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  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting

    Date : Dec-2015

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    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud

    Implementation Fixed Scope Offerings

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 2

    Kovaion – A Snapshot

    Oracle Alliance Certified Consultants Global Presence Domain Expertise


    ODC -Support Centre Inception Labs Oracle User Group

    Association Quality Management


    Technology Process

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 3

    Oracle’s Complete HCM Lifecycle Offering

    Attract Talent

    Screen/ Select Talent

    Hire/ Onboard Talent

    Manage Org/ Employees

    Manage Time & Leave

    Manage Pay & Benefits

    Manage Compensation

    Manage Performance

    Develop / Grow Talent

    Review Talent

    Optimize Workforce

    Global Insight and


    Social, Mobile, Data- Driven, Secure HCM and Talent Cloud Foundation




    HR IT

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 4

    New HCM Midsize Suite SKUs

    Why a new SKU?

    ü Easy to Buy / Easy to Sell

    ü Includes HCM & Talent Essentials

    ü Can add any HCM Cloud Options

    ü Great Value


    ü Support Both Topologies –

    ERP+HCM or HCM Only

    ü Customers always get a GSI Pod

    that allows for Future Growth

    Fusion HCM Cloud for


    • Core HR

    • Absences

    • Benefits

    • Performance Mgmt

    • Goals Management

    • Career Development

    • Expenses

    • OTBI

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 5

    HCM Essentials: Core HR, Absences & Benefits

    Global Core HR

    § Efficiently and effectively manage a growing workforce

    § Reduce labor & administrative costs with flexible configuration workflows, and security

    § Manage compliance risks with required approvals & audit trails

    § Improve productivity with built-in collaboration tools

    Benefits Management

    § Manage and deliver simple or complex benefits programs

    § Align your benefits offerings with your business requirements

    § Handle configurable life events and flex credits

    § Send benefits info accurately and securely to multiple providers

    § Comply with regulatory requirements

    Absence Management

    § Eliminate manual processes for tracking leave and absences

    § Track all types of absences per local regulations and policy

    § Ensure accurate entitlements and eligibility

    § Gain insight into absences trends

    § Provide a user-friendly way to request and approve leave

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 6

    Talent Essentials: Goals, Performance & Career Development

    Goal Management

    § Provide visibility into your organization's strategic goals to ensure alignment across the business

    § Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals

    § Support goal achievement and promote collaboration by leveraging social communication

    § Easily view and update from mobile devices

    Career Development

    § Provide employees and managers with tools to map employees' future development

    § Proactively identify and close skill gaps to have the right talent in place to achieve business goals

    § Enable employees to explore roles of interest and understand required skills and competencies

    § Identify other employees with experience in target careers

    Performance Management

    § Support users with information at their fingertips to help complete evaluations

    § Capture feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well- rounded portrait of your employees

    § Executive insight into how your organization is tracking to performance tasks and target ratings

    § Complete on the go via mobile

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 7

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Application Scope

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Scope

    Module Item Scope

    Global Core HR Organizational


    ü Configure 1 Legal Entity

    ü Configure 1 Country

    ü Configure 1 reference set in addition to common

    ü Configure Person profile and Work Structure profile

    ü Configure HCM workflow as delivered based on the line manager hierarchy

    ü Configure ESS & MSS

    ü Customize a maximum of 3 delivered workflows depending on the feasibility of

    configuration of flex fields/check list/document of record based on the business


    ü Up to 4 standard application roles will be configured HR Manage, HR Specialist,

    Employee & Manager

    ü One country and one language (English)

    Benefits Set up Benefits

    Business Flow

    ü Configure Out of the Box Benefit Plans

    ü Configure up to 5 benefit

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 8

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Application Scope

    Module Item Scope



    Set up Performance

    Manage Business Flow ü Two performance document type configuration

    Set up approval and

    Notification ü Performance template (2), Sections (2 for each type), Rating Models (2)

    Integration with Goal

    management & related data

    from Core HR

    ü Two eligibility profiles

    ü Up to 2 questionnaires

    ü Up to 40 questions in the questions library

    ü Configure section weighting & Calculation rules



    Set up goal management

    business flow ü 1 Goal Plan

    Setup related approval and

    notification ü Define 1 goal library with 10 goals

    Setup fusion performance

    management process

    ü Define goal library targets in goal library with target outcome

    ü Configure 2 eligibility profiles

    ü Goal types, goal mass plan creation

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 9

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Application Scope

    Module Item Scope



    Set up Career Development

    Business Flow

    ü Configuration of talent review process and notifications

    ü Walk through and review of predefined delivered templates

    ü Configuration and set up of

    ü 1 talent review template

    ü Analytic layer option

    ü Detail on demand option

    ü Filter, Action & Color code option



    Absence Plan ü Configure the entitlements for annual leave based on length of service:

    simple and complex plans, types & reasons (5 leave types will be


    Absence Automation ü Automatic balance decrement & accrual for configured plans

    Absence Formulae ü Usage and explanation of existing formulae

    Processes in scope

    ü Maintain absence enrolments

    ü Schedule & record absences

    ü Manage absence processing

    ü Report and analyze absence data

    ü Seeded roles and duties

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 10

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Application Scope

    Module Item Scope



    Set up Compensation

    Manage Business Flow

    ü Configure required Comp Administration including Global Settings,

    Compensation Types and up to ten (10) Pay Ranges

    ü Configure Cycle Page utilizing the standard cycle data and up to five (5)

    custom fields

    ü Create and Configure up to two (2) Cycles

    ü Configure Plan Page utilizing the standard plan data and up to five (5)

    custom fields

    ü Configure Event Page utilizing the standard event data and up to five (5)

    custom fields

    ü Create up to two (2) list views

    ü Configure standard filtering of one user role including tabs, sub-tabs, list

    views and page layouts

    ü Assign Employee Pay Ranges for up to ten (10) employees

    ü Create up to five (5) plain text Email Templates

    ü Provide you with Oracle’s recommended practices associated with the

    implementation of certain standard Program features

    Expenses Set up Expenses and

    Manage Business Flow

    ü Configure out-of-the-box Oracle Fusion Expense (OFE) for expense


    ü Configure up to 4 expense types

    ü Integrate with Employee Master Data and Enable ESS.

  • Kovaion Consulting Kovaion Consulting 11

    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Application Scope

    Module Item Scope


    Reporting Set up, configure

    and Walkthrough

    ü Standard out-of-the-box BI publisher and OTBI available in the HCM

    module, reports will be walked through and will be implemented

    without any customizations

    Custom reports ü 5 custom reports based business requirements will be delivered with

    cap on effort not exceeding 30 person hours each

    Data Migration

    Data Loading / Integration

    ü Active Locations

    ü Active Departments

    ü Active


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