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In this issue of the Rooster, we have some pictures of the MLK dune cleanup trip and P.J. talks about modifying his rear shock mounts at the elevator shop.


  • Above are some pictures from the MLK dune cleanup trip. It looks like the club had a good turnout, and Don and Shirley had some good luck at the raffle wining $100 cash and a Gilmore gift certificate.

    Don and Shirley will once again spend a week at the dunes for Presi-dents Day, allowing for back to back weekends for the rest of us. They will arrive on Thursday Febru-ary 11th and stay through Monday

    the 22nd, so make your plans to join in on this big trip.

    At the January meeting all of the current officers and board members agreed to continue on for another year. Anyone who wants to join in and help plan events is always wel-come.

    Brianna Cole just got her learners permit, so watch out next time youre in Phelan.

  • The Rooster

    February 10th: Club Meeting at the

    Dennys in Redlands, 7PM

    February 11-22nd: Presidents Week at

    Glamis, Wash 6. Many people

    have a three day weekend the

    first weekend, but make your

    plans to come back for the sec-

    ond weekend since Don and

    Shirley will stay all week.

    March 10th: Club Meeting at the

    Dennys in Redlands, 7PM

    March 12-14th: Off Weekend at Glamis,

    Wash 6.

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  • The Rooster

    Young Stump 2/2 Todd Cochran 2/2

    Jeananne Becker 2/9 Easton Sherman 2/11 Doug Schellinger 2/12

    After New Years, and discussing some options with John, Dean, Scott, and the other guys at the Elevator shop, we decided that we didnt really have a project for a few weeks, so we decided to change my rear shock mounts. This allowed for taking full advantage of my new shocks which are longer than the ones the car was built with, and allowed for some extra bracing and a slight design change. It is a first step toward a four seater, but I didnt let them cut the car in half...yet. Below are some pictures of the project up through about a week before the Presidents day trip. Thanks again to my Dad, Dean, Scott, John and the guys for all their help. -P.J.

  • The Rooster

    This month we would like to thank Steve Tharp for sending in his newspaper article and taking MLK trip pictures and Pete Hagen for sending in pictures as well. Next month we should have lots of great articles about the Presidents week trip, and hopefully well get enough content to fill the newsletter back to six pages. We happily put it together, but we cant write it all. I dont want to have to cut my car apart for more article content. - P.J. and Melissa Kastle

    Two childs hel-mets for sale: Both were purchased at Chap-arral, 3 years ago. Both are full face with visors. Exterior is in good shape, minor scratches. Inside is in perfect shape, foam intact, no tears. Black one is a child Small and the Yellow one is a child Medium. $50 each

    Don and Shirley have their Fiberglass Dune Buggy For Sale: 1600cc dual port engine, street legal, beautiful paint job, must see to appreciate. $6500 Contact Don or Shirley Ford: (928) 680-0657 Home (928) 846-2304 Cell

    P.J. and Melissa have a Yamaha Golf Cart For Sale: 1996 G14 Gas golf cart with lift. Floor sits 24 inches above the ground. Stock motor, runs well. $2000 obo Contact P.J. Kastle: (951) 285-8459 pkastle@msn.com

    Walt has his Shortstar Sandrail For Sale: Megasand Transaxle, 18 inches of travel front and rear, 1.25 inch Chromoly tubing, Aluminum side panels and wing trunk, 3.5 Liter Shortstar with Turn Key computer, Tube Frame Suspension Seats, 1300 lbs complete

    $20,000 Call Walt: (909)641-3045

    Karissas 2005 Honda 250 EX: 5 speed automatic clutch with reverse, stock engine and ex-haust, plastic and seat in ex-cellent condition, original own-ers manual, 4 knobby tires, Green Sticker good for 2010 $2,000

    The Hagens have two for sale ads this month:

    Contact Pete Hagen at: (760) 451-0845 for more details

  • Inland Empire Offroad Association P.O. Box 132411

    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

    Membership Application

    Please Print Birthday

    Name: _____________________________________ ____________________

    Spouse: _____________________________________ ____________________

    Child: _____________________________________ ____________________

    Child: _____________________________________ ____________________

    Child: _____________________________________ ____________________

    Child: _____________________________________ ____________________


    City: _______________________________ State:______ Zip Code:____________

    Home Phone: ___________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

    Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

    Would you like your name and address put into our club directory? (The directory is given to club members only)

    YES NO

    If you would like your business included in the directory please include the information below: Business Name: __________________________ Address: __________________________

    City: ________________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: ___________

    Business Phone: __________________________

    As with any organization there are guidelines we operate within. Please read and abide by the following: 1. NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED WITHIN CAMP BOUNDRIES 2. DOGS MUST BE KEPT UNDER CONTROL AT ALL TIMES (BLM law) 3. ON A RIDE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VEHICLE AHEAD OF YOU AND THE VEHICLE BEHIND

    YOU. If they stop, you stop and wait for the group to return to you. This prevents separation and in this manner we never leave a member in the dunes. Remember, its easier to find you if you stay still: a moving target is harder to hit

    4. PLEASE OBSERVE THE RIDE RATINGS ON THE CLUB BOARD AND SELECT THOSE RIDES YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN. If you wish to lead a ride, put the time and type of ride you want to lead on the board and then stick to that time. No passing on rides (except #6 rides). You can always change your place in line at a break or if you are waved on by the driver ahead of you.

    5. REMEMBER, WE ARE A GROUP OF FRIENDS who share a common interest in riding in the desert. Always keep in mind how your actions affect the other members.


    How did you hear about the club?___________________________________________________

    Annual dues are $35 per family. Each 12 month membership includes a monthly newsletter. Send your check or money order to:

    Inland Empire Offroad Association P.O. Box 132411

    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

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