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In this edition of the Rooster, we cover the Spring Break Gordon's Well trip and Easter at Glamis.


  • 1 We just got back from the last tripin the four weekend in a row InlandEmpire Offroad marathon, whichincluded trips to Gecko, GordonsWell, Anza Borrego, Wash 4, andfinally Dumont. Look for aDumont article next month.

    With the summer fast approaching,we have plans for the annual Lake

    Havasu trip on the weekend of Au-gust 14-17th. Make your plans nowto join us for some summer fun.

    Janece has a club flags in produc-tion and the new flags should beavailable soon for $20 or less.

    Coral Pink may be the next dunetrip, since it is just over two monthsaway!

    Spring Break at Gordons Well by Jim

    Nancy and I arrived at Gordons Well around 1:00 P.M. Friday to findDon and Shirley and Jerry and Linda already there in our usual spot.We unloaded, set up the trailer, and relaxed around camp waiting forthe others to arrive. Steve and Janice Tharp arrived next. P.J. andMelissa had Mike Bacons Glamis pass for us to use on Nancys car,which we had temporarily parked at the new casino at the Algodonesoff ramp. When P.J. and Melissa arrived we headed off to the casinoto pick up her car and to make a quick run to Yuma for gas and dinner.When we returned to camp a campfire was already going and we en-joyed it before turning in. When we awoke we found John, Anna andBrianna had arrived overnight. Walt arrived Saturday morning. Wewent on the first of several rides. Saturday dinner was at the OliveGarden in Yuma, and despite being a party of 14; the food and servicewere great.

    Sunday morning some of us went to Duners Diner for breakfast, and were pleased by the positive attitude of the staff. They feature agreat breakfast bowl, prepared just the way they like it! Fortunately, most of us like it their way. Others have to order ala carte. Afterbreakfast John led us on a great ride. We returned to camp for lunch, and the afternoon ride was led by Steve Tharp. Following Steveis work! His car is so fast and smooth riding that the rest of us have to try very hard to keep up, I cut several corners, and steeredaround several obstacles that he was able to drive right over. On a break Jerry discovered that one of his trailing arms was not up tothe Steve test, and had broken. We used a couple of ratchet straps and Jerry was able to drive back to camp on a very leaning wheel.Steve and Janice headed back home for work. Dinner was at the Texas Roadhouse, which several members discovered during Presi-dents week. I t was as great as they remembered.

    Monday morning we went for a ride, and when we returned we all put our heads together, and using a block and tackle, a jack, and afew ratchet straps we were able to straighten out Jerrys wheel and tack weld it together. After P.J. and Melissa, John, and Nancy left,the rest of us headed into Yuma to find metal to make a more permanent repair. We returned and finished up the repair, and it held

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  • 2The Rooster

    May 13th:Club Meeting at Dennys.

    May 22-25th:Memorial Day Weekend.

    The Coles and Kastles will be atCottonwood Cove.

    June 10th:Club Meeting at Dennys.

    July 6-19th:Mesquite and Coral Pink!

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    28 29 30

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    the rest of the week. Don spent some time at the casino and came back a winner. Idecided to try my luck, and hit a royal flush, winning a thousand bucks! Thats thethird time in the last three years Ive hit a royal on a club trip! That capped off agreat dune day!

    The next three days consisted of a morning ride, relaxing around camp, and trips toYuma for shopping and dinner, and good campfires. The weather was quite mildwith temperatures in the 70s and cool but usually not too cold nights. The Tuesdaymorning ride was messed up when one of my steering U-joints failed, necessitating adrive back from Buttercup using a pair of channel locks as a steering wheel. TheWednesday morning ride was a bit of a bust when Walts transmission broke on aride to Buttercup. Walt hung in the rest of the week enjoying rides in Jerrys, Dons,and Steve Tharps cars.

    Another neat part of the weekwas Shirley, Linda, andSharon taking rides in theirside by sides nearly everyday.We often saw them in thedunes and met up severaltimes on rides. We even sawthem on the Buttercup side ofthe freeway. Kudos to MikeBacon who has led them onseveral rides, instilling a greatdeal of confidence, and theyseem to be having a ball ontheir own.

    P.J. and Melissa, John, withMatthew, and the Tharps returned to the dunes Friday evening. Saturday we wenton two rides, the second of which was a very fast ride to Buttercup, and had dinnerat Pizza Hut in Yuma.

    Sunday it was breakfast at Duners Diner, a morning ride, and packing up for thoseof us who had to return to work.

    I really enjoy the week at Gordons Well each year. The nearby food and shopping,the relaxed pace, the good duning at Gordons and as Steve Porter keeps telling us toremember, the great afternoon rides at Buttercup. I think it has become my secondfavorite trip of the year, trailing only Coral Pink. -Jim

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    A break at the new border fence

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  • 3The Rooster

    Z D R E N U D D N A S Y S O V

    S L K N I P L A R O C M I G W

    M E N D E O L A A V Z V M N R

    G O R D O N S W E L L L A I A

    O S A N D R A I L H P M L P Z

    N E I N N A E J A M A M G M O

    U E I G D R I D E S O G H A R

    L W W L C L U B F L A G R C B

    B L A C K F L A G L D E Y W A

    C I S N O I T A I C O S S A C

    F P H G A S G B A Z Z I P M K

    U K B B R O K E N B U G G Y E

    E N M W M E R I P M E U N R I

    D E N N Y ' S R O D N A L N I

    T L E X N C S E R I T D N A S

    Janece created a word search puzzlefor everybody to try. Note: Words areforward and backward, up and down.Thanks for creating something fun anddifferent for the newsletter, Janece.

    Word List:


  • 4The RoosterWe had planned on joining the club in Gor-den's Well, but the twins school "SpringBreak" schedule did not coincide with eve-ryone else and we missed everyone by aweek. We spoke to the Huggards and theStump's and hoped a few more family'smight join us to camp at Wash 4 for the lasttime this season. The Fallbrook Fourloaded up and drove down Thursday nightafter the kids got out of school. We ar-rived at 8:30 and since I had not seen theaccess through the RR fence and did notwant to chance scratching up the side ofthe RV, decided to sleep at the "Flats" andwait until day light.The Huggard's left Highland early Fridaymorning and arrived at the Glamis store at8:30am. Dave guided us down the washroad and thru the gap in the fence. Not asbad as I envisioned but still a pain in thebutt. We wiggled our way back and parallelparked near some bushes to act as a campbuffer. Dave set up first and extended hisawning, then I did the same and jockied ourrig so that both awnings just touched. Wehad a nice shady, private patio between therigs. The Stump's decided not to make thetrip, so it was just the 2 rigs. After unpack-ing and gassing up we headed out of camp.Cindy stayed behind to dog sit and relax. Itwas really weird with only 2 cars and 1quad. I led the way to "Olds", up over thebackside and out towards "Gecko Rd". Jer-emy has really gotten the hang of his newHonda 400 quad and was whipping thru thedunes like a pro, catching air at every op-portunity. We were moving along at a prettygood clip and really mashed the throttleheading towards "Sweet Maries". After anIce Cream we started back and for the firsttime in 20 years, Linda got car sick andchristened her side panel. Beenthere....done that...... I guess its a Hagenfamily tradition!! Aftera short break to settledown, we eased onover to "Sand Hwy"and cruised home andhad a late lunch.By the afternoonthe winds had pickedup a bit, but we werestill able to sit outsideand enjoy thesun. Dinner required

    firing up the BBQ. Dave braved the winds and cookeda juicy steak, I opted to cook in our trailer and grilledsome hamburgers. We had brought a ton of firewoodwith us, planning to have a camp fire for 3 nights, butthe winds were really howling, so no fire that night.Instead we had to squeeze into the Huggard's, tiny(thats a joke) triple slide and had some ChocolateFondue with fresh fruit (pineapple, strawberries andbanana's). Around 8-9 we hear a knock on the doorand Todd Cochran (aka the dentist) had rolled in andfound us in the dark. Pretty good considering we hadno Club Strobe or flag out. He set up next to us. Wow,now we had 3 rigs! Todd had just installed a newHonda engine in his Funco Buggy and was itching totest it out. After a while we all turned in.The next day the wind was still blowing, but we ven-tured out again. Linda and Cindy stayed behind, soKarissa got to ride "shot gun" up front. Dave lead thistime, and took us to "Olds". Todd said everything wasworking fine, so up and over we went. We visited the"Flag Pole", "Road Runner Loop" and "Sweet Maries".The dunes were smooth and we hit lots of virgin sand.Todd loved his new engine and the extra torque thatcame with it. We rolled into camp and made plans togo to "Mama Jeanies" for dinner. We got there anddiscovered the place was almost empty. The pizza

    was great (as usual). Davethanked Jeanie for a great sea-son and wished her a good sum-mer break. That night, with thewind still blowing pretty good, wecancelled the camp fire(again) and put u