis Quickie, March 6-8, by Jim KastleI arrived at Glamis shortly before 8:00 P.M. and foundJerry and Linda, Steve Porter, and Jeff Oliver at thecampfire. Linda shared some just-baked carrot cake,and it was wonderful! We were pleased the forecastwinds had not yet materialized. We sat around thecampfire and talked until nearly 10:P.M. One bit ofinformation shared at the campfire was that Jerry hadall but finalized the sale of his old sandrail, and it wasto be picked up Saturday. This was real good news, asthe logistics of having two sandrails a Rhino, and atwo vehicle trailer 1000 miles from home were be-coming a problem.

    Saturday morning I awoke to find Walt had arrived.Jerry stayed in camp and sold the car while the otherfour of us went for a long, rather fast ride. We headedto Olds, into the big bowls all the way to Osborne,then through the dunes all the way to the area east ofthe Boardman memorial. The sand was among thebest of the season. There must have been lots of wind,and not many vehicles before us. On a break we checked fuel and made a pretty straight run for camp. We got back to find Jerry nolonger owned two sandrails. Jerry was pleased the young man that bought it seemed to really appreciate it, and was out duning with itwhen we returned to camp.

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  • 2The Rooster

    March 27th-30th:Weekend trip to Pad 4 on

    Gecko Rd at Glamis.

    March 27th-April 5th:Spring Break week at

    Gordons Well.

    April 8th:Club meeting at Dennys

    on Alabama in Redlands, 7 PM.

    April 10th-12th:Easter Weekend at

    Glamis, Wash 4.

    April 17-19th:Weekend at Dumont.

    Plan on coming out for a nice offweekend at Dumont.

    May 13th:Club Meeting at Dennys.

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    We ate lunch, changed out a cracked front wheel on Walts car, and all five of usheaded out for another long, quick ride. After a break, upon firing up, Jerry noted hehad no oil pressure. Being optimists, we assumed the oil was low, so Jeff, Steve andI headed back to camp while Walt kept Jerry company. We returned with the oil,topped off the engine, and still had no oil pressure. It was time for a tow. Jeff vol-unteered to two Jerry, despite not being able to see as well at night. I tried to find aflat path, but ended up in a pretty deep bowl, but Jeffs car seemed to have not trou-ble going right up the side of the bowl. We knew the car was fast, but it pulls veryhard too. We arrived back in camp and headed off to Pizza.

    At Pizza, Jeannie made another generous contribution as a club sponsor, and becausethings were quite slow onthis off weekend, was ableto sit and talk for quite awhile. We all enjoyed hercompany, but Walt seemedto enjoy it more than mostas Jeannie brought himsome fresh peach cobblerwith ice cream! We wereall jealous, but Lindapromised us more carrotcake, so we werent toodevastated. Back at campwe enjoyed another camp-fire, and discussed Jerrysoil pressure issue. Wehave a few ideas, but arecurious to find out whathappened.

    Sunday morning Walt, Steve, and I made another quick somewhat smooth ride. Jeffhad been fighting a cold all week, and decided to opt out of this ride. We returned tocamp to find that Jerry and Linda had used a block and tackle, and Linda driving thejeep to pull the car into the trailer. If I ever need any thing secured with a rope, Iwant John Cole and Jerry to do it for me. Theyre both geniuses with rope andknots.

    We packed up and left Jerry and Linda at the dunes. Jerry says hell have the carready for Gordons Well. I sure hope so. -Jim

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    A break from one of many fast rides.

  • 3The Rooster

    Jim sure picked a good date for a quick 2 day week-end in Glamis. For me, it started on Tuesday March 3rd.You see, that would have been my anniversary, so what better way to celebrate then Bakers Taco night withgood friends at the High School, making plansto go dunning.I got there Sat. morning, to find Jim, Jerry &Linda, Jeff Oliver and Steve Tharp had madecamp. As I was making my buggy ready for theride, Jerry was pacing, awaiting a prospectivebuyer for his little VW car. (Jerry missed thefirst ride and sold the buggy)Damd, that was fun, and all I wanted to knowwhen we could do that again? I really neededto change a front wheel that I found cracked onthat ride. I was working on it when Jim feltsorry for me and pretty much just took over, andput me out of my misery. (and he wanted to gofor another ride, today) Everything was goingalong just fine, until we got ready to dune aftera break, when Jerry notice an oil pressure fail-ure. Jim, Jeff and Steve were real willing to go back to camp and get more oil, but this didnt fix things. So itwas off to camp, by way of RoadRunner, with Jerry on the end off a string behind Jeff. (Jeff seemed to towedhim with the greatest of ease, with Jerry only have a dirty time of it on one hill)Then off to Jeannies for dinner, where I got Peach Cobbler, Thanx Jeannie !! A little camp fire, and after somesleep, get ready for Sundays ride.The sand was soft, smooth and fast. I missed all the group that didnt make it, thats what makes for a greatdune trip, but this was some of the best riding Ive had. (maybe it was the new shocks)---and I like to go fast.Now I can look forward to seeing everybody at Gordons Wells.

    Lets go dunning -Walt

  • 4The Rooster

    This month we would like to thank Jim Kastle and Walt Fisher for writing articles about the March trip, andSteve Tharp for taking and sending pictures. We have lots of different trips coming up with Spring Break andEaster trips planned and we all are looking forward to reading about them. We dont have much planned forMay, but maybe we can squeeze in another Dumont trip so let the board know if youd be interested. -P.J.and Melissa Kastle

    Pete Hagen 4 /7Dave Medlin 4/9

    Susan Tidball 4/17Brian Stump 4/29

    The Hagens have two childshelmets for sale:Both were purchased atChaparral, 3 years ago. Bothare full face with visors. Exte-rior is in good shape, minorscratches. Inside is in perfectshape, foam intact, no tears.Black one is a child Small andthe Yellow one is a child Me-dium. $50 each. ContactPete/Linda at 760-451-0845

    Dean Schellinger has a BuickV-8 Mid Engine Buggy ForSale:Bought from Acacia RV. I'vehad it for two years and havenot touched it and I feel it is ashame for it to just sit there.Includes two extra solid rimsand bearings for front wheels.Great buggy I just don't havethe time anymore.$5500Contact Dean Schellinger:(909) 987-1880 work(909) 887-8945 home

    Don and Shirley have theirFiberglass Dune Buggy ForSale:1600cc dual port engine,street legal, beautiful paintjob, must see to appreciate.$6500Contact Don or ShirleyFord:(928) 680-0657 Home(928) 846-2304 Cell

    P.J. and Melissa have aYamaha Golf Cart ForSale:Late 1990s G14 Gasgolf cart with lift. Floorsits 24 inches above theground. Stock motor,runs well.$2000 oboContact P.J. Kastle:(951) 285-8459pkastle@msn.com

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