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In this issue of The Rooster, we cover a March two day weekend trip to Glamis where Shawn debuted his new beautiful car. We also talk about new VHF radios, and look forward to Easter at Gordon's Well.


  • This year Easter and our Spring Break trip coincide, well be at Gordons Well from April 2nd through the 11th.

    Bring 6-12 plastic eggs for the Adult Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning. Fill your eggs with things youd like to find! Kids hide the eggs and adults hunt for them. Its sure to be a great time.

    Dave Medlin has worked a deal with Walt for his yellow buggy, and they

    are currently working on installing Daves (previously Jeff Olivers) supercharged V-6. It should be something neat to see, and may be in the dunes soon.

    We still have a few members who have not renewed, so in order to get your birthdays included in the news-letter and to be included in the ad-dress directory make sure your membership is current. Contact PJ or Melissa for your expiration date.

    Glamis Off Weekend, March 12-14 I arrived at Wash 6 Friday evening about 7:30 P.M., and went to the spot we have been camping this season, and couldnt find any familiar rigs. I tried calling Brandy who planned to arrive Thursday, but got his voicemail. I then called P.J. who I knew was just a few minutes behind me, to see if he had any contact numbers. He soon arrived and called Steve Tharp, who directed him to camp; I followed, and soon saw Brandys Steves and Shawns rigs. There was an extra buggy in camp. P.J. and I investigated and found that Shawn bought a buggy that would be certain to impress even the pickiest of the Swedish Volleyball play-ers. It is an AlumaCraft mid engine two-seater that is ab-solutely show quality throughout. Its not all show, however, as it has an all aluminum small block Chevy that consists of all the best pieces, and sounds like a dragster. Take a look at pictures on the website.

    Scott and Sandy arrived during the night, and Satur-day morning Shawn and Brandy took the megarail to the engine builder for some tuning, while the rest of us

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    April 2-11th: Spring Break and Easter

    at Gordons Well. Plan on an

    adult Easter egg hunt on Easter

    Sunday, April 4th.

    April 14th: Club Meeting at the

    Dennys in Redlands, 7PM

    April 30th-May 2nd: Weekend at Dumont!

    This has become a traditional

    last trip of the season.

    May 12th: Club Meeting at the

    Dennys in Redlands, 7PM

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    went for a ride, the first one with our new radios. See the article, Bet-ter Radios Come to IEOR elsewhere in this issue. The sand was pretty good, and we had a good, relatively fast ride that included a stop at Sweet Maries for ice cream. We returned for lunch, and after lunch went for a ride follow-ing Shawn who wanted to put some time on the new car, and not push it very hard. We ended up at the drags, and watched the crowds gather around the car. It truly draws a crowd. Usually one guy walks up, takes a look, and then calls for his friends to come take a close look. After the drags we headed back to camp through the dunes with Shawn again leading. He was quickly getting used to the car and we had a good fast ride. I followed Brandy for the first time, and enjoyed watching him use the turning brake. He makes square corners in his big four seater! After getting back to camp we were off the Mama Jeannies for pizza. When I asked one of the employees to let Jeannie know we were there, Jeannine responded by sending some fresh sweet flat-bread to our table. It was great! When she got a chance Jeannie came to our table and was disappointed to find Melissa and Allison werent there, but made her usual very generous donation to the club treasury, and requested a visit from Melissa and Allison when we

    make a day trip from Gordons Well to Glamis during Spring Break. The ride has tentatively been set for Satur-day, April 3, and Melissa will drive the Excursion or a truck. After din-ner, we made the now regular trip to the flats for soft serve. Back in camp we had a campfire, thanks to wood that Shirley and Linda had collected earlier this season.

    Sunday morning, Brandy and Shawn had to pack up and head for home, while Steve, Scott and Sandy, P.J. and I went for a ride. Upon leaving camp, it seemed to me the sand had been smoothed by some overnight wind, and the big bowls between Olds and Comp seemed like a good idea. We went for a very fast, smooth ride. We went faster through the big bowls than we went on the sand highway to Gordons Well on the last trip. We returned to camp and were able to quickly pack, as we did mini-mum unpacking for the short weekend. Its hard to believe another Glamis season has come and gone for IEOR. -Jim

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    Better Radios Come to IEOR For the last two years, weve been using some FRS radios the club and some members purchased to aid in communication on the rides. Al-though they have been very useful, they are far from crystal clear. Its all but impossible to hold a conversation on them, but they have helped keep the rides together. After Presidents day, John decided there had to a better way. He, Scott, and Brandy contacted the Grossmans who recently bought a race radio for their car. They were referred to Marks Audio, and Brandy and Scott ended up buying radios for their cars, and one for Shawn. P.J. and I discussed the possibilities and decided to buy HAM band handhelds that were considerably less costly, but hopefully still an improvement over the FRS radios. Being overly concerned with complying with the law, I began to consider getting a HAM license, something Ive wanted to do for a long time. Barry Baker has told me for years I should do this, and it wasnt that hard to do. I thought that had to be an overstatement, because I dont have the slightest idea how a radio works. I remember that in the past, HAMs had to pass a radio theory test. Well, on a Saturday night at the river, after having no luck at the casino, I decided to kill some time and looked into a HAM license. I even found some practice tests. Well, things have certainly changed, and I found I could pass the test with no problems. It was much like a drivers li-cense test. 35 multiple choice questions and you can miss 9 and still pass. Most of the questions seemed simple,

    such as What type of radio traffic has priority over all others? The obvious answer is emergency, and its right. Or What is the voltage of the typical automotive battery? Yep, the right answer is 12 volts. All the questions are available online. Over the next few days I took sev-eral, free, online practice tests, and had no trouble. Thursday evening, just five days after first look-ing into a HAM license, I paid my $15.00 and took the test. Well, Ill forever be known as KJ6GCY, my official call sign. I have the lowest level of Amateur license, a technician, but can legally use several frequencies, many of which are very close to ones used by off roaders. Id like others in the club to get their licenses as well, so we could all be completely legal. P.J. took and passed his test, and Brandy is ready to take his so well soon have at least four HAMs in the club. On the March 12 trip, the radios debuted. They were an unqualified success. Scott kept saying it was like the other guy was in the seat next to him. The higher priced, more powerful radios are awe-some, and P.J. and my handhelds were great, and we were all actually able to hold conversations dur-ing the rides. I think the club should consider upgrading the club-owned radios. We could still use the old headsets, and P.J. and I would donate the necessary adapters to make the new radios work with the old headsets. Well decide at a meeting in the near future so let a board member know if you have feelings one way or another. Or better yet, join us for a meeting. -Jim

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    Below is an aerial photo of the flats at Gordons Well. We usually camp near where the arrow indicates.



    Gordons Well Off Ramp


    The last big trip of the regular dune season is almost here! This year club members will once again be spending 9 days at Gordons Well, and the first weekend of the trip lines up with Easter. Planned events include a kids and grown ups Easter egg hunt on Sunday April 4th. Bring plastic eggs and goodies to hide for the kids and adults in camp. There will also be lots of

    trips to Yuma for food, parts, tools, and whatever else we might need. For those of you who havent camped with us at Gordons well before, our usual spot is on the flats straight out about half way between the canals, possibly a little toward the left as you go over the bridge. How far out we go depends on how soft it is, but look for the Fords and Tranthams motorhomes and trail-ers. Jim will be arriving in evening on Friday April 2nd, so after that the blue over amber strobe light should be set up. Well see you there!

    Easter Egg Hunt: A fun twist With the increasing number of adults in camp relative to the num-ber of kids, once again we decided to have an Easter egg hunt where the kids (including P.J. and Melissa) hide the eggs for the adults. The club will be providing some cash prizes for the eggs, so plan to participate. If you can, please bring 6-12 of your own eggs to hide for the grown ups to search for as well.

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    Susan Tidball 4/17 Brian Stump 4/29

    In discussing Mendeola transmissions or looking at cars for sale, it seems that the